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Can I screw the Shop Light Fixture directly into the ceiling?

I'm interested in NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture. I'm turning our garage into an art studio for my wife and this seems like the product for us. The garage is finished, and I'm hoping to attach these directly to the ceiling. They aren't that heavy, right? It will be ok if I screw the mounting screw directly into the ceiling, and not necessarily into the joists, right?

As the LED Shop Light fixtures weigh roughly 4.4 pounds, we would not expect that these products would be heavy enough to cause excess strain on a mounting surface such as ceilings.

What is the difference between NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture and the D50 5000K LED Shop Light Fixture for Color Matching?

What is the difference between NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture and the D50 5000K LED Shop Light Fixture for Color Matching (ISO3664:2000)? I'll be doing mainly ceramics, with some printmaking in my studio. 

We can confirm that the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture and the D50 5000K LED Shop Light Fixture for Color Matching (ISO3664:2000) are identical products that are provided unique landing pages for marketing purposes.

As such, you can expect that the performance and color accuracy will be identical across both items. We would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion that this might have caused in your planning purposes.

What light bulbs come in the Shop Light Fixture?

What light bulb comes in the NorthLux 95 LED shop Light Fixture? Is the light bulb the same as the Art & Studio T8 LED Tube?

Our NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture is an integrated product that contains the lighting strips pre-installed. This product is designed with two lengths of applied lighting products within the housing, as opposed to the removable tube lights that you might find in a traditional fluorescent fixture.

Artist Space Lighting

I'm an artist and want help in picking the right lighting for my studio. I think NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light 5000K is the best choice, but I'd like to double-check. I see that it's back-ordered, when could I receive it? 

Our NorthLux line of products is indeed a great option for studio lighting!

Please tell me about other lighting that's good for an artist studio. The room is 10x12' with no natural light. Ceiling is about 8' high. I need great light over my table ,but if I can light the whole room that's even better.

Our options here would depend on the lighting fixture you would like to use.

​For example, we have some T8 LED tube lights which would require a 4-ft fixture to house the lamps. Alternatively, our A19 lamps will fit in standard screw-in lamp fixtures (E26).

​I have included the relevant product links below. If you can let me know a bit more about what you have in mind in terms of fixtures, please let us know and I'd be glad to assist.


Northlux 95 CRI LED Shop Light fixture for Studio Space

I am interested in this product and may want to buy several in a packet but have some questions not answered on the website.

I want to hang the fixture(s) on the ceiling which is slanted and about 12-14 feet high. Will the bulbs have enough intensity to help me work on tables below these lights? Will the light be strong enough? How long are the chains that hold the fixtures to the ceiling? Can you send longer chains?

Though the LED Shop Light Fixture packaging contains a short chain for hanging, you might prefer to utilize a longer, third-party chain for your installation, as the light output of this item may not be enough to sufficiently illuminate a workspace that far from the light source.

I do not have electrical outlets in the ceiling and must use wall plugs for the overhead fixtures. How long are the plug cords that come out of the lights? Do you also sell extension cords and are using one that is quite long and safe? Can you install longer cords at the company before you ship them?

As the power cable for these fixtures is 60” (152cm) in length, we might recommend purchasing a longer extension cord so that the fixture can be plugged into the available wall outlets.

It might also be helpful to know that these shop lights can be daisy chained together, to utilize a single power source.

We do not sell longer power cords and are unable to include custom-length wiring within the product housing. Further, using a longer, the third-party power supply should not affect the output in any way.

When you say the fixture comes with a “fixed bulb”, what does that mean exactly? Are the bulbs changeable in the future and readily available at hardware stores, etc.? How long does this LED bulb last?

The “fixed bulb” refers to the LED lighting lengths which are pre-installed into the fixture housing. These lights cannot be replaced, and are installed directly into the hardware.

Describe the "pack of six”. Are that six separate fixtures? What is the weight of this package when shipped? I have an upstairs studio and have to arrange for help to get a very heavy package up there.

