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FilmGrade New Product Releases (October 2018)

Waveform Lighting announces several new additions to the FilmGrade family of LED products designed for film & TV.

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FilmGrade HYBRID WHITE LED Flex Panel

Tired of soldering strings of LED strips together just to make a single lightbox? Our new HYBRID WHITE LED Flex Panel features the same 95 CRI 3200K and 6500K LEDs mounted on a 10" x 19" flexible circuit.

With the 3M adhesive sheet pre-applied, you can now instantly install 24 rows of LED strip in a matter of seconds. No more messy soldering or failed connections.

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Want more control over color balance? Look no further than our new HYBRID LED strips which feature 3200K and 6500K diodes mounted on the same strip. Using a color tunable controller setup, you can now seamlessly achieve any color temperature between 3200K and 6500K on the fly!

The 95 CRI 3200K and 6500K diodes blend perfectly and maintain high CRI throughout the color temperature range. Now you can confidently match any white ambient light source using just a single LED strip product. (If you want to match any color, hue or saturation, have a look at our FiveSpect series).

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FilmGrade WHITE LED Strips - 5600K @ 95 CRI

While the 3200K and 6500K options offer excellent, full spectrum options to match tungsten and natural daylight, we have developed a new phosphor blend that achieves 5600K at 95 CRI to better match existing light sources in film & TV sets.

Our new 5600K features an addition of deep-red phosphor to ensure a high R9 value of 90 (typ) to render skin tones perfectly. We relentlessly focus on color correctness by pursuing chromaticity points extremely close to the black body curve, so that you won't ever have to worry about minus green gels, guaranteed.

If you've previously found 6500K to be too "cool" for you, our new 5600K color option will surely hit the mark.

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