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Light Set-Up Recommendation for Commercial Installation

I am ordering your aluminum channel to light a product I use which is called 3-form. It is a recycled plastic and we are using it in a commercial setting. I have 4 straight lengths of 8 feet each and I want to light it slightly with a warm white I need a power supply and I think a residential white. Can you kindly recommend what parts I may need?

Based on the details provided, we would recommend purchasing two 16.4 ft (5 meters) reels of our 24V CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ LED Strip Lights for Commercial & Retail in the 4000K color temperature option, as that is the color point most often recommended for retail and commercial installations. 

These two reels can be connected and powered by a single 24V TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply, and can also be connected to in-wall power and controlled using either in-wall dimmers or smart home dimmers such as Lutron Caseta. 

We have attached a LayoutMap from our website below for an installation that utilizes segmented LED Strip Lights, hard-wired power, and a wall dimmer. This LayoutMap also contains an installation description and links to each of the optional connector accessories that may be required. 

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B

Recommended LED Bulbs for Retail Furniture Store

I own a furniture store and also sell home decor and gift items. My retail area is about 64 x 32 and has 15 ft ceilings. There are 7 ceiling lights and I sell and use lamps for ambiance lighting. I bought the building 2 years ago and have just now needed to replace a bulb in the ceiling light. They all currently have a fluorescent 55w 3800 lumens E26 bulb in an open fixture. My ceilings are black, walls are white, flooring is a medium gray, no dividing walls in the space. 

Based on the details that you provided, we might recommend our 4000K Full Spectrum E26 BR30 LED Bulb product. These items have a compatible E26 base, and offer a similar output as a 60W halogen, at 800 lumens per bulb. This product also features a higher CRI than your current products, at 95+. 

Further, we generally recommend the 4000K color temperature option for retail installations, which would offer a warmer color point than the 5000K product that you mentioned.

Full Spectrum LED Lighting for Grocery Store Installation

I'm an architect looking for lighting that mimics daylight as closely as possible for a grocery store installation. 

We have attached two product links below that we believe might be a great fit for your grocery store installation.

As mentioned, please feel free to take advantage of our 30-day return policy for your order. If the products wind up not working well in the space, simply let us know and we would be happy to promptly issue a prepaid return label.

Full Spectrum E26 BR30 LED Bulb:

CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light:

I have also attached a few blog posts from our website below, which might prove to be helpful for your planning purposes:

Difference Between 5000K and 6500K Bulbs:

Top 4 Things To Consider Before Buying 6500K Daylight LED Bulbs:

Everything You Need to Know About Full Spectrum Lighting:

High CRI bulbs for Coffee Roasting and Production

I recently purchased a case of bulbs from you and I am curious about how to adapt the lighting in a roasting space. Color is very important for coffee roasting so I am looking for a high CRI value bulb, but the ones I tend to get are not very "bright" or it seems dim in the space. Does the "K" value affect this? 

We're happy to confirm that the color temperature value is not tied to the CRI value or brightness. The brightness of the light emitted by a bulb is measured by the lumen output, whereas the color temperature measures how 'warm' or 'cool' the light appears to be. On the other hand, CRI measures how similar the light output is to that of natural sunlight.

While you may find that higher CRI products have a lower lumen output than traditional incandescent bulbs, the higher CRI bulbs have the benefit of offering light that has a similar spectral output to natural daylight.

If it proves to be useful, here is an article from our website which describes CRI in detail:

Do you have a commercial high-bay/suspended-type lights?

We are building an addition to our brewery and would like to know if there are commercial high-bay/suspended-type lights for a taproom and brewery space.

Our high CRI and full spectrum lamps sound like. a great option for lighting up a brewery and providing a high-end lighting atmosphere.

