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Northlux 95 CRI LED Shop Light fixture for Studio Space

I am interested in this product and may want to buy several in a packet but have some questions not answered on the website.

I want to hang the fixture(s) on the ceiling which is slanted and about 12-14 feet high. Will the bulbs have enough intensity to help me work on tables below these lights? Will the light be strong enough? How long are the chains that hold the fixtures to the ceiling? Can you send longer chains?

Though the LED Shop Light Fixture packaging contains a short chain for hanging, you might prefer to utilize a longer, third-party chain for your installation, as the light output of this item may not be enough to sufficiently illuminate a workspace that far from the light source.

I do not have electrical outlets in the ceiling and must use wall plugs for the overhead fixtures. How long are the plug cords that come out of the lights? Do you also sell extension cords and are using one that is quite long and safe? Can you install longer cords at the company before you ship them?

As the power cable for these fixtures is 60” (152cm) in length, we might recommend purchasing a longer extension cord so that the fixture can be plugged into the available wall outlets.

It might also be helpful to know that these shop lights can be daisy chained together, to utilize a single power source.

We do not sell longer power cords and are unable to include custom-length wiring within the product housing. Further, using a longer, the third-party power supply should not affect the output in any way.

When you say the fixture comes with a “fixed bulb”, what does that mean exactly? Are the bulbs changeable in the future and readily available at hardware stores, etc.? How long does this LED bulb last?

The “fixed bulb” refers to the LED lighting lengths which are pre-installed into the fixture housing. These lights cannot be replaced, and are installed directly into the hardware.

Describe the "pack of six”. Are that six separate fixtures? What is the weight of this package when shipped? I have an upstairs studio and have to arrange for help to get a very heavy package up there.

I can confirm that the LED Shop Light fixture 6-Packs are shipped within a single carton. Each unit is packed within a carton, containing accessories and instructions. I can also confirm that the 6-Pack of LED Shop Lights should have a total shipment weight of 26.4 lbs.

Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions for me? I am an artist and not very “handy” but I like the idea that I can take these fixtures with me to another studio if I have to move.

Based on the details provided, it does appear that the LED Shop Light Fixtures could be a great solution for your studio space! These products are quite easy to install and adjust, which could be useful for future installations.

If the bulbs are permanent - how long do they last? When they burn out the entire fixture has to be discarded, right? I believe that LED bulbs do last quite a long time but what is the lifetime and is there a warranty on the bulbs, thus fixture?

We can confirm that once the lighting within the LED shop light fixture experiences failure, the lights within the fixture cannot be replaced. As such, the fixture will likely require disposal and replacement at that time.

I can also confirm that our LED bulbs, such as our CENTRIC HOME™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulbs, have a 3-year, 25,000-hours lifetime.

In the instance that any of our products experience a manufacturer defect or issue during the warranty period, simply let us know and we would be glad to issue a replacement product free of charge.

For more information regarding our warranty process, I have attached the link to our policy below. Waveform Lighting Warranty Policy:

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