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What is the radiant intensity of the 365 nm UV flashlight

I need to know the radiant intensity of the 365 nm flashlight. The description says the irradiance in mW/cm2, but I just need to know the UV output in mW.

We don't have this number measured or published, but our estimate is somewhere between 1000 to 1500 mW. This is a very rough estimate based on the 20-30% efficiency we typically see with UV LED lights.

UV Lighting for Illuminating Fishing Line and Rods

Im looking for a 12-volt system that I can install on a kayak for illuminating the fishing line and rods. Only one fishing rod PER SIDE, so looking for a light for each side. Do you offer a product that would work for this application and if so, what system and components would you recommend? 

As our realUV™ LED Strip Lights are not IP rated for protection against the elements, they unfortunately may not be the ideal product for your onboard kayak installation. We do sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your purchasing process. 

As an alternative, you may also be interested in the handheld realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology, which features the same 365nm output as our realUV™ LED Strip Lights and realUV™ LED Flood Lights. 

365nm UV LED Strip Light with 5V Supply Voltage

Do you sell a 365nm LED strip light that operates off of a 5V power supply?

As our realUV™ LED Strip Lights products have a minimum threshold for voltage, they will not begin to emit visible light unless a minimum of 7.5V is reached. 

As such, it does not appear that a 5V power supply would be sufficient for powering the items, and we do sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your purchase planning. We have attached a link to a blog post on the topic below, in the hopes that it proves to be useful for your planning process. 

Can You Operate a 12V LED Strip at Less Than 12V?

As an alternative, you may also be interested in the realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology, which operates on battery power and outputs the same 365nm ultraviolet energy as our realUV™ LED Strip Lights. 

365nm UV Unique Fire UF-501B Flashlight Bulb Replacement

I have an older UniqueFire (not Ultrafire) UF-501B 365 flashlight. I am asking if I can replace the bulb with a 395 UV. It would be a gold thread until that is 3/4” wide. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any replacement 365nm LED bulbs available for use with your UniqueFire flashlight, and we do sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your purchase planning. 

As an alternative, you may be interested in our own 365nm realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology. 

UV LED lights for Finding Dog and Cat Urine on the Floor

Can you tell me which of your UV LED lights would be the best for finding Dog or cat urine on Floor. No carpet in home. 

Based on the details provided, we would likely recommend the 365nm realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology. 

As alternative options, you may be interested in the realUV™ LED Flood Lights and realUV™ LED Strip Lights products.

The LED Strip Lights would require an additional power supply for operation, such as our FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip or in-wall TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply, and can also be paired with in-line or in-wall dimmers. 

I do like the price of the Strip much more than the very first option you gave me, however, the power supply is more expensive than the strip. Is that power supply the only option to power the strip? If so, I understand and will order it, but just wondering if it takes batteries?

Although we do not have any batteries that we could recommend at this time, there may be third-party plug-in power supplies available elsewhere that would be compatible with the realUV™ LED Strip Lights. 

In the hopes that it proves to be helpful, we have attached a link to the product specification report which lists the power requirements. So long as the power supply (or battery) is able to afford 4.5 watts per foot of 12V power at 400 mA per foot, the products should be compatible. 

Why the tree branch lit up when exposed to UV light?

I had an old tree branch that was on the table, a party UV light was on, and the cuts of the branch lit up like a day-glow poster only white. Why is that?

Many materials such as minerals, marine life, and terrestrial life are naturally fluorescent. These naturally fluorescent products will respond to ultraviolet light differently than non-fluorescent items would​.

For example, some of our customers utilize our realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology for nighttime scorpion photography or yooper-light stone hunting, which are both naturally fluorescent. 

BlackLights for Research and Oil Paintings

Wonder what are good black lights - to use to study and research oil paintings? And where to purchase one? 

We can confirm that we sell many ultraviolet products that could be a match for your oil painting research. 

While most of our ultraviolet products are available in two versions, (395nm and 365nm), we find that the 365nm versions are able to produce the greatest fluorescent effect upon targets. This is due to the fact that the output falls almost entirely outside of the visible spectrum. 

For your installation, we might recommend either the 365nm realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology, or the 365nm realUV™ LED Flood Light. 

While the realUV flashlight can be valuable for quick ultraviolet output or spot-checking, the realUV floodlights can be securely installed using the mounting bracket and powered via DC power. 

LED Strip Lights for PickerBall, lines, and nets.

We are making lighted PICKLEBALLS and need glow strips to light up the lines & nets. Can you help us? Also, we need small U. V. flashlights with 21 or more LEDs to light up our newly lit golf balls. 

​We currently offer LED strip lights, flood lights, and a flashlight that all feature 365 nm UV wavelength output. We've included product links below:

Depending on which of these form factors and lamp types will be practical for your installation location (please also advise if waterproofing is necessary) our product options would also correspondingly need to be adjusted.

