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Does your NortLux T8 LED Tubes compatible with Lithonia Lighting fixture?

I'm switching from a 2-bulb T8 light fixture in my oil painting studio to a 4-bulb T8 fixture, based on the lumen recommendations (my studio space is 8.5' x 11.5'). I also film a lot of YouTube videos out of this space, and I need to improve the lighting output.

I just wanted to confirm that your NorthLux lights would be compatible with this fixture.

According to your lumen calculator, I actually need 5 T8 bulbs, but I'm hoping that the 4 will suffice. It'll certainly be better than just the two I have.

Our T8 LED lamps sound like a great fit for your oil painting studio installation.

​We've reviewed the Lithonia Lighting fixture, but unfortunately, we are unable to confirm if this would be compatible, due to insufficient information about the ballast contained inside the fixture. We realize it may be difficult to get additional information from a large manufacturer, but if they can provide the ballast model number, we would be able to confirm if it is on our compatible ballast list, which can be found below:

Alternatively, our T8 LED-ready fixture may be a viable alternative, although we do realize that it is a two-lamp fixture that would fall short of the four-lamp quantity per fixture that you are looking for.

To supplement, you may also want to consider our T5 linear fixtures, which can be mounted on a variety of surfaces:

LED Bulbs and Fixtures for Art Studio

Have looked but am unsure exactly what combination to order. Want a bank of three 4-foot. Need 90 or above CRT at least 5000 lumens

Our NorthLux products sound like a great fit for your art studio. For a quick-install solution, we would perhaps recommend our 4-ft T5 linear lamps, which can be installed and mounted onto a variety of locations.

We have included the product link below:

What I had in my old art studio was a bank of 4 – four-foot fixtures direct wired two tubes per fixture, direct wired and all connected to one main light switch. What I would like is 3- four-foot fixtures with two tubes per fixture. They will be hard-wired by an electrician and all operate on one main light switch.  

We would recommend purchasing three of our T8 LED-ready fixtures (2 lamps per fixture) along with two 4-packs of our T8 LED tube lights in 5000K.

We have included product links below. Please let me know if you have any questions!

LED Lighting for 10x12 ft Oil Painting Studio

I need to light a 10x12ft oil painting studio. Looking at your Northlux studio section I see many options in both bulbs and fluorescents. I also see 5000k or 6500K. So please help me out by recommending what I should buy and if it should be 500K or 6500 K. 

Our NorthLux LED lamps sound like a great fit for your painting studio.

We have several lamp styles, and depending on your interior layout and existing fixture locations, we would recommend different lamp types. If you can let us know if you have existing ceiling or lamp fixtures, or if this is for a new build project, we may be able to help refine your options a bit more.

In the meantime, you can get a sense of what level of brightness you will need using our lumen estimation calculator below to plug in the dimensions of your space:

Concerning color temperature, our article below may help decide between 5000K and 6500K. In short, if you plan on incorporating natural daylight from a north-facing window, the 6500K may be a better option so that you can match this light, but if you don't intend to use any natural daylight, the 5000K may be a better option.

My studio is a small cabin with an interior dimension of 9x11 ft, an open ceiling that's 10 ft high in the center sloping to 8 ft walls with a ridge beam at the top. This ridge is in the center of the 11 ft axis. As for existing fixtures, I currently just hang lighting from the ridge beam and that location works fine just don't like my lighting. Existing windows are one small window facing west and 2 other small windows facing north but the ones to north are under a large overhang of about 6 ft.

I really only need one-half of the cabin lit well for painting. Glare is an oil painter's worst enemy but others didn't complain about it at all. So with the high ridge beam to mount it on do I need to be concerned? Is there anything about a LED light that would glare more than if I mounted some sort of track lighting and went with your bulbs?

In terms of the issue of glare, we have received some feedback from customers about the lack of a translucent cover on the lamps, which can result in glare when one looks directly upward at the light fixture. We believe the product review refers to this same concern.

​If we understand correctly, the primary concern with glare for painters is the reflection of the canvas, rather than the glare effect which results from looking directly at the light source. As such, we do not have any concerns about the product for your application, although it is certainly a valid concern in terms of visual comfort in the space.

Another alternative would be to utilize our T8 lamps in combination with our LED-ready fixtures. This would require some additional wiring and installation, but with our T8 lamps having a frosted cover, this may help mitigate your concerns about glare. We've included direct links to the 95 CRI / 5000K options and fixture below:

High CRI Lighting for Rebuilding a Studio

I am rebuilding my studio and am very excited about your high CRI lighting. Is it approved for use in Canada? My studio is 22x27 with 10 feet ceilings. I was thinking of the LED tube lighting - is this the best source?

By placing the dimensions into our Lumen Estimation Calculator, it appears that the space would be fully illuminated by 16-22 T8 LED Tube Lamps, though some of our customers prefer to illuminate just the working areas instead of the full space. 

For studio spaces we often recommend the 5000K or 6500K color temperature T8 LED Tube Lights since they can be more easily replaced if they encounter failures easier than the LED Strip Lights in our catalog can. These lights are suitable for use in Canada and are compatible with 120, 208, 240, or 277 V AC input voltages. 