I can confirm that the LED Shop Light fixture 6-Packs are shipped within a single carton. Each unit is packed within a carton, containing accessories and instructions. I can also confirm that the 6-Pack of LED Shop Lights should have a total shipment weight of 26.4 lbs.

Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions for me? I am an artist and not very “handy” but I like the idea that I can take these fixtures with me to another studio if I have to move.

Based on the details provided, it does appear that the LED Shop Light Fixtures could be a great solution for your studio space! These products are quite easy to install and adjust, which could be useful for future installations.

If the bulbs are permanent - how long do they last? When they burn out the entire fixture has to be discarded, right? I believe that LED bulbs do last quite a long time but what is the lifetime and is there a warranty on the bulbs, thus fixture?

We can confirm that once the lighting within the LED shop light fixture experiences failure, the lights within the fixture cannot be replaced. As such, the fixture will likely require disposal and replacement at that time.

I can also confirm that our LED bulbs, such as our CENTRIC HOME™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulbs, have a 3-year, 25,000-hours lifetime.

In the instance that any of our products experience a manufacturer defect or issue during the warranty period, simply let us know and we would be glad to issue a replacement product free of charge.

For more information regarding our warranty process, I have attached the link to our policy below. Waveform Lighting Warranty Policy:

Proper LED Products for Art Studio Lighting

I am an artist and have been on a long quest for proper lighting for my easel that will not distort colors. I have an east-facing window. I have read through much of your fantastic website, which is well done and very informative. I have a few questions:

Noting that I have an east-facing (not north) light source and think I would like the dimmable NorthLux™ 95 CRI BR30 LED Bulb for Artwork & Studio Edison bulbs would you recommend the 5000k or the 6500K?

​Both color temperatures should work well for your needs; however, 6500K is generally a better fit for north-facing windows. As such, you may prefer the 5000K for your east-facing window setup. 

​Please see below for additional insights from our blog:

​What would 800 lumens equate to in incandescent wats? I couldn’t find a scale to show me how lumen output compares to incandescent wats, which is what I am used to when comparing light brightness. If I get two of these which are 800 lumen or 60W halogen will these give me essentially 1600 lumens on my painting surface (depending on the distance of course)?

​800 lumens is approximately equal to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. You are exactly right that two bulbs would add up directly to 1600 lumens and provide twice the brightness.

​Do keep in mind, though, that incandescent lamps emit a much warmer 2700K color tone, so it can be a bit difficult to compare brightness when discussing daylight-calibrated bulbs. Nonetheless, it is certainly a good ballpark estimate when it comes to relative brightness levels!

​There are so many different light sources to consider when creating a painting: reference source (photo, print, iPad, computer, life), natural outside light (weather dependent), studio light (intensity, color, placement including projection on both paintings and palette), photographing final work for publication and giclee printing, and gallery or home viewing of the finished painting. I read on your site that a device’s screen can emit blue light. So, is it probable that this is the first point where color can become distorted?

​That is exactly right - most digital displays will be calibrated to D65 (6500K) but of course, depending on the level of sophistication and quality, the calibration may or may not be accurate. Even natural daylight, as you mention, can change depending on the weather and season, so that can be difficult to navigate as well.

​That is where high-quality studio lighting comes in and can provide some consistency and accuracy. I have seen some customers even block out their windows and replace them with our lamps because the natural lighting was too inconsistent due to changing weather and time of day. Ironically, the only way to ensure consistent lighting would be to only use a high-quality, full-spectrum artificial light source, day and night.​

​If an artist is working primarily from an iPad should they choose the 6500K light because it matches the blue light from the iPad or goes with the 5000K because it will color compensate?

​Unfortunately, it does not seem that Apple likes to publish technical data about their iPad product and I was unable to confirm if their screens are calibrated to D65 (6500K). That being said, I believe almost all digital displays are calibrated to D65, so there is a strong likelihood that the iPad product line is also D65 calibrated.

​If so, the 6500K light source will be a better match to the iPad, since as you mentioned correctly, the 5000K will be a bit "warmer."

