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Vapor Proof Casing for Filming Activities

I'm looking to outfit the work areas of our ship (the EV NAUTILUS) to better accommodate filming activities that occur over the year. I was considering the Centric Daylight bulbs (~48) but can you recommend a ballast-free vapor-proof housing to accompany it? At least IP65 is a deal. 

Our CENTRIC DAYLIGHT T8 LED lamps sound like a great fit for filming purposes!

​While we completely understand the need for a vapor-proof fixture that is pre-configured without a fluorescent ballast, unfortunately, we are unaware of any specific manufacturers or suppliers who may have such a product.

We do know that many of our customers who are looking for standard indoor lighting fixtures can find compatible fixtures by searching for "LED ready" fixtures - the "LED ready" marketing term typically suggests that the fixtures are pre-wired without a ballast inside.

We're not sure about the commercial availability of "LED-ready vapor proof fixtures," however, that would be my suggestion for where to start.

Alternatively, if you do have any existing fluorescent vapor-proof fixtures, from an electrical standpoint there should not be any issues removing or bypassing the ballast to ensure they are compatible with our lamps.

Fluorescent Fixture with Independently Controlled Bulbs

I am trying to source a fixture with multiple ballasts or a "smart" circuit to control each bulb in a T8 fixture independently. Ideally, at least 3 bulbs- 2 different wavelength blacklight bulbs and daylight. Do you know if any fixtures allow for individual control of fluorescent tubes? 

Unfortunately, we do not have any specific product recommendations which offer the functionality described.

However, if you do find such a product we would be very interested to hear about your experience using it.

Light Fixtures for Wall Wash Lighting in Dropped Ceiling

I am designing lighting for artwork in my remodel. I have to use a dropped ceiling so I need lights that can be installed in the ceiling. I can only find light bulbs. Do you sell light fixtures to be installed in ceilings to light up artwork?

Unfortunately, we do not currently sell light fixtures which can be installed directly into ceilings.

However, we do sell T8 LED tube lights, such as the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio product, which are designed to be installed within ceiling light fixtures.

Need assistance selecting LED lights for painting and sculpture studio

We are interested in utilizing your LED lighting products and are searching for assistance in the selection of proper lighting for a painting and sculpture studio.

We had anticipated that we would utilize LED tube lighting flush with the ceiling primarily for our working lighting. What would you recommend?

We offer numerous full-spectrum, daylight-calibrated LED lights that would be an excellent fit for your painting and sculpture studio.

If you are seeking an LED tube lighting solution, our NorthLux™ T8 LED tube lights would be your best bet. These lamps work in existing 4-ft fluorescent fixtures with compatible or bypassed ballasts. If you prefer not to worry about fixture compatibility, or you need to purchase new fixtures for a new studio construction project, these LED tube lights can also be used in our LED-ready T8 fixtures.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider our NorthLux™ LED shop lights and T5 linear fixture options. These alternatives offer the same 95 CRI, daylight-calibrated light quality, but depending on the aesthetics and wiring requirements, may also be viable options.

What is the difference between a T8 fixture and a ballast?

In your search for T8 LED tube lights, you may come across a variety of terms that sound familiar, but you aren't quite sure you fully understand. With all of the concerns with respect to compatibility, you'll definitely want be sure you know what lighting manufacturers mean when they use terms like T8 fixture and T8 ballast.

What is a T8 fixture?

The term T8 fixture typically refers to the structure which houses T8 lamps (either fluorescent or LED). For most commercial and residential installations, T8 fixtures are mounted on or in the ceiling, with a plastic cover for aesthetics and improved light distribution.

Some industrial locations may have T8 fixtures which are hung or otherwise exposed, without a plastic cover.

Nonetheless, the term "T8 fixture" will almost always refer to the metallic housing for the lamps. Specifically, the term "T8" indicates that the fixture is designed for T8 lamps, which are a specific lamp size (1 inch diameter).

Below is a photo of a T8 fixture in a warehouse, shown with the T8 lamps removed.

What is a T8 ballast?

A T8 ballast is an electronic device that is mounted inside of the T8 fixture. It is not the same as the fixture itself, and is a component within the fixture's wiring system. Generally, it can only be accessed and identified upon removing the fixture cover.

T8 ballasts are necessary for the safe and reliable operation of T8 fluorescent lamps. They may, or may not be necessary for T8 LED lamps. Some LED lamps are designed to be backwards compatible with fluorescent T8 ballasts, while others are not at all compatible with T8 fluorescent ballasts, and the ballast must be removed.

For ballast-compatible LED T8 lamps, you will likely need to check for compatibility of the fluorescent T8 ballast with the T8 LED lamp.

Below is a photo showing the same T8 fixture as above, with the reflector cover removed. Upon removal, the T8 ballast can be seen, allowing for further rewiring work or inspection of the ballast manufacturer and model number.

Bottom Line: T8 Fixture vs Ballast

As shown in the photos above, you will see that T8 fixtures and ballasts refer to different concepts. T8 fixtures will almost always contain T8 ballasts, and they can only be identified upon removal of the fixture cover.

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