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Can two LED strips be placed side by side?

I am making a studio lamp. I would like to put one strip of filmmaking white 3500k next to another strip of RGB color space. 1st question, can two strips be placed side by side? if not what is the minimum distance required between strips (side by side)? I would like to control both strips with one controller and one power supply. Is that possible? Also, I would like to control the color and dimmer with knobs instead of/ or in addition to wifi or Bluetooth controller. Finally with the recommended controller from your website, what else does one need to actually control the lights? is it an app and a smartphone?

We are happy to confirm that two LED Strip Lights can be installed in parallel using the same power supply, so long as the power requirements do not exceed the capacity of the power source and have matching voltage. Utilizing an incorrect voltage will likely damage the hardware and void the product warranties. 

Generally speaking, we recommend utilizing one dedicated power supply per 5-meter reel, as lengths much greater than 5 meters will likely encounter voltage drop and diminished output. 

We offer the FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output, which is able to send lighting commands to five channels using the on-device buttons. This product is typically used in conjunction with a third-party DMX Controller for networked lighting installations such as venues and studios. As your order would utilize four color channels, this may be a good option. 

That being said, our LED Strip Lights can also be used with third-party IR/WiFi controllers and power supplies as well as smart home systems. These options would likely be less intensive and may offer smartphone control and adjustment. Unfortunately, we do not have any specific third-party controllers that we could recommend at this time. 

The third party controller for your film grade dimmer decoder, what is the compatibility wording that I will be looking for to make sure the Ir/ wifi Controller will be compatible with your filmgrade dimmer decoder. Or is your filmgrade dimmer decoder basically compatible with ALL third party controllers ( assuming the voltage matches 12/ 24). 

The search terms we would recommend are DMX (officially DMX-512) or RDM (which is an enhancement of the DMX-512 protocol), which is the term for the networked lighting system that the DMX Dimmer and Decoder utilizes. Though we have not performed internal tests, some customers have found success using the DMX Dimmer and Decoder with the American DJ myDMX 3.0 DMX Controller and Software

That being said, utilizing a DMX solution would be a different approach than utilizing an IR/WiFi controller, as those products may use a different protocol entirely and may not be compatible with the DMX Dimmer and Decoder. 

From my review, many of the IR/WiFi controllers available from other online storefronts utilize or include a dedicated power supply and controller, and are unlikely to require the DMX Dimmer and Decoder product for control of the color channels. Unfortunately, we do not have any specific products that we could recommend at this time. 

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