How long does the strips stay lit? 

The LED strip lights have a 3-year warranty and an expected lifetime of 54k hours.

Will the adhesive be strong enough to adhere to the court? 

The LED strips utilize 3M VHB industrial-grade adhesive so there should not be any issues with reliability over time. (This is the same material used to mount glass panels in skyscrapers!)

Do keep in mind that the LED strips are not waterproof - I am assuming that these courts are strictly indoors.

Can I use the realUV LED Flashlight inside lunch food containers?

Can I use it inside lunch food containers with shiny insulation? Or will it damage my eyes?

We do not have any test data specifically for lunch containers but believe the product should be suitable for your needs. In general, we recommend using precautions such as wearing eye protection (sunglasses with UV protection should be sufficient) and ensuring that the UV rays are never pointed directly at people, including their eyes and skin.

What is the difference between 395nm and 365nm realUV LED Light?

I need a trustworthy ultraviolet light for an art project (exposing cyanotypes on paper) I was wondering if the realUV flood light would work for my needs. I noticed there are two options: one is 395nm and the other is 365. What is the difference?

We have attached an informative blog post below regarding the topic, which we hope proves to be useful for your purchase and installation planning. 

In short, as the output of the 365nm version is well beyond the 400nm visible spectrum of light, the fluorescent effect will be greater than the 395nm version. 

What is the Difference Between 365 nm and 395 nm UV LED Lights?

Do you sell the bulb and blackout filter from the 365nm flashlight without the housing or battery?

Do you sell the bulb and blackout filter from the 365nm flashlight without the housing or battery? This is perfect for the application but I need to combine it with electronics in a different housing. 

Unfortunately, we do not sell individual flashlight components at this time, and we do apologize for any impact this might have on your application planning. 

As an alternative, you might be interested in our 365nm realUV™ LED Strip Lights, and you may be able to locate a blackout filter substitute from Lee Filters. 

Do you know what the electrical draw on the individual led’s on the strip is? I’m thinking if it’s low enough I can wire it directly to a battery as opposed to a plug. If that’s possible then that could definitely work. 

Based on our rough estimates utilizing the product specification sheet, we believe that each individual LED on the 365nm realUV product would require ~16 mA of power. 

I contacted Lee about the filters and they said that was out of their ballpark. Any other ideas on where to look for a filter similar to the blackout?

Based on our review, it appears that B&H Photo has a broad catalog of color correction gels and filters available. 

While we also recommend Edmund Optics, it appears that they have comparatively fewer gel filter options and specialize in camera filters for color correction and specific transmission purposes. 

Lighting Gels & Diffusion

Color and Absorptive Filters

What eye protection glasses do you recommend for UV-A flashlights?

I am interested in buying your “Blackout flashlight." What eye protection glasses do you recommend?

If I’m looking for reflected UV light from animals ( scorpions) or animal traces (urine, etc.), is the UV reflected light in the visible range so if my glasses totally block UV, I will be able to see it?

We are happy to confirm that the reflection of the fluorescent effect that ultraviolet has when targeted upon subjects should be visible when viewed through standard UV protection eyewear. 

Though we do not have any specific models to recommend, the standard UV protection sunglasses should offer sufficient protection against UV-A output. 

Irradiance pattern of realUV LED Flashlight

Regarding your realUV LED Flashlight, can you tell me the radiant intensity and irradiance specifications? 

Though we currently do not have irradiance pattern reports available for the realUV™ LED Flashlight available, we have provided a link below to an overview of the product, which contains some information regarding the ultraviolet output.

Everything You Need to Know About UV Flashlights

You may also refer to the below to the related chart below.

What does the realUV flashlight battery charger have? USB-C or USB 3 or old USB?

I bought the product, realUV flashlight. I liked it. So about battery and charger set. I'm interested in buying it cuz I forgot to add accessories to buy it. I have questions about the charger set. What does it have? USB-C or USB 3 or old USB?

We offer a flashlight charger and battery set that will work great with the flashlight, and it features a micro-USB port. We do not see any explicit documentation on the USB protocol, but based on the port connector type, we believe this would fall under the legacy USB standards (not USB-C or USB 3.0).

High CRI Lighting Options for Battery-Operated Picture Lights

I am interested in knowing what is available for high CRI battery-operated picture lights. Do they exist? I need several of them. 

Currently, the only battery-powered product that we sell is the realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology. We do apologize for any impact this might have on your installation plans.

In what country is the realUV LED Flashlight manufactured?

In what country is the realUV LED Flashlight manufactured?

The flashlight is manufactured in China.

​What is its IP rating?

Its IP rating is IP22.

​What is its safe drop height?

The product does not have a safe drop height - please use care when using it and avoid dropping or rough handling.

​When did it first come to market?

The product was first released in late 2019.

