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Guidance on Light Type and Required Accessories for Residential Project Lighting

I would like to discuss a project we are working on for a customer and we would like to get some guidance on lighting type and required items to finish the project. 


1) 300 Linear feet of trimless recessed channel in plaster - 3 or 4 inches in size. 2) 80 Linear feet of trimless recessed channel in plaster - 2 inches in size (40 feet will be exterior wall mount).

Item# 1 Some of the area would require 2 LED strip lighting to be run in the same channel. Based on this we would need approximately 600 Linear Feet of LED strip lighting. 

For starters, it might be helpful to know that our LED Strip Light products are sold in 16.4 ft reels, and have maximum combined lengths defined by voltage (16.4 ft for 12V32.8 ft for 24V). As such, if any installation where lengths greater than the above is to be connected, they would require dedicated power supplies and connected wiring to the power source

If you require longer uninterrupted lengths for your installation, we unfortunately may not have the ideal products available. We do sincerely apologize for any impact this might have on your installation planning. 

​Further, while we currently sell the Aluminum Channels for mounting the LED Strip Light products on walls and other surfaces, we do not have plaster channels available in our catalog. 

I am attaching the plans with this email, we are planning on installing the linear lighting in the OPEN space; only rest of the rooms will have canned LED light. 

1. Family room / Kitchen - various lengths 4, 8 and 12 Foot runs

2. Great Room 4 of 16 Feet Linear light

3. Entertainment - 2 of 3 8 or 12 Feet Linear light

4. Pooja Room - 2 of 12 Feet Linear light

5. Dining Room - 2 of 12 Feet Linear light

6 Walkway Top and Bottom - 4 Feet Runs


Garage Pillars - 3 - 6 or 8 Foot 

Main Door 2 of 8 Feet runs

Though we are more than happy to recommend some products for your construction, we might recommend reaching out to a lighting designer for layout advice, as we do not specialize in planning layouts or lighting installations. 

In the hopes that it proves to be helpful, however, we have attached links to some of our LayoutMaps below, which illustrate installations where segments of LED Strip Lights are powered by multiple power supplies while connected to in-wall dimmers. These pages also list the connection accessories that are recommended, which we hope are helpful for your planning purposes. 

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1C

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B

For residential installations, we typically recommend utilizing the 2700K and 3000K color temperatures as can be noted within the guide below. As such, we would recommend the CENTRIC HOME™ LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential product, which is available in those color points in both 12V and 24V versions. 

Which LED Light Color Temperature Should I Choose?

For a list of in-wall dimmers and smart home dimmers that are compatible with our power supplies, such as the TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply, please review the following link. 

Updated Dimmer Compatibility 2021 

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