While our T8 LED Tube Lights are compatible with some ballasts found within fluorescent fixtures, we recommend bypassing incompatible ballasts using the installation guide for operation. 

​Hardware damage may occur which would void the warranty if incompatible ballasts are used. As an alternative, our LED Ready T8 Fixtures do not require any rewiring for operation. 

What is the lighting difference between the two different types of your light fixtures. What are the advantages? How much area is covered by each light fixtures, and are they best to be butted against each other or allow space between? If there is space in between, what is the best distance without seeing a drop in lighting intensity? 

The primary difference between the LED Ready T8 Fixture models is that the Wrap Fixture with Prismatic Lens is designed to evenly diffuse the light, though it will reduce overall transmission by roughly 10%. This diffusion is also slightly more aesthetically pleasing than the Strip Fixture with Reflector. 

​Comparatively, the Strip Fixture with Reflector can be quite helpful for better dispersing the light in a space and directing light downward. This fixture also maximizes the total light output, and would not encounter any transmission loss as the Wrap Fixture with Prismatic Lens will. 

We generally recommend spacing the light sources evenly throughout a space to create a uniform light distribution, although we do not have a specific rule for the distance between the light fixture units. We do apologize for any impact this may have on your purchase planning. 

What's the difference between Centric, Northlux, and D50 T8 LED Tube Lights

I'm looking to retrofit an entire building and have several questions, is this form the easiest way to ask? What's the difference between Centric, Northlux, and D50, particularly when I can get the "same" part number from each product: 4025.50?

As a starting point, we can confirm that the T8 LED Tube Lights are identical products that are provided with unique landing pages for marketing purposes, which is why they use the shared part number. As such, identical output can be expected from the 5000K color point of each listing, and we do apologize for any confusion this may have caused. 

As a further note, it might be helpful to know that not all ballasts within fluorescent fixtures are among our compatibility list. If they are not, we recommend following the instructions within the user manual to bypass the ballast for direct-wire power. 

​We alternatively sell our own line of T8 LED Fixtures which are compatible with LED power requirements and would not require any rewiring or ballast bypass for operation. 

Flicker-free and Dimmable T8 or T12 Fixtures

Looking for fixtures that will continue to be the most cost-effective moving forward. Expecting we will add multiple drivers for several light series. Looking for drivers to run multiple lights with a high refresh rate, of 1000 megahertz? So as not to notice flicker when dimming. 

Though we do not have T12 tube lights or fixtures available, we are happy to confirm that our T8 LED Tube Lights and LED Ready T8 Fixtures can provide full-spectrum, flicker-free output without requiring ballasts or drivers for operation. These T8 LED Tube Lights are 48", provide a high CRI of 95+, and utilize the G13 base (Medium Bi-pin). 

That being said, please note that our T8 LED Tube Lights and Fixtures are unfortunately not dimmable nor compatible with dimmers. As such, they may not be the ideal light sources based on the installation requirements provided.

Do you have high CRI smart LED recessed lights?

Do you make high CRI smart/hub LED recessed lights? Ideally, that is dimmable with an adjustable color temp. Do you have any recessed options? Or are you aware of any high CRI recessed options on the market?

Unfortunately, we do not have any products in our catalog which match the details provided, and we would like to sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your purchase planning. 

As of this moment, we do not have any recessed lighting fixtures available. The closest match in our catalog would be the LED Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed for use with our T8 LED Tube Lights, though these fixtures are installed upon the ceiling surface rather than recessed within. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any specific alternate products on the market that we could recommend. 

Facelift Lighting Dental Office

We are a dental office bursting at the seams. We have had to move our marketer and another person into the basement. We've built a room there, but there are no windows. I would like to make the room as brightly lit as possible with tons of windows. I'm hoping for advice on how to do this. There is one light fixture in the center of the ceiling, and I want the biggest, worst light fixture with the very best full-spectrum/therapy-type bulbs in it for him.

Also, we'd like to replace all of our fluorescent bulbs with something that is both better for our team members as well as for color matching (for veneers and crowns, etc).

If you would like to let us know what the dimensions of the basement area are, we would be happy to plug those into our Lumen Estimation Calculator to see what the recommended illumination target would be. ​

In the interim, we would likely recommend our D50 5000K T8 LED Tube Lights for Color Matching (ISO3664:2000) for the office lighting, which provides full-spectrum light with a high CRI of 95+ and are designed with color-critical installations in mind. These tube lights are compatible with many types of fixtures, though the fixtures may need to be rewired for ballast bypass if they do not contain a compatible ballast. 

If you would prefer to utilize a new fixture, you may be interested in our newly launched T8 fixtures, including the LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixture - Wrap Fixture with Prismatic Lens. ​As our fixtures are designed with LED technology in mind, they would not require any rewiring for operation. 

Lighting from Home Office in Room with No Windows

I’ll probably want to change some lighting in my studio, too, at some time. I bought what I have from you but not sure you had the stick ceiling lights then. To me, they're fluorescent with one of those clear coverings. 

