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LED Lights to Stimulate Daylight for Winter Depression

I am looking for a lamp that simulates daylight as accurately as possible to combat my winter depression. 

I'm not sure exactly which light fixtures are being used in my house. They appear to be standard spot lights. I sincerely doubt there is anything special about them. I am looking for a colour temperature of about 5000K - 6500K.

I'm interested in your full-spectrum products. Whatever reproduces the spectrum of sunlight must be the best. Let's take the LED strip as the starting point and figure out a solution around that. I would also like it to be dimmable if possible.

The closest measurement I can get is 13 metres for my small room and 30 for my large room.

Based on your needs, it seems as though the ABSOLUTE SERIES LEDs at 6500K would be the best fit for you. From a spectral and chromaticity standpoint, this is the product that most closely resembles natural daylight at noontime, and should be an excellent choice.

​To address some of your questions about the technical aspects of the product:

  • The ABSOLUTE SERIES LEDs utilize a novel approach to generating white light. Specifically, it uses a 420 nm wavelength die to excite three different phosphors (blue, green & red) across the visible spectrum.
  • A standard LED will typically use a 455 nm wavelength die to excite two different phosphors (green & red).
  • Because the ABSOLUTE SERIES uses the lower wavelength die in conjunction with the blue phosphor, it provides far better energy coverage across the blue wavelength range. This should be very helpful in ensuring that sufficient levels of blue energy are present in the light source, just as there is in natural daylight.
  • One quick way to numerically confirm this is through the CRI R12 metric, for which the ABSOLUTE SERIES scores 90+, compared to our standard LED lines which only score in the 70+ range despite having a 95 CRI rating. 
  • Additional information on the product line can be referenced here.

Regarding the power supply, we can confirm that the ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip product would require a DC power supply for every 16.4 ft (5 meter) of length, such as our 12V FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip. Our DC power supply is compatible with global input voltages (100 - 240V AC, 50-60Hz), though you may require an additional wall socket adapter. 

​Further, the ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip product can be paired with the FilmGrade™ Flicker-Free LED Dimmer product for additional dimming capability. 

Depending on your installation, we might also recommend placing the LED strip lights within an enclosure which features a diffusor, such as our Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip product, which is available in 'flat' and 'corner' options.

​For a detailed illustration of the configuration options available for this product, the below links may prove to be useful:

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_3D:

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_3E:

It is going to be pretty difficult to install a power supply for every 5 metres of strip. If I run a strip around my whole room, I'm going to have a huge number of power supplies everywhere. Is there some way to hide them?

Unfortunately, we don't have a proper recommendation to hide the power supplies. However, the cords for the DC Power Supply products are of a decent length, and could be helpful in hiding the power supply some distance from the LED strip lights.

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