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Automotive Paint Inspection Lighting

I would like to speak with someone about possibly improving our inspection lighting to help us better identify defects that are easily seen in sunlight but not under standard inspection lighting.

Our high CRI, daylight-calibrated light sources sound like a great fit for your needs. Specifically, our D50 lamps may be an excellent option to replace the current standard lighting, as the D50 chromaticity point and spectrum approximate noon sunlight.

If you can tell us a bit more about the form factor that would be best suited for the manufacturing / inspection site, we may be able to provide some additional insights as far as product types and configuration.

As a starting point, our T5 linear fixtures with D50 chromaticity is a very popular option among our professional customers looking for a relatively straightforward and ETL-listed turn-key lighting installation. The lamps have a 95 CRI rating, are available in 2-ft and 4-ft configurations, and can be daisy-chained.

Our shop light fixtures also feature D50 light quality and can hang above the inspection station, if that is a potential installation location / method.

For a 99 CRI, D50 option, our ABSOLUTE SERIES LED components could also be a viable candidate for your installation. Our LED strip lights, for example, could be installed along the sides or above the inspection subject. Do keep in mind that the LED strip lights do require a bit more configuration work, which could make replicating the installation across multiple locations a bit more challenging.

I have attached a picture of one of our decks that I am interested in improving the lighting (we have 6 areas throughout the plant that are similar). The side and top lights are 8 feet and the angled lights on the top are 4 feet. I also attached some pictures of our current lights. Would we be able to simple replace the led strip inside with your 99CRI strip?

We've taken a look at the existing fixture, and it appears to be a product that does not have any user-replaceable parts and is not designed to be retrofitted. As a result, this leads us to two concerns about this approach:

​1) The power supply unit uses constant current with a voltage output range of 25-45 volts. Our LED strips require constant voltage at 12 volts or 24 volts, so the power supply units that are included in your fixture would not be compatible. Replacing both the LED strips and the power supply units to re-use just the housing may not be the most optimal.

2) Modifying fixtures will likely void any safety approval marks such as UL or ETL, as these marks are granted at the complete fixture level. In our prior experiences working with customers in manufacturing environments, safety approvals have been a firm requirement.

If you would like to continue to pursue the fixture retrofit approach, we would recommend using our flicker-free power supply unit listed here in conjunction with our ABSOLUTE SERIES LED modules, listed here.

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