​(Here is some additional information on D65:

​So many questions, but your team seems to have the technical expertise to answer them and for the various combinations of light. If these bulbs and your recommendations turn out to be the Holy Grail of Art Studio lighting, I would like to share it or see it as a feature article or workshop with my local, national, and international art society membership because many artists seem to struggle with this lighting issue because it is such a science complicated by the ever-changing variety of bulbs and diverse lighting comparison scales. Also, would you have any discounts available for our membership? 

We would be honored to have you share your experience working with our products! As a general policy, we do not offer any group or membership discounts, but I would be more than happy to share the opportunity with our team at that time.

Shop Lighting for Auto Detailing

Would like to talk with someone regarding lighting for a shop for paint correction and also for home lighting fixtures we have.

Our 95 CRI LED products sound like a great fit for auto detailing.

​Our most popular product for such locations is our NorthLux shop light product, which I have linked to below:

Depending on whether or not you have existing T8 fixtures, our NorthLux T8 lamps may also be a good fit:

LED Light Fixtures for Art Studio Lighting

I have a 13' X 21' painting studio with a two story 12/12 pitch ceiling with two skylights on the 13 foot north end.

The dimensions are a great starting point and I appreciate you providing this data. I plugged in dimensions of 13 x 21 x 11 ft into the Lumen Estimation Calculator, which recommends a total of 22,600 lumens to meet the brightness needs of an art studio (approximately 80 footcandles).

​The target of 22,600 lumens should be our overall guiding target in terms of brightness, so this will be an important number to keep in mind!

​I need studio lighting.

The two crucial aspects of color quality when it comes to studio lighting are color temperature and color rendering. In terms of color temperature, daylight-calibrated color temperatures are best for art studios. We offer both 5000K and 6500K as color temperature options, and these values roughly correspond to noon-sun daylight and north-facing daylight, respectively. Additional information is available in our blog post below:

​In terms of color rendering, higher color rendering ensures accurate color representation. For painters, for example, this means that when you observe a particular paint color during the daytime, the same paint material appears the exact same during evening hours when viewed under a high CRI light source, but may appear different when viewed under a low CRI light source. This will obviously cause issues with color judgment and consistency.

​Track lighting is installed on two 13' overhead beams centered in the space at 11' up. I need overall work light. Do you recommend hanging shop lights above the beams (how many) or using linear light fixtures attached to the beams (how many). Would linear lights provide enough light?

Going back to our brightness target of 22,600 lumens, we can back-calculate the following:

​Shop Light Fixtures @ 4200 lumens each = 6 fixtures

T5 Linear Light Fixtures (4-ft) @ 1800 lumens each = 13 fixtures

​According to these calculations, either of these options will provide sufficient light across your space. You could, of course, even do a little bit of mixing and matching with fixture type and installation location to increase the amount of brightness in certain areas of your studios where it is most needed.

​I have an electrical box in the ceiling on both side above the track beam. These aren't dimmable so I don't want to be blasted out either. What do you recommend? 

Unfortunately you are correct in pointing out that these fixtures are not dimmable. The best alternative solution we can suggest here would be to connect the fixtures on separate light switch circuits so that you can manually choose between full and partial brightness. (This may be especially useful since you may have sufficient daylight coming in during the daytime from your skylight).

Does the NorthLux 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture come with the tube lights?

Does the Northlux 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture 4025.50 come with the tube lights already? How many lights are on the fixture and which replacement lights do I order? 

Yes. We can confirm that the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture is an integrated product that contains the lighting units pre-installed. This product is designed with two lengths of applied lighting products within the housing and does not utilize traditional T8 tube lighting.

After the warranty is up after 3 years and the lights go bad, are the lights replaceable? If so which ones? 

The lighting units within the fixture are unfortunately not replaceable, as they are designed to be fully integrated into the product housing. As such, if the lights within the product fail, the full unit would require replacement.

