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Absolute Series LED Strip Lights Installation Questions

I’m working on a prototype product, which is a Lightbox for photographing original artwork and/or printed materials, color accurately. I need help with some technical questions.

I must be doing something wrong because only half the strips light up.  

Upon looking at the photos provided, it appears that the "3-LED jumper" segment is connected in reverse. In other words, it looks like the positive wire (red) is being connected to the negative copper pad on the LED strip segment. If you can simply flip the LED strip segment by 180 degrees and reconnect the sections, that should immediately resolve the issue!

Can I just cut those wires and splice them together without the small strip of lights in between? 

I completely understand why the 3-LED jumper is there due to the limitation of the cable length. You certainly can connect other wire components to achieve the same electrical connection here, and we would recommend looking at our PN 7098, which can also be used with our PN 3070 wire connectors. 

For an illustration showing how those components can be used, I would recommend referencing our Layout Maps diagram. Linked below is a diagram for a slightly different product, but the connectivity demonstration remains the same:

My question is, if we add more lights will we get more lux? And, is there a way to calculate how many lights I might need to achieved the desired lux at the surface (which is the bottom of the box).

Yes, that is correct, and the nice thing is that lux is a linear measurement. In other words, if you are at 500 lux now, doubling the light quantity will get you 1,000 lux. If you have an existing lux measurement, a quick "scale factor" calculation could be the best way forward here.

We’ve already gone ahead and ordered 2 more strips with 2 more DC power supplies yesterday. I’m wondering, though, if I need a DC power supply for each strip or if I could connect 3-16’ strips together with 1 power supply?

Unfortunately, each LED strip reel (16.4 ft) will require its own power supply. This is due to the current carrying limitations in the LED strip lights, as well as the power capacity limitations in the power supply.

Running these lights at 100%, how much voltage are they using and how long will they last? And, what is the core temp of each LED?

When operated at 12 volts DC, the lights are rated to last 50,000 hours. As long as the LED strips are not subject to any voltage fluctuations (such as those introduced by battery systems), you should not have any issues with longevity. The product is also covered by our 3-year warranty.

The LEDs are designed with thermal management in mind, and will therefore not require any heatsinks or additional components.

Based on the photos provided, there do not appear to be any issues or concerns with respect to longevity or reliability.

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