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FilmGrade LED Strip Light Accessories For Display Case

I have two IKEA DeTolf display cases and would like to run your FilmGrade WHITE (tungsten) LED Strip Lights vertically along the front of the display cases (5ft up on the left side, with about 15" gap/wire as it crosses the top, and then 5ft back down the right side. I would also like to incorporate your flicker-free dimmer. Power would come from a regular 120V outlet. What accessories would you recommend? Also, as the total length used in this case would be 20ft (5ft x 4), do you offer that length? What would you suggest? 

Based on the details provided, we might recommend two 16.4 ft reels of the LED strip light products. As it appears that the 5600-6500K options are common color temperatures for display cases such as the IKEA DeTolf, we would recommend the FilmGrade™ WHITE LED Strip Lights.

We would also recommend the FilmGrade™ Flicker-Free LED Dimmer alongside the 12V (or matching voltage) of the FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip.

As the LED strip reels contain pre-attached barrel jack adapters, no additional accessories would be necessary beyond the LED Strip to Strip for connecting the segments. We have attached a diagram from our website below, which we hope proves to be helpful for your installation plans.

​Layout Diagram:

The LED Strip to Strip product you recommend appears to have a Wire length of 5.9 inches, whereas I would need approximately 15 inches. Do you have that length? You recommend a Flicker Free dimmer and a DC power supply. Would that work to power and dim both cabinets? Do you have a wiring diagram that would show how to power and dim two cabinets of light that would each have a 5ft strip + 15inch wire + 5ft strip?

If a longer length is needed, we might alternatively recommend utilizing a combination of the 16 AWG Wire for LED Strip Lights and the LED Strip to Wire accessories.

As 10 feet of LED strip lights would utilize 5.5 watts of power per foot for a total of 55 watts, one power supply, and one dimmer should be more than sufficient for your installation without reaching the 120W output maximum of the power supply. 

​We have attached two additional layout diagrams below, which show a configuration of LED strip light segments that are connected with the above accessories. Please note that the primary difference between the FilmGrade LED strip lights and the product in the first link below is that the FilmGrade product contains pre-attached barrel jack adapters. As such, no wiring adapters would be necessary for connection to the dimmer and power supply.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_2B - Uses Centric LED Strip Lights

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_3E - Uses FilmGrade LED Strip Lights

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