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365nm vs 395nm: Which is recommended for room black lights?

I'm looking at putting blacklights up in my room for a couple of blacklight posters. I want the most powerful glow, I can get off them without overpowering everything with a bright purple light, so have been leaning towards 365nm. Also, does that mean only the parts in fluorescent paints really light up? My room is about ~10x~15-20ft, would the 365nm strip lights or floodlight be better for illuminating the room completely? 

Also for a separate occasion, if I had a black light party would you recommend the 365nm or 385nm? I'm really so torn between both options of 365nm and 385nm because the purple glows cool but think the more subtle glow is better for less eye strain as blue light gets annoying after a bit sadly, but figured I could use my hue light on purple or really any color if I wanted the extra effect of 385nm right? 

We generally recommend the 365nm option for any installations where the maximum fluorescent effect is desired as the output is further from the visible wavelength. As such, the 365nm option will not have the same visible output as the 395nm option, since the latter is closer to the visible spectrum starting at 400nm. 

If you have a specific target that you would like to illuminate, we would recommend the 365nm realUV™ LED Flood Light. If you would prefer a more diffused fluorescent effect, we would alternatively recommend the 365nm realUV™ LED Strip Lights

About how much distance could a 16.4ft 365nm LED strip light cover they seem super expensive so was wondering if I could place it somewhere evenly in a ~10ftx~15-20ft room. Trying to ideally get it to hit all the walls as I want to hang up posters that are UV reactive. Would the 395 be better for posters you think as well? 

We have attached a link to the realUV™ LED Strip Lights UV Irradiance Pattern below, which charts the ultraviolet output the further a target is from the source. 

If you would like to try both options, please feel free to take advantage of our 30-day return policy. So long as the LED Strip Lights are from a domestic order and have not been cut or altered, including the adhesive backing being removed, we will gladly provide a prepaid return label. 

As a further note, it might be helpful to know that polycarbonate material naturally blocks the transmission of ultraviolet light. As such, any diffusion panels used on the products, such as those found on our aluminum channels, will block the ultraviolet light and limit the effect upon targets. 

365nm realUV™ LED Strip Lights - UV Irradiance Pattern

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