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Flicker-Free LED Lighting for Golf Simulator Swing Optix Cameras (Uneekor)

I am purchasing Swing Optix cameras from Uneekor ( Their cameras are at 165 frames/sec. They recommended your company for lighting. My question is what type of overhead lighting would you recommend? I am currently building a new home and am installing a golf simulator in the basement with a 10-foot ceiling. From what I have seen, their lighting is above, behind, and at the side of the golfer. The question how much lighting do I need given your experience? 

Based on the details provided, we would recommend the 5600K FilmGrade™ WHITE LED Strip Lights, which are designed with video capture and high CRI in mind. 

By inputting the dimension of the Golf Simulator space into our Lumen Estimation Calculator, including the ten-foot ceiling height, you will be provided with a recommended quantity of products to use in order to achieve optimal illumination. For example, you may only need 9 feet of the LED strip light products, which produce 450 lumens per foot, in order to illuminate a 10x10x10' area with 3,821 lumens. 

​For your installation planning, you might also find value in our Layout Maps, which provide configuration instructions, as well as links to the recommended connectors and power supplies. For mounting the product, you may also be interested in our aluminum channel products. 

I wanted to clarify the space I am illuminating. The lighting is needed to illuminate a golfer swinging a club. There will be a camera directly behind the golfer and another camera looking straight at the golfer. The high speed cameras (145 frames/sec) are used for swing analysis.

I wanted to provide an overhead layout of the golf simulator (attached). I am showing the 5700K Lumen Strip lighting, as you recommended. 

I have a swing camera directly behind the hitting zone (7 ft) and another camera perpendicular to the golfer under the 48" TV. The projector will not be on with filming the swing. 

Is this too much, too little or just right?  

Based on our review, it appears that the illumination area is roughly 4 x 8 feet, and would utilize 16 feet of LED strip lights, which can be accomplished with one divided reel of the FilmGrade™ WHITE LED Strip Lights

For other installations that size, we would usually recommend ~2,599 lumens, which could be accomplished with only 6 feet of LED strip lights outputting 450 lumens per foot. By comparison, the mockup installation of 16 feet would output roughly 7200 lumens.

As the installation is designed for filming, having evenly-spaced, inward-directed light from the three sides does appear to be very beneficial, which prevents us from immediately recommending the utilization of fewer segments given the option for dimmer adjustment. 

​There is also the additional consideration that the surrounding area could benefit from additional illumination (via indirect light) in ways that our lumen estimation calculator tool, shared below, would not take into account. By increasing the illumination area dimensions to 7 x 12 feet to account for the immediate surrounding area, we quickly reach the maximum output of one reel (7380 lumens).

Lumen Estimation Calculator

Considering the above, it appears that one reel segmented into three lengths would be sufficient. That said, we would recommend performing pre-installation testing to ensure that the area is evenly illuminated for your video capture. Even if the combined output is too intense, the individual dimmers could easily be used to adjust the output to your preference for video capture. 

I was thinking about using 3 of the 3 m channels that bracket the hitting mat as shown in the layout drawing. These will be at 10 ft high, so I assume using the flat aluminum panels would be the preferred option. All three would be on dimmers.

Based on the layout provided, it does appear that the flat channels would be more useful than the corner channels for your installation. 

​Generally speaking, the corner channels are used for ceiling lines and wall washing, where the flat would alternatively allow for a broader diffusion of light being cast downward from the ceiling. 

Is it possible to have the dimmer switch incorporated into a regular wall gang box? I assume the dimmer switch is the on/off switch as well?

We are happy to confirm that when the lights are powered using an in-wall power supply such as our TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply, they are compatible with most wall dimmers. This includes compatibility with smart home dimmer systems such as Lutron Caseta, which are listed in the below compatibility guide.

In the case of the in-line FilmGrade Dimmer we can confirm that the dimmer also operates as primary power control, though this is not necessarily true when the product is connected to a wall dimmer. 

For your layout planning, we have also provided a configuration link below for the installation of connected LED strip light segments powered by a TRIAC power supply, controlled by a wall dimmer. For connecting the FilmGrade LED strip lights to the TRIAC power supply, you will also need connecters to convert the DC barrel jack plug to wires

Compatible Dimmer List

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B

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