If a fixture with swappable lighting units is preferred, we might recommend utilizing a third-party T8 light fixture with our LED tube light products such as the CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light. These products also feature a 3-year warranty and can be easily replaced if they experience failure or malfunction.

What is the benefit of purchasing the lighting units that are built into the fixture over purchasing a light fixture with swappable lighting units? I notice you have both. I'm trying to decide which one is best for me. I'm an artist and need good overhead lighting.

Our T8 LED tube light fixtures can be beneficial for installations where a customer prefers to use pre-existing retrofit fluorescent fixtures. For some spaces such as offices or rental areas, replacing ceiling lighting is more difficult than simply replacing the lighting within the fixtures.

Further, some customers prefer to have the flexibility of changing the color temperatures of the lights within the fixtures.

Alternatively, some customers prefer to have a dedicated color temperature light that can be easily installed and replaced as a whole unit. Customers who are working in garages, studios, and other retrofit areas might prefer such a product that allows for flexibility without installing a permanent fixture.

Choosing between Shop Light Fixtures and T8 LED Tubes for Art Studio Lighting

I’m a painter looking for shop lights for my art studio, and I’m trying to decide between purchasing your Northlux 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixtures or your NorthLux 95 CRI T8 LED Tubes for Art & Studio. I have several questions: 

In terms of lighting an art studio, do you recommend one of these options over the other? Is there a difference in the quality of light they provide?

Our daylight color temperature products are a great fit for an art studio, and generally speaking, all products under our "NorthLux" brand would be an excellent fit.

As you mention, however, many of the lighting requirements for artwork and other applications, such as studio photography, do overlap quite a bit. As such, you may see several of our products which are listed on separate product pages even though the underlying product is the same. (Please see my response to your question below about the CENTRIC DAYLIGH vs NorthLux, for example).

And if you recommend I purchase the LED tubes, is there a hanging fixture you recommend that will work well with them?

​We don't have any specific recommendations, and it is a bit difficult to locate compatible fixtures since many fixtures available on the market today are geared towards fluorescent lamps and not LED lamps.

Our LED lamps can be used with fluorescent fixtures as long as they either contain a compatible fluorescent ballast, or the fluorescent ballast is bypassed.

​We would recommend performing a search for "LED ready" fluorescent fixtures or consider the shop-light style LED fixtures you mention below.

Does the Northlux 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture have a frosted cover on it? Or is the cover clear, exposing the LED strips?

Our previous batch of shop light fixtures did not have a frosted cover, so the photos you see on the website will also reflect this and show the individual LED diodes. Our new batches, however, have a frosted cover, allowing for a more diffused and distributed light output.

What is the difference between your Centric Daylight and Northlux lines? Would the Centric Daylight tube lights also work well in an art studio?

​Both the CENTRIC DAYLIGHT and NorthLux product lines have the same underlying technical specifications. As mentioned above, these product markets have identical or very similar lighting requirements and the products can be used for either application.

The best way to confirm whether products are identical or not would be to check the part numbers listed under the product name on each product page.

I noticed that the Centric Daylight tube lights are flicker-free, which sounds great. Do the Northlux lights have a flicker? 

​The NorthLux lamps are also flicker-free, so that would be a nice benefit for an art studio as well (even though we are not actively marketing it as such at the moment).

If I order the light fixtures now, will the ones I receive have the frosted cover? In case it makes a difference, I plan on getting a six-pack of the 5000k ones. 

Yes, any orders placed now or in the future for the NorthLux shop light fixtures (5000K) will have the frosted cover on them.

Just to clarify, is the entire NorthLux line of products flicker-free, including the shop light fixtures?

The new 5000K fixtures are both flicker-free and have a frosted cover.

In case the shop light fixtures don't work out for me, is it possible for Waveform Lighting to schedule a pickup for the return from my home? I'm located in California. 

We offer free return shipping via a pre-paid USPS Priority Mail shipping label. USPS offers complimentary pickup at most residences so if this works for you, we should not have any issues accommodating the pickup request!

