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LED Strip Lighting Accessories and Installation Layout

My wife and I plan to build a new home. The house includes a cathedral ceiling area 32 feet wide and 20 feet deep. We plan to illuminate the gambrel arch cathedral ceiling using Centric Home 24V DC 3000K LED Strips. Since the 20 feet is longer than the 16 feet of your strips, we plan to use two each 10 feet strips with separate power supplies for each strip and two dimmers, one for each side of the room. We want to use corner aluminum channels so the light is aimed at 45 degrees with respect to the horizontal. May I please speak with someone about the list of components I should make sure to have on my order? 

As you mention correctly, the 20 foot span is unfortunately too long for a single power supply, so I agree that the approach to "split" this into two sections of 10 feet, each with its own power supply, would be the best approach.

​Furthermore, the "corner" aluminum channels should provide you with exactly the type of 45 degree light angle and should work very well for you.

​Below are the list of items needed for this installation:

​2x PN 3004.30

2x PN 3094.096

2x PN 3061

​You may also find our configuration diagram helpful in thinking about the layout and wiring:

​We do also agree that the LED strip lights would be the optimal choice here. While traditional lamp form factors such as spots and floods are convenient and familiar, for a new home installation, the LED strip approach will provide for the "latest and greatest" in terms of efficiency and versatility.

From the side of the room where I would mount the LED strips to the apex of the ceiling is a straight line distance of 22.4 feet. Now, we would mount LED strips on both sides of the room, so there would be two strips- one on each side of the room- aiming at the apex of the ceiling. Still, given the 22.4 feet distance, will there be enough light reaching the apex to illuminate it? I do not need a "bright" illumination, but I want to avoid any dark areas on the ceiling. How do I determine what the ceiling illumination will look like?

We unfortunately do not have a good answer for you here, as the light spread would depend on the exact layout and would require complex computer simulations to provide any accurate recommendations.

​The 22.4 ft distance is quite far, and while I do not believe it will be completely dark, it may appear dark when compared to the ceiling areas closer to the LED strips.

If you have the ability to locate the LED strips closer to the center (such that they are situated closer to the point beneath the ceiling apex) that may mitigate some of the concerns you have.

It might also be helpful to know that the LED strip lights emit light at a 120 degree angle, with the most intensity at the center of that beam. This may give you an additional data point in determining to what extent the light spread would be affected by the angle of the pitched ceiling.

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