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Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light

I am trying to use these lights for my film studio, where I shoot high-speed video at around 1000 frames per second. Would this work for this type of application? Can I use a standard LED T8 light fixture for these bulbs and still get a "flicker-free effect?"What is meant by "Flicker-free" when connected without a fluorescent ballast?

We are happy to confirm that our flicker-free lights, such as the T8 LED tube lights, can refresh at a higher rate than would be noticeable in a 1000 fps capture.

Generally speaking, most older fluorescent tube light fixtures utilized a ballast within them to regulate the power being supplied to the lights. As this is no longer necessary for LED products such as ours that contain internal transformers, some older ballasts are incompatible and can cause performance issues such as flickering.

As such, before ordering, it may be worth ensuring that the ballast within your fixture is within the compatibility list. If they are not, it might be helpful to know that we are looking forward to releasing our own line of LED-Ready tube light fixtures within the next month or so. 

​Additionally, fixtures with ballasts can still be used without lights when a ballast-bypass installation type is used, which is illustrated within the below product installation guide.

 So if I were to use my own lighting fixture (a none waveform fixture) for the "Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light" I would need to make sure the ballast in the fixture is on the compatibility list.

That's correct! Though it may be helpful to know that the fixtures linked are integrated and do not require any lights to be installed. These are different from the upcoming line of LED-Ready T8 tube light fixtures, which can utilize our T8 LED tube lights.

Can you recommend any lighting fixture you know has the proper ballast for the "Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light?"

Unfortunately, we do not have any specific fixture models that we could recommend at this time. We apologize! 

If I wanted to get the Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulb, could I use a standard e26 or e27 socket and still remain flicker-free?

We are happy to confirm that the internal hardware of the A19 bulbs will allow for flicker-free functionality when installed within a matching E26 or E27 base. We have also attached a blog post below which describes the hardware and voltage differences between the two sockets, which may prove to be useful.

E26 vs E27 Bulbs - Interchangeable? Not Necessarily!:

Do the " Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Lights" have single-ended or double-ended power? Can they operate in a single and double lamp fixture configuration?

We are happy to confirm that our T8 LED tube lights can be installed and powered using either single or double-ended power configuration.

As such, please feel free to utilize them within compatible fixtures that utilize either of the above "UL Type B" installation types. The available configurations for that type can be found in the installation guide, which I have provided a link to below.

Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Installation Guide

What is the difference between the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixture and the D50 5000K T5 LED Linear Light Fixture for Color Matching?

We can confirm that the two products are identical, though they are provided with unique landing pages for marketing purposes. This can be noted by the shared part number, though I do apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Are both of these lights flicker-free? What is the PWM frequency of these LEDs?

Yes! Both products offer a <1% flicker rate and a 20kHz frequency.

If they are flicker-free, can I use third-party daisy chain cords, accessories, extension cords, etc., and still get a flicker-free effect?

Yes, the flicker-free functionality should be preserved when utilizing a compatible third-party C8 plug cable.

How many units can be daisy-chained into a single outlet?

A total of 70 feet (21 meters) of the linear light fixtures can be safely daisy-chained together.

What do you mean by a <1% flicker rate? At 20kHz frequency, would that mean I can shoot video at a maximum of 40,000 frames per second before seeing the flicker?  

We typically say that our products have a flicker percentage of less than one percent in marketing materials, though the actual flicker rate of our flicker-free products is 0%, with a 0.00 flicker index when tested.

We have attached a link to the spectrum test report for one of our flicker-free A19 bulbs below, for your reference. Upon review of the last page, you will see an example of our test data showing a 0% flicker rate. You will also see that the flicker index is 0.00, as there is an extremely minute variability between the maximum and minimum light output per hertz cycle. As such, we would not expect any visible flicker at that capture rate

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