Is it safe to plug the shop light fixtures into an extension cord, even when daisy-chaining multiple fixtures? My studio ceiling is very high and the 60-inch power cable won't reach any outlets without an extension cord.  

Yes, as long as you do not exceed the amperage rating on the extension cord, you should not have any issues. The amperage is calculated based on the individual amperage ratings of each fixture (0.4 amps) multiplied by the number of fixtures you plan on daisy-chaining.

For example, four fixtures would have an amperage of 1.6 amps (0.4 amps x 4 fixtures) so you will want to make sure the extension cable has a rating that exceeds 1.6 amps.

Full Spectrum LED Lights for Home Gym and Film Studio

I am converting a barn into a home gym that will also be used as a film studio to create content. I've been told that full-spectrum LED lights would be ideal. Hoping you can guide me to determine if your products are right, and which ones to choose. 

Based on the details that were provided for your gym and studio space, there are a few products that we might recommend. We would be more than happy to provide further details and advice about each product mentioned upon request, as well.

For example, we sell the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture, which is a great option for installations where non-permanent lighting options are preferred, as it can be easily re-arranged and mounted using the included hanging chains and hooks. This integrated product requires no accessories and can be daisy-chained with other units, but it is unfortunately not compatible with dimmers.

If you would prefer to utilize new T8 tube light fixtures in your space to have the benefit of easily swappable lighting, we might recommend the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio products.

Further, we also offer our LED strip light products. As an overview, these products are sold in reels and are compatible with in-wall power connections and wall dimmers. These strip lights can be configured in multiple ways and can be mounted using products such as our aluminum channels. These lights are also compatible with third-party lighting systems such as Lutron Caseta.

For more information regarding our LED strip lights, we have attached an article from our website below.

LED Strip Lights: Everything you need to know before you buy:

By using our lumen estimation calculator tool, we estimate that the space described would be fully illuminated by 18,821 lumens. As each product emits a different amount of light, we might recommend either 5 LED shop light fixtures (at 4200 lumens emitted per fixture), 11 T8 LED tube lights (at 1800 lumens emitted per light), or 42 feet of LED strip lights (which emit 450 lumens per foot) for your space as options.

5000K Lighting for Oil Painting Studio

I just found your website and would like to purchase an LED tube light for my oil painting studio, but noticed that your NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture is sold out until 2-1-21. This sounds like the best option for me, but could you recommend an alternative? I'm noticing that you have T8 bulbs that would work with a regular fluorescent fixture. Could you point me to a fixture that would work well with these bulbs? Or is the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture a much better solution because of the diffuser and the integrated LED tubes? I'm interested in 5000K, but maybe you could suggest why I would want to go to 6500K?

We can confirm that our LED Shop Light Fixture is a great option for your lighting needs. You may take advantage of our 30-day return policy if you would like to try the product in your studio.

We can also confirm that our T8 LED tube light products can be utilized in any existing T8 fixture, though we do recommend installing these products within fixtures that do not utilize ballast or bypass the ballast entirely. More information about these installation types can be found on our T8 product specification sheet, which I have linked below.

Specification sheet link:

We also have a terrific article on our website which describes the differences between 5000K and 6500K in detail, which might prove to be useful in your planning.

Difference Between 5000K and 6500K Bulbs:

Do you sell 5000K light bulbs for track lighting? See attached image. I probably need to get you some sort of code off the bulb itself. See attached image.

Based off of the photo that was shared, it appears that the lights within your track system are BR30 bulbs​.

We're happy to confirm that we sell the 5000K Full Spectrum E26 BR30 LED Bulb products, which are often installed within similar track lighting systems. This product also features compatibility with dimmers.

Photon Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Horticulture

I am trying to order (2)- Photon 2000 Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights. I can't seem to find them on your website.

We regret to inform you that the Photon 2000 Series product is currently discontinued.

We, unfortunately, don't have anything similar, but the closest options for horticulture would be our PhotonBlast, PhotonTube and our PhotonPanel products. Please see the product links below:

Can I hardwire the LED Shop Lights to the ceiling?

