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Recommended quantity of LED Lights in building an Art Studio

I am building an art studio. It is 3000 square feet. I am dividing it into two distinct spaces: the shop with a full complement of woodworking machinery, and a clean studio for drawing, painting, and other quiet work. 

I have calculated that I need 16 of PN:4025. Is this the proper fixture and quantity?

​I've run these numbers in our lumen estimation calculator and received a recommended brightness level of approximately 65,000 lumens. Since each of our PN 4025 shop light fixtures emits 4200 lumens, my math also works out to approximately 16 lamps, which lines up perfectly with your calculations.

Is there an alternate fixture for the purpose?

​I do not believe that any other fixture options would be superior, except for our T5 linear fixtures, if these are perhaps a more preferred option from an aesthetic or layout perspective. I have included the link to the product below:

​Similarly, we offer a T8 LED tube light which can be used in traditional fluorescent fixtures. It does sound like you are building a new structure, such that utilizing previous-generation fluorescent fixtures would not make much sense unless you had a particular reason for doing so.

​The color quality at 5000K / 6500K and 95 CRI are identical across all of these options so that should not affect the decision in terms of form factor.

Now on to the shop side of the studio. I am not sure of the lighting level appropriate for a woodworking space. Is it 30fc (simple manufacturing and industrial) or 40fc (like a classroom)? I have been planning on using 25 at 4000-lumen LED fixtures made by Hyperikon. These lights are 84 CRI and produce 40fc over the area. They are under $20/fixture. Is there justification for purchasing your lighting for the shop side of my studio instead of theirs?

​This is a bit difficult for us to provide any definitive guidance on the 30 or 40 footcandles would depend on the exact level of precision needed, as well as the type of wood, along with personal preference on brightness.

​It is certainly possible that 30-footcandles just don't provide enough brightness, but I would not think that going with 40-footcandles would be "too bright" (i.e. uncomfortable) by any means, so the worst-case scenario here would be that we are over-specifying in terms of brightness.

​As with the brightness question, the higher CRI rating may or may not be necessary depending on the type of woodworking. Some of our customers find that the ability to make very critical color observations during woodworking (perhaps during staining or other visually demanding processes) justifies the additional cost. On the other hand, if color accuracy is less of a concern, I would perhaps recommend staying with the 84 CRI fixtures as that would be more than enough to simply "see" what you are doing and complete basic tasks.

Do I have a good amount of light coverage, or would I need more? 

I'm not sure what the dimensions of your woodshop will be, but the 25x Hyperikon fixtures would provide you with 100,000 lumens which would be sufficient for approximately 2200 square feet of coverage.

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