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Lighting Solution for Color Matching and Custom Picture Framing Presentations

I am seeking a solution for our color matching along with our custom picture framing presentation areas. I am looking for a lighting solution for two areas of concern. Number 1 is a color-matching room as I would call it. The size is 10 ft x 10 ft which currently has a 2 ft x 4 ft fluorescent lighting that would serve as a neutral light area. I would be color-proofing original Artwork to my calibrated monitor and my printed images. The second is two sales presentation tables for picture framing designs that I would like to place a fixture over so that we have a neutral color cast over this area. The tables are approx. 4ft x 8ft sections.

By entering the dimensions of the color matching room into our Lumen Estimation Calculator, we estimate that the area would be fully illuminated for artwork and capture by ~7,963 lumens. We entered 8 ft as the ceiling height in my process, though you will likely find value in adjusting this to receive a more accurate estimate. 

For this space, we would recommend 5-6 units of the D50 5000K T8 LED Tube Lights for Color Matching (ISO3664:2000) product. These T8 tube lights offer 1800 lumens per tube light, as well as a CRI of 95+. If the fluorescent fixtures being utilized contain ballasts, we would recommend checking our compatibility list to ensure compatibility. 

For the presentation tables, you may be interested in the 5000K or 6500K NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture product, which offers 4500 lumens per unit and is easy to install utilizing the included chain and hook. 

As an alternative, you may also be interested in the ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip product, which has a CRI of 99, making them virtually indistinguishable from daylight. This item is available in both the D50 and D65 ISO standards and can be installed within ceiling-mounted channels, and paired with a wall dimmer via the in-wall TRIAC dimmable power supply

I have yet to progress further on this project and I am looking to expand my needs for this project. We have needed to reorganize the lighting area to a larger footprint 30’ x 26’ x 9’. I have attached a photo of the area and specifically the trusses that I hope to use to attach the lighting to. The trusses run the length of 30’ and there are 4 runs in total at 6’ apart. 

Since my main focus will be to properly evaluate a scanned piece of Artwork to what is printed the less color shift lighting brings the better. I look to your recommendation to best achieve this goal. Can you recommend a lighting package for this area?

For installations that require precise color accuracy, we usually recommend our D50 and D65 ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strips. These products can offer a 99 CRI, and provide light output that is virtually indistinguishable from daylight. 

​As you will note from the review section of the above product page, several of our customers have found success in using this product for art production and photo capture. We certainly hope that this product is helpful for your installation as well! 

In the hopes that they prove to be helpful, we have attached the photometric reports for each version below:

D50 ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip 

D65 ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip 

Would you have some install photos to see how these would be installed? Would these just get attached to the trusses and left exposed or I have seen on your website there is a trim package but would the covers affect the light in any way?

Unfortunately, we do not have any installation photos readily available that we could share. We apologize!

We usually recommend installing the LED Strip Lights into channels, such as our flat Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strips. 

​When installed within the channels, the light products can be easily adjusted or replaced if outages occur with more ease than if they were attached directly to trusses. These channels will also help to protect the LED light products from dust and residue that might cause operational issues in the future. 

The light covers will reduce the overall transmission by roughly ~10% as most polycarbonate diffusion panels will, though the color temperature and spectrum of output would not be expected to change. 

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