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FilmGrade DMX LED Dimmer Certification

Is this product UL listed or certified by another NRTL? I am looking for a multizone LED strip dimming solution for a permanent residential installation. 

While the FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output product is not UL listed, we can confirm that the product is designed to conform to the UL safety standards. 

For more information regarding the product, ​we have provided a link to the product user manual below.

Specifications & User Manual:

Fixed Single Color LED Strip Light

We need to find a LED strip of a specific color to integrate into one of our products. I think it needs to be RGB since our color is not one of the basic colors, but we'd like a controller that allows for the configuration of a single color so that the strip lights up with this color whenever there is power on it. Any ideas?

Based on the details provided, we might recommend our FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output product with the FilmGrade™ FiveSpect 5-in-1 LED Strip Lights. The FilmGrade DMX product can provide a granular level of light output control for the FiveSpect LED strip lights product, and can also be paired with a third-party DMX controller.

For more information regarding the setup and configuration of this product, the below links might prove to be useful.

Product Instruction Guide:

FiveSpect 5-in-1 LED Strip Lights LED Spectrum Simulator:

Is it possible to use a single knob to transition from RGB to white tunable?

If I bought a 5 in 1 LED light with the DMX Dimmer and the power supply, Would it be possible to use a single knob to transition from RGB to white tunable?

While our DMX decoder would be a great option for our 5-in-1 LED strip lights, the controls are accomplished via digital signals only, so there would unfortunately not be any knobs or dials that could accomplish this.

​That being said, there may be some third-party DMX controllers which incorporate analog inputs that can be programmed to achieve the functionality you are looking for.

How to control the color temperature of FilmGrade™ HYBRID LED Strip Lights?

What is needed to control the color temperature of FilmGrade™ HYBRID LED Strip Lights? 

The first method would require the use of a DMX or controller solution. Below is an example of a third-party controller available on Amazon:

​Alternatively, you can also use a combination of two inline dimmers to control each color channel independently. The product link is below:

Additional accessories and components are needed for this approach, which is outlined in the connection diagrams shown in the article here. 

FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5-Channel Output

Why are there two 12-24vdc+ and two 12-24 VDC - inputs?

The FilmGrade DMX decoder has two sets of 12-24 volt input ports to allow for more than one power supply input. This may be advantageous if the DMX decoder is used at higher amperage levels, as this can help mitigate power supply capacity and input wire voltage drop issues.

Do you have a DMX or ArtNet Controller for FilmGrade Hybrid LED Strip Lights

I am looking to purchase 16 (5m) pieces of the Hybrid LED Strips. I am planning on controlling them through DMX or ArtNet. Do you have any ArtNet controllers? Also, how many can I control through one of your DMX controllers? Do you have larger power supplies to support more than 1 strip at a time?

We currently offer a DMX decoder that can be paired with our FilmGrade Hybrid LED strip lights, however, a separate DMX controller (third-party) would be needed to control the color temperature and output levels.

Each reel of the hybrid LED strip lights requires approximately 3.8 amps of power capacity. Therefore, with each of the 5 channels being able to support up to 8 amps, the maximum number of reels per DMX decoders would be 10 reels.

This would, in turn, require a power supply that is capable of supplying at least 38 amps (3.8 amps x 10 reels) which we would need to recommend a third-party supplier such as MeanWell for further options.

Color Tunable Recommendations

Would it be possible to send me a lecture about wiring your product to a lighting control system as a Lutron homeworks with dimming and color-tunable?

Unfortunately we do not have any support for color tuning of our products using Lutron systems. If you have any additional information on the specific Lutron product you are interested in, we would be more than happy to provide further information on our color tunable products to see if they would be a good fit.

For standard single-color dimming, our layout diagram below may be of help for you:

We want to use the Filmgrade Hybrid Led Flex Panel 3004 HY. We can use Lutron Caseta with GRX-tvi to have ability to dim 0-10V.

A few comments:

The GRX-TVI responds to 0-10 volt dimming signals and outputs a corresponding phase dimming signal at line voltage (120-240 volts AC)The Caseta dimmer is a phase dimmer and does not use 0-10 volt dimming. The phase dimming signal is also at line voltage (120-240 volts AC)Neither products feature the ability to change color

As such, it does not seem that our hybrid LED flex panel would be compatible with this system as it requires a low voltage DC system (i.e. 24 volts DC) with dimming control over channels (warm white and cool white). 

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