For high-bay installations, the first aspect would be to consider what type of fixture you would like to utilize for the space. If, for example, you have existing T8 fixtures, our T8 LED lamps may be a great option for such retrofit applications:

Alternatively, if you do not have any fixtures in place (or if this is for a new build), you may want to consider our hanging shoplight fixtures or our integrated T5 fixtures. These products have LEDs integrated into the fixture, so there is no need to purchase the fixture and lamps separately. Please see below for additional product information:

Recommended LED Lights for Building a Tower Floor Lamps

Building tower lamps pseudo shoji style with lighted section 34" high behind a 5.5" sheet of acrylic on all four sides. Either white or a remotely adjustable color would be kind of cool. Could you recommend your products I should look at? 

It's a bit difficult to provide exact recommendations given the unique nature of your lamps, but it does sound like our high CRI LED strips could work very well for you. The LED strips are offered in a wide range of color temperatures, all of which offer 95 CRI or higher, providing excellent color quality both highlighting the Shoji material as well as illuminating the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, we don't have any solutions for remotely controlled color temperature, though that is certainly something we would like to see implemented in the near future!

If the floor lamps are for residential and home use, we would generally recommend our 2700K and 3000K options, which I have linked to below:

For commercial or office spaces, you may want to consider a higher color temperature such as 4000K or 5000K:

Recommended LED Strip Lights with a brightness level equivalent to a Retail Showroom

I am interested in the LED strip lights to light an area 15m long by 6m wide and 2.8m ceilings to a brightness level equivalent to a retail showroom. The calculator says I will need approx 42,000 lumens however I want to confirm that the led strip lights will be suitable. The purpose of the room is mostly storage for area rugs; however, customers regularly request more photos, so colour-accurate lighting throughout the entire area would be ideal. If I was to run two lines of the led strip lights from one end to the other which would equal about 6 reels total, would this actually light the area to the required level? Other than the 6 reels what else would I need to install this? 

To confirm, I've also run the numbers on my end based on the dimensions provided (converted to approximately 50 x 20 ft = 1000 square feet).

​The 42,000 lumens would provide you with approximately 40 footcandles, which is a great brightness level for general color evaluation, especially for larger surface areas such as rugs

Each reel emits approximately 7500 lumens, so the 6 reels sounds like a great target (7500 lumens per reel x 6 reels = 45,000 lumens). Each 16.4 ft (5 meter) reel requires its own power supply, so you will also need to purchase 6 power supply units.

I've linked to some example layouts which show how the power supplies can be connected for a non-dimmable, and dimmable setup, respectively:

Going with the same target of approx 43,000 lumens and using the linear light fixtures I would need 24 fixtures however I am not sure of the difference between the Northlux 95 CRI and the D50 for color matching, is there a benefit of one over the other for my use case?

Both the NorthLux and D50 T5 linear lights are actually the same product listed on different product pages for marketing purposes (PN 4026.4F.50) - sorry for any confusion!

We will also be creating content for social media, photos and videos (will the lights flicker?).

Our next batch, expected to be available in Feb 2021, will be 100% flicker free and will be suitable for photography.

We would like to have the warehouse look like it is a bright naturally lit room, and are considering the 5000K colour temperature.

This sounds like a great choice! 5000K is generally a nice, neutral light color that approximates noon sunshine. (6500K would be closer to north-facing blue sky).

We will be running the fixtures down two rows the length of the warehouse approx 1.5m from the sidewalls, if we ran 12 along each side would this create the evenest lighting or is there a better method? 

The best way to achieve even lighting would be to space out the fixtures as evenly as possible. Of course, with wiring and aesthetics that may not always be realistic. If I recall correctly, you had mentioned that the width of the space is 6 meters, so running the fixtures 1.5 meters (or perhaps 2.0 meters) from the walls would indeed provide sufficiently distributed light.

How many lights can be daisy-chained together? how many fixtures can be grouped per power plug, and do you have international plugs available at all?

The maximum connection is 70 feet (21 meters). If using the 4-ft fixtures, this would work out to approximately 17 fixtures per daisy-chain link. Unfortunately, we do not provide any additional plug converters, but you may also want to consider locating a C8 plug wire locally, should you prefer avoiding the use of a plug adapter.

LED Strip that runs from Warm Glow to Midday Sun for Conservatory Building.