Would an electrician be able to ‘hardwire’ the Shop Lights to the ceiling replacing the regular ceiling light? I’m trying to figure out how to change the light over my work table without having cords hanging from the ceiling.

The shop lights are unfortunately not designed to be hard-wired and modifying the product is not recommended and would result in voiding the warranty.​From a purely electrical standpoint, however, the fixture could be configured to be connected directly to the wiring in your ceiling/walls and would operate without any performance issues. We would recommend consulting with your electrician as well as fire and safety regulators for further guidance.

As an alternative, we would perhaps suggest installing ceiling fixtures that can house our T8 lamps, which can be used to provide the same level of light quality as shop lights.

Do you have a commercial high-bay/suspended-type lights?

We are building an addition to our brewery and would like to know if there are commercial high-bay/suspended-type lights for a taproom and brewery space.

Our high CRI and full spectrum lamps sound like. a great option for lighting up a brewery and providing a high-end lighting atmosphere.

For high-bay installations, the first aspect would be to consider what type of fixture you would like to utilize for the space. If, for example, you have existing T8 fixtures, our T8 LED lamps may be a great option for such retrofit applications:

Alternatively, if you do not have any fixtures in place (or if this is for a new build), you may want to consider our hanging shoplight fixtures or our integrated T5 fixtures. These products have LEDs integrated into the fixture, so there is no need to purchase the fixture and lamps separately. Please see below for additional product information:

Difference between the NorthLux and D50

I am interested in purchasing some light bulbs for a fixture being installed in my studio to supplement our North light window into the evening hours. I am looking at the NorthLux and D50 bulbs and wondering what the distinctions between the two bulbs are. It seems the NorthLux is best suited to our needs, however, our electrician is recommending the D50. 

Our NorthLux products are offered in both 5000K and 6500K. The 6500K color option is likely to be an excellent match for the natural light you currently have coming in from your north-facing window. Some visual artists and other professionals do prefer 5000K as it provides a bit less blue and is a more neutral color point.

For additional insights into the difference between these two color temperatures, please see below:

Our NorthLux products in 5000K are actually the same product as the D50, and the products are listed on multiple product pages for marketing purposes. We do apologize for any confusion caused!

Does NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture include the bulbs or do they need to be bought separately?

I am an artist and am interested in your product. Two questions, does the product include the bulbs or do they need to be bought separately? Which is better for an artist, the 5000K or the 6500K?

We can confirm that the LED Shop Light Fixture contains the lighting within the product housing. As such, there is no need for additional hardware to utilize this product.

Regarding the color temperature options, we might recommend 5000K for artwork creation, though this selection may come down to preference as both can be very good options for artwork. The 5000K color temperate option will emit light that is similar to neutral daylight, with a balanced white color.

Alternatively, the 6000K color temperature option will be more similar to north-facing full daylight.

Does the 4026.4f.50 4 ft do the same thing? Do I need to order a separate bulb or is it included? 

We're happy to confirm that the T5 Linear Light Fixture products contain integrated LEDs, and do not require any modification for operation.

However, the product does contain mounting accessories that can be used for installation.

Which bulbs are needed for starting seedlings?

I have a 6 foot table on which my plants will be started as seedlings. I want to order the 6500 K (LED setup) bulbs and I will need a fixture as well. The online photographs look like the fixture will hold two LED bulbs at a time. Do I need to order the fixture and two bulbs? Or do I need two fixtures and four bulbs total for my growing space?

Our PhotonBlast fixture in 6500K (link below) sounds like a great option for seedlings. Each fixture includes integrated LED emitters, so there is no need to purchase any separate lamps.

​You'll be able to simply plug the light fixture in with the included cord, without the need to install any separate lamps.

For seedling growth, each fixture is generally sufficient to cover 4-6 sq ft of surface area. Depending on the width of your 6-ft table, you may want to purchase several of these fixtures to ensure sufficient coverage.