I checked our basement wall color on your site, an aqua, and I believe it came up to 97%. I’m into LRV so watch for that when picking paint colors. 

There are no windows. The ceiling is white with a sheen. The bottom half of the walls are wood, stained grey. Not a grey that would be my choice now since it’s on the warmer side…flooring is the same. 

The height is 7.5”. I can give you the other measurements later as they’re upstairs in my studio at the moment. 

Our first thought is to explore looking into replacing the fluorescent lamps while retaining the fixtures that are already in place. This would be the most straightforward way to immediately improve the lighting quality in your son's room.

​Specifically, our CENTRIC DAYLIGHT T8 LED tube lights would be a great option for such a replacement:

If you can confirm if the fixture is a 4-ft, T8, or T12 fixture, that would allow us to confirm if our lamps are compatible.

If not, we'll want to look into other options such as replacement bulbs for floor lamps and fixtures - see below:

Recessed LED Light for an Art Studio

I would like to talk to someone about adding lights to my art studio. I have an electrician scheduled, but he doesn't seem to know much about this subject. I was planning on putting in recessed LED lights but am now wondering what you would recommend.

Though we do not have recessed lighting fixture options, we would be happy to provide you with some product recommendations if you would like to share some details about your studio with us. For example, it would be helpful to know the size of the space, including the ceiling height. 

For a simple installation, you may be interested in our NorthLux™ 95 CRI BR30 LED Bulbs for Artwork & Studio, which are designed to be installed within recessed canned ceiling lighting. 

If you would like to utilize ceiling fixtures using a direct-wire connection, we might recommend our newly-launched LED-Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed to be compatible with our T8 LED Tube Lights. 

If installing LED Strip Lights in the cornices of your walls is more beneficial for even illumination, we would likely recommend our 5000K 24V CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ LED Strip Lights for Commercial & Retail, or our 6500K 24V FilmGrade™ WHITE LED Strip Lights. 

I have measured my art studio (which is actually a bedroom) and it is 13’7” long, 10’3” wide, and 8’ tall. There are 9” open bookshelves on one of the 10’ wide walls and two windows that face West. There is one light in the middle of the room.

I was thinking about putting in 4 flat recessed LED lights in the four corners of the room. Probably 2–3 feet away from the walls. 

I’m assuming the Northlux 95 fits in the older style of recessed cans which in the past have been quite large. But I don’t really know. Can you tell me what size can (dimensions) I would need?

And I don’t know how the other options would work. I have forwarded your email response to my electrician, but I haven’t heard back from him.

I am an oil painter and consequently need not only good lighting but accurate lightning.

We have attached an image that lists the dimensions of our NorthLux™ 95 CRI BR30 LED Bulbs for Artwork & Studio in millimeters, which we hope is helpful for your canned lighting installation planning.

These lights should fit into any standard E26 base, though please feel free to take advantage of our 30-day return policy in the event that they wind up not being the right fit. We will gladly provide you with a prepaid return label for any unneeded items. 

Based on my use of our Lumen Estimation Calculator, it appears that a room of the dimensions provided would benefit from 11,095 lumens for thorough illumination, though each space varies depending on the needs of the illumination target. As each of our BR30 bulbs provides 800 lumens, your space may benefit from additional light sources, such as the aforementioned products or the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixtures. 

The NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixtures do not require additional power supplies or accessories, and can be easily installed on many different surfaces using the included magnets and metal clips, which can be useful for installations that benefit from a moveable light source.

Connecting Cord to the WAGO 873-902 Connector

I recently received my order for the LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixture - Strip Fixture with Reflector PN 4502 with a WAGO 873-902 connector. 

There are wires in the fixture with black and white insulation going into one side of the connector. I can tell which wire goes to the wider of the 2 extension cord plugs. 

Does that wire correspond with the white or black insulated wire in your fixture? - and does it matter which wire I connect to which input port on the WAGO 873-902 connector? Why is the underside of the reflector light blue? Does that help with color correction?

We can confirm that the white wire in the fixture corresponds to "neutral" while the black wire corresponds to "hot" (positive/live).

Additionally, the blue film on the fixture is for protection during transit; please remove the film before use. 

Would the T8 LED tube be compatible with British T8 fixtures?

I'm based in London, England. I was interested in the T8 LED daylight tubes for artists. Do you sell your products in the UK? Also, would the T8s be compatible with British T8 fixtures? Assuming you do sell to the UK, roughly how long would it take to deliver? 

We are happy to confirm that our T8 LED Tube Lights are compatible with 120-240V AC, 50-60 Hz input voltage, and can be shipped to the United Kingdom without delay. 

As our ballast compatibility list is centered around fixtures sold in the United States, please note that any ballasts found within your T8 fixtures are likely not featured in our compatibility list, which would cause performance issues and may void the product warranty if installed. 

That being said, we have prepared a set of simple instructions for bypassing the ballast with a direct-wire connection, which will allow for optimal product operation. 

I haven't actually gotten the T8 fixtures yet. So would it make more sense to purchase the fixtures from you too, (and would that have conversion implications for wiring them up in a UK system?). 

It was brought to our attention that