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Difference between FilmGrade and ABSOLUTE SERIES™ 99 CRI 5000K (D50) / 6500K (D65)

What is the difference between Film Grade vs. ABSOLUTE SERIES™ 99 CRI 5000K (D50) / 6500K (D65)?

The primary difference between the FilmGrade and ABSOLUTE SERIES LED product lines is the color rendering index. The FilmGrade product line has a CRI rating of 95, while the ABSOLUTE SERIES LED products have a CRI rating of 99.

Furthermore, the FilmGrade product line is offered in 5600K and 6500K, while the ABSOLUTE SERIES LEDs are offered in 5000K and 6500K.

Are these lights DC powered?

Yes, our LED strip lights and LED modules are powered via 12 volts or 24 volts DC. They will require a dedicated power supply to operate.

Do either of these lights flicker? 

If the LED strips and/or modules are powered via our power supply units, they will not produce any flicker.

Can I wire these lights in parallel (2 1-foot strips side by side)?

Yes, they can be wired in parallel, as long as the total connected length does not exceed the maximum power capacity of the power supply (e.g. do not exceed 16.4 ft for LED strips, in total). For additional information, please see our article below:

Or must I have a power supply for each strip of lights?

As long as the total power draw remains below the power capacity of the power supply unit, you should not see any issues. Below is a calculator which you may find helpful:

How can I order a sample 6-inch strip plus a power supply?

Please see below for the direct link to the 6-inch LED strip sample pack, which includes a power supply unit:

How can I link separate strips together? Do you have a picture of this showing the connector? I want to link 4 l foot strips side by side.

You may find our Layout Maps helpful. Specifically, see below for an illustration showing how multiple sections can be connected:

Do the link connectors come in the 16-foot reel kit? 

The LED strip reel includes DC power ports pre-installed on both ends, so you will be able to connect the power supply directly to the DC port without any issues.

The PN 3071 solderless connectors can come in handy if you're looking to cut the LED strip reel into shorter segments and are looking to reconnect them.

Finally, the 6-inch sample pack also includes all of the components to set up a short 6-inch demo circuit.

Does Waveform make housings for these lights? Can these be cut?

Please see below for our aluminum channels which would be a great option for housing the ABSOLUTE SERIES LED strip lights:

Cuttability is not an officially supported feature of the aluminum channels, but I have had customers report that this can be done quite readily using a hacksaw.

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