Overhead LED Lights Fixtures for Dental Lab Lighting

I have a dental lab and want to use overhead lights to create natural light to match shades for teeth on my bench top. I have no fixture but I need to get one or more. It would flush mount or hang. Ceiling is 70 inches above bench top. 

Our 95 CRI / full spectrum light sources are likely to be a great fit for the application. 

Below are two fixture products that may fit your needs well. Please let us know your thoughts:

Full Spectrum LED Light for Car Repair/Restoration

30 ft. X 40 ft. with 12 ft. ceiling. All white inside. Used for car repair/restoration. Need light to reach under car lift. Did I do the calculator right? 120,000 lumens? The full spectrum is nice. 

I have attached the store links below for the products which were discussed during the call. If you could provide further details about the space, we would be more than happy to provide some more specific product recommendations as well as product quantity suggestions.

The NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture was the primary product which was discussed. Although this item is currently back-ordered until February, this integrated fixture can be easily hung using the included chains and hooks. This product can also be daisy-chained together for easy installation.

In the event that you would prefer to use mounted ceiling fixtures which utilize tube lighting, we might recommend the CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light product.

For the installation which was described, we recommend the 5000K color temperature option. The light which would be emitted by 5000K light sources would be neutral, balanced, and very similar to natural daylight.

Difference between D50 and Centric Daylight

What is the difference between the D50 and the Centric Daylight?

While both the D50 and CENTRIC DAYLIGHT products offer a 5000K color temperature, the D50 products are calibrated to a specific ISO color point for color viewing applications. For more information, please see below:


T8 LED Tube Lights and Shop Light Fixture for Art Studio

I am building a brand new studio for my art practice and I have been recommended your NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio. Please could you advise on the light fixtures I should be looking at? I see that you say any T8 fitting will work but do you have any ones you prefer that work the best with your tubes, I am looking at a suspended 4ft system that will run in a line. 

We can confirm that our T8 LED tube lights will indeed function in any fixtures which utilize the G13 Medium Bi-Pin connection style.

While we do not have any specific light fixture recommendations, we do recommend installing the T8 LED tube lights within fixtures that do not use florescent ballasts, as the ballasts may cause issues depending on the model.

In case they prove to be useful, I have provided links below for the ballast-bypass installation instructions, as well as the list of supported ballasts.

Installation instructions:

Tested ballast list:

I want to know if your NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture has the same light output and color as the tubes, can they be joined or held together in a line (probably 4) and can they be hardwired so I can switch all on together vs hang cords?

We can confirm that the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixtures feature the ability to be daisy-chained together using the included cord.

However, as the product comes with a wire and plug already installed within the unit, it cannot be hardwired without modification.

How to interconnect the 6 6500K 95 CRI Shop Light Fixtures for Art Studio

I need to put 6 of the light fixtures in a row, spread out in a 45-foot-long room. How do these interconnect? Can I install 1 receptacle and connect the rest? There should be about 3 feet between fixtures.

The lamps can be daisy chained up to 8 fixtures, so installing 6 of these in your location using just one receptacle should be no problem at all.

​The power cable length is 5 ft, so bridging the 3 ft distance should also be perfectly fine.

Please see below for additional installation information:

High CRI 95+ 6500K E26 Color Grading room for editing, coloring matching, and finishing videos and still projects.

I'm looking for a lighting solution for a color grading room for editing, coloring matching, and finishing videos and still projects. In looking through your catalog, there appear to be several matches however they are not specifically listed under the color-matching category. Can you list every product that meets the above specs including non-E26 models?

Currently, the only E26 bulb that explicitly meets the D65 ISO color metric is the NorthLux 6500K A19 bulb. Please see below for the product link:

For non-E26, you may also be interested in our shop light and integrated fixture products, which are shown below:

Disposal of LED fixtures with integrated LED tube light

I am interested in replacing fluorescent shop light fixtures with LED fixtures. How does one dispose of the LED fixture with integrated LED tubes at the end of its use?

While the specific laws and regulations may depend on your local authorities, integrated LED fixtures are typically considered universal waste and will require a special disposal process.

