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The Waveform Lighting Knowledge Base includes a wide range of frequently asked questions about our lighting products and applications. Browse our directory of knowledge base articles, which are grouped by topic below.

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LED strip lights

cleanUV™ Ultraviolet LED for Food Container Interior Sterilization
realUV LED Flood Light Safety Risks
How to Connect LED Strip Light to Connector?
Flicker Free LED Strip Lights
LED Strip for Warehouse Lighting
FiveSpect 5-in-1 LED Strip Lights Recommendations
Color Tunable Recommendations
Dimmable 3000K (>90) CRI 3000K Strip Lights with Triac Dimmer Switches for an Open Staircase Installation
Are the UVC LED Strip Lights waterproof or submergible?
Are the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube and FilmGrade™ White LED Strip Lights flicker-free for shooting video?
Is there a way to waterproof the 365 nm strips?
Does the plastic diffuser cover cut down or mitigate the 365 nm strip LED output?
Do you have LED panel lighting for a television show?
LED strip lights for under-cabinet lighting: 12V or 24V?
Diffusers' effect on LED strip light output
LED strip power supply capacity with dimmer
LED strip layout for cove lighting
UV LED strips that don't emit purple or violet light
What is the current draw on the line voltage side (amps at 110V) for each LED strip reel?
LED strips at 90 degree angles to fit in corners
Power supply and voltage selection for a long run of LED strip lights
How bright are LED strip lights?
What is the difference between 12V and 24V LED strip lights?
How to dim LED strip lights
What kind of power supply do I need for LED strip lights?
Testing LED strip lights while keeping them eligible for return & refund
How to wire and power a long LED strip run (100 ft+)
Which is safer - DC 12 volts or 24 volts?
Are 24 volt LED strip lights brighter than 12 volt LED strip lights?
How to span a long distance in between LED strip sections
LED strip light options for photosensitive manufacturing environment?
Are your LED strip lights flicker-free?
Are your LED strip lights UL listed?
Can I get more brightness by supplying more voltage to an LED strip?
Operating a TRIAC-dimmable LED power supply from wall outlet
Protecting LED strip lights for avian applications
Do your LED strip lights require heat sinks?
Eye safety for realUV LED strip lights
LED strip light material composition
12 volt LED strip light with an unregulated battery source
Do you offer an 380 nm LED strip light?
LED strip lighting for a chroma key background
UV LED strip lights at 350 nm for photochemical sensitive printing papers
Putting LED strip lights on the backs of shelves in a three section book case
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