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How much LED Lights are needed for Office Lighting

I have a 12x12 home office. I’m wanting to run your LED lights (power supply, connectors) around the perimeter of the office, but I’m unsure of how many complete systems (LED lights, power supplies, connectors, etc) I need to order. From what I see the strips come in 16’ sections, and if I need to go around the entire perimeter I’d need 3, of your complete systems, but I need to how bright the three systems would be would it be better to split one or two up? The LED lights need to be dimmable. 

I've plugged the 12 x 12 foot dimensions into our lumen estimation calculator (, which suggests a total brightness of 5850 lumens for an office space (approximately 40 footcandles).

​Our LED strip lights emit 450 lumens per foot, so 14 feet would be sufficient (just short of 1 reel) to meet this brightness level.

If you plan on installing a dimmer, however, there is no such thing as being "too bright" since this can always be dialed down if needed, and having the LED strip lights installed along the entire perimeter of your office space on each side might be a nice way to provide even and well distributed lighting.

One more thing, just so I understand what I need to do to get this operational, could you please provide me with a simple diagram from power in to the LED the entire diagram of this project. Would you suggest breaking the 16' strip into 4 equal parts or even 8 equal parts and place around the perimeter. Also, can you tell me how soon you can ship once we know exactly what is needed?

Below is a simplified wiring diagram showing two 16-ft reel circuits connected to a single dimmer. In your setup, you will want to replicate this a third time for the third circuit.

​I would recommend installing the LED strips as three equal parts at 16 ft each. The reason is that if we do four equal parts (or more), that would potentially require installing four separate power supplies (or more) as each power supply is limited to powering a maximum of 16.4 ft for any given connection.

​Given the dimensions of your space, turning the corners at each 12 ft mark may be a bit of a challenge depending on the configuration of your interior. An additional diagram link below shows how the LED strip sections can be cut into shorter segments and rejoined using our various accessory items. I suspect that PN 3071 may be helpful for you when turning the corners of space.

​Below is an preliminary shopping cart I've put together for you which includes the three sets of LED strip reels and corresponding power supplies. I've also included a 10-pack of the aforementioned PN 3071 accessory.

​Our order turnaround time is typically 1-2 business days, and we do offer complimentary standard shipping which is typically delivered within a 5-10 business day timeframe. We also offer expedited shipping options for an additional charge; expedited shipping times and costs are calculated at checkout, but I would be more than happy to assist in calculating those for you if you can confirm your shipping address and cart contents.

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