I am building a conservatory and looking for an LED strip that runs from the warm glow of sunrise to the midday sun of 5000k and back to the glow of sunset. And with a high CRI during mid-day. The area I want to light is 2m x 3.5m from a height of 3.5m (approx 6ft 6" x 11ft 5"). In which case can you recommend your product to meet the 5000k and high CRI? 

Currently, we don't have a product that will accomplish the color temperature tuning "out of the box," but we do have some suggestions which may help achieve what you are looking for.

​First off, our 5000K LED strip lights should be a great fit for your mid-day sun, high CRI requirement. We have a 95 CRI and 99 CRI option, for which I have linked to below:

Then, to simulate a warmer color tone (while maintaining high CRI), you may want to consider our 3000K or even 2700K color temperature LED strip lights:

Our recommendation would be to use these two products with a pair of dimmers that can adjust the relative amounts of brightness of each, thereby simulating various natural lighting conditions. Please let us know if you have any questions on dimming and we would be more than happy to assist further with parts and accessories needed. In the meantime, you may find our layout maps helpful:

Finally, in estimating the total brightness needs, we would recommend using our lumen estimation calculator, which can help in determining the total amount of LED strips needed for the dimensions you've provided:

(For your reference, natural daylight will generally range from 100 - 1000 footcandles during mid-day, depending on the weather).

Black Light LED Strips for Industrial Applications

Looking for a fixture manufacturing that is making linear LED black lights for industrial applications

We don't have any "linear" fixtures, but a close alternative product may be our UV flood lights. Below is a link to our realUV LED flood light, available in 365 nm and 395 nm. Please let us know what questions you have and we'd be glad to assist further!

LED Strip for Warehouse Lighting

I need 38016 inches of led strips to place under shelves in a warehouse environment. Can you tell me the brightest lights available? How many strips can link together, and how many power sources are required?

Our brightest LED strip lights are our CENTRIC DAYLIGHT LED strip lights, which linked below:

If we've done the math correctly, the 38016 inches works out to a total installation length of 3168 linear feet. Approximately 193 reels of our LED strip lights (16.4 ft each) would be needed to cover this distance.

The maximum run length is 32 ft, so you will require approximately 97 separate power supply units if they are equipped with sufficient power capacity. For Class 2 installations, you would be limited to 16.4 ft per run, so the power supply needs would be double (193 power supply units).

3M VHB Tape Datasheet

We are considering using your "24V LED Strip for Commercial & Retail" in an industrial system that we are designing. I was wondering if you had any information on what the particular tape family or product number is for the 3M VHB tape that you use. I would like to be able to reference 3M's data sheets for the tape. Our main concern is heat. Our system will be at 100 degrees Fahrenheit all the time and we would like to know if these LED strips and their tape would be able to survive in those conditions for years. 

Our LED strip lights and 3M adhesive should not have any performance or longevity issues at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.​Below is the datasheet for the 3M VHB adhesive that is used on the product.


T8 LED replacements for retail garden center

We operate a retail garden center, and are looking to replace 4-ft T8 fluorescent tubes with high CRI LEDs to improve the visual appeal of our products in our retail area. What do you recommend?

Our CENTRIC DAYLIGHT T8 LED tube lights sound like an excellent fit for this application!

These T8 LED lamps feature 95 CRI and are available in color temperatures of 4000K, 5000K and 6500K. Retail environments typically utilize 4000K, but if your garden retail area has any natural lighting as well, 5000K or even 6500K may be a good way to better match the light color to the natural light color.

With respect to color temperature, it is primarily a question of preference, as all of these color temperature options are calibrated to natural light; the main difference being the type of natural light. For example, we commonly say 4000K is similar to morning sunshine, while 5000K is similar to noon sun and 6500K approximates noon daylight (north-facing sky).

As you've correctly mentioned, the 95 CRI rating will ensure that the color in your plants will appear vivid and natural. This should not only increase the visual appeal, but may also lead to higher customer satisfaction as the color of the products will appear nearly identical to what your customers see once the plants are transplanted in their outdoor gardens.

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