Please see below for a detailed write up on this topic:

Here is a link to the federal regulations which have a very broad definition of "lamps":

Are your Shop Light Fixtures dimmable?

Unfortunately, our LED Shop Light Fixtures do not have dimming capabilities.​That being said, we do offer many other lighting products which can be used with dimmers, such as our LED strip lights and LED bulbs.

Need assistance selecting LED lights for painting and sculpture studio

We are interested in utilizing your LED lighting products and are searching for assistance in the selection of proper lighting for a painting and sculpture studio.

We had anticipated that we would utilize LED tube lighting flush with the ceiling primarily for our working lighting. What would you recommend?

We offer numerous full-spectrum, daylight-calibrated LED lights that would be an excellent fit for your painting and sculpture studio.

If you are seeking an LED tube lighting solution, our NorthLux™ T8 LED tube lights would be your best bet. These lamps work in existing 4-ft fluorescent fixtures with compatible or bypassed ballasts. If you prefer not to worry about fixture compatibility, or you need to purchase new fixtures for a new studio construction project, these LED tube lights can also be used in our LED-ready T8 fixtures.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider our NorthLux™ LED shop lights and T5 linear fixture options. These alternatives offer the same 95 CRI, daylight-calibrated light quality, but depending on the aesthetics and wiring requirements, may also be viable options.

Lighting up a garage with no windows

I am looking to light up a garage with no windows. It is horrendously hot here in the summer and I want to be able to work in my garage with the doors closed, with the air-conditioning on. Looking into high CRI lighting so that it is nicer in there with good quality light.

The summer heat issue is totally understandable and it sounds like high CRI lighting is definitely a great solution!

For starters, LED lights emit far less heat than fluorescent and incandescent lamps, so regardless of which LED product you ultimately install, you will certainly be helping to keep your garage cooler, and you'll also be able to double-dip on electricity savings as your air-conditioning unit will not need to work as hard.

For garage lighting installations, our 95 CRI LED shop lights have been some of the most popular. Below is an actual installation from one of our customers, courtesy of Mike Fitzpatrick from Liquid Audio.

The LED shop lights are designed to be hung using the included hanging chains, and plug into any electrical outlet, so these are a great option if you're looking for some highly focused light output without having to perform any wiring work. The daisy-chain capability of these lights may also be an added benefit.

Another option would be our 95 CRI T5 linear fixtures. These fixtures also plug into any electrical outlet and can be daisy chained, but are designed to be mounted directly using the included screw or magnet mounts. In terms of aesthetics and installation, these offer a more slim and compact footprint.

Below is an actual customer photo from one of our customers, courtesy of Jimmy Sig.

Finally, if you have existing fluorescent lamp fixtures, our 95 CRI T8 LED lamps may be the most straightforward and low-cost solution. These lamps can be used to directly replace the 4-ft fluorescent lamps currently in your fixture. You'll see approximately the same quantity of light (brightness) but you'll immediately notice the improvement in the quality of light!

This is a great option if you already have the fixtures, as you won't need to perform any extra installation or rewiring work (unless the fluorescent ballast is not compatible with our lamps), keeping both fixture and labor costs down. The added benefit is that if you already have fluorescent lamps in place, you'll have a rough idea of the light distribution and brightness so you won't need to worry as much about fixture placement and modifications.

Are bulbs included with the LED shop light fixtures?

Do I need to purchase separate bulbs for the shop fixture or are they included?

Our LED shop light fixtures does not require any additional bulbs, due to the fact that the LED emitters are integrated within the unit. Simply plug the lights into an electrical socket, and pull the hanging chain to turn the unit on.

Is your LED shop light dimmable?

Looking at buying the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixtures for my garage shop. Can these be dimmed? Is any specific dimmer recommended?

Our LED shop light fixtures would be a great fit for your garage shop!

Unfortunately, the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture product is not compatible with any dimmers.

That being said, depending on your level of comfort with wiring systems, we do offer many LED strip lights which are compatible with our dimmers and power supplies.​

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