​Why are there no third-party reviews/comparisons?​

Our product is quite specialized (365 nm + filter), and as a relatively new offering, we have not had many marketing opportunities in terms of third-party reviews, etc.

realUV™ LED Flashlight Part Numbers

May I have the Part numbers for the following: realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology Battery and Charger? 

The realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology is available in two versions:

Base Version: PN7023

Version With Battery + Charger: PN7023.B

365nm real UV-A LED Rechargeable Head Torch

We are seeking a rechargeable head torch of this specification order strip light/tubes of the same specification for use in the UK. Could you assist/recommend a product?

Based on the details provided, we might recommend the 365nm realUV™ LED Flashlight with BLACKOUT™ Filter Technology product. 

However, please note that the battery option is not available for shipping to all territories, given the international air freight restrictions on batteries. As such, we would likely recommend the ‘no battery included’ option for your UK destination order.

For more information regarding this product, we hope that the below article from our website proves to be helpful.

Everything You Need to Know About UV Flashlights:

Irradiance Measurement of realUV LED Flashlight

How is the mW/cm^2 irradiance measured for this UV light?

The irradiance values are measured using a UV irradiance meter calibrated to 365 nm.

​Is there any information as to how much white/visible light is emitted?

We unfortunately have not measured the visible light component. Anecdotally, very little visible light is present, though what can be observed is a very dim, blueish light.

Can I expect this to be significantly brighter than a standard 4 Watt 365nm black/UV bulb?

In terms of total energy output, you will likely see similar energy levels. However, because the flashlight focuses the UV beam at a much narrower angle, the effective irradiance levels will likely be much higher than a standard UV fluorescent lamp.

Any links to video demonstrations? 

Unfortunately, we do not have any video demonstrations at this time. However, in consideration of your questions above, we would perhaps recommend testing and taking advantage of our free returns policy. If for whatever reason you find that the UV flashlight will not work for your project, we would be more than happy to pay for return shipping and offer a full refund. 

UV-A Flashlight for Pet Stain Solution

I was wondering how visible dog stains are with your UV light in normal house lighting with lights on and how far the beam reaches. 

Our UV flashlight at 365 nm is a great wavelength for observing fluorescence effects. Pet stains are quite reactive to UV wavelengths and our product would be a great option for your needs.

​The beam reaches more than 15 feet, so the product should be more than sufficient for inspection of standard indoor spaces.

Can a UV Flood Light be made available with a VIS-blocking filter?

Can this be made available with a VIS-blocking filter per your UV flashlight?

We do have a new UV flood light model at 50 watts with the Blackout filter that is used on our flashlight.

Does the filter have an IR leak? (As do the Wratten 18A and the equivalents)?

We do believe that the filter does allow IR to pass through.

Therefore, depending on the sensitivity of your equipment, incorporating an additional IR filter may be required.

​We would imagine, however, that the infrared produced by the UV LED would be limited to the thermal radiation component only (as the LED chip itself heats up), as all of the radiometric output would be confined to the UV-A band.

What is the irradiance of UV-A fluorescent bulbs versus distance?

I enjoyed reading through your webpage "Understanding UV-A Irradiance, and Requirements for Various Applications."I'm trying to figure out the (approximate) irradiance values at different distances. I've been given two values for a 365nm fluorescent bulb fixture: 1,700 uW/cm2 @ 5 inches and 800 uW/cm2 @ 12 inches. I've tried applying the Inverse Square Law but this isn't working for me. 

We would expect that the inverse square law would indeed apply for a fluorescent lamp as well, but there may of course be some variations depending on the lamp length or other factors.

I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of the lamp for additional details, or purchase a UV meter to empirically determine irradiance values.

LED Lighting for Finding Pet Stains

I'm looking for a good light to find pet stains in the basement apartment that I rent out. Which level of light, 365 or 395, would I need? And would the flood light work well for that? Or is there a better product option?

We generally recommend 365 nm for this application, as this wavelength provides stronger fluorescence and therefore more visible contrast of the stains. For additional insights on comparing 365 nm with 395 nm, the following article may be helpful:

​The flood light can be a nice option, but for a portable option, our UV flashlight may be an even better option​. Please see below for the product link:

Does your realUV™ LED Flood Light Waterproof?

I bought one of your UV flood lights and wanted to verify that it is waterproof. I didn't see any information about it on the website, but since it's a floodlight, I assume it is. Would you please verify?

We are happy to confirm that our realUV™ LED Flood Light is IP65 waterproof rated.

365NM UV Flashlight with Battery Installation Guide - PN 7023

I purchased UV flashlight with Lithium battery and USB charger. In what direction does the positive terminal of the battery go into the flashlight? Is the Lithium battery charged as supplied?

The battery should be inserted positive-end first. In other words, the positive terminal should be closest to the head of the flashlight. The battery is discharged and will require a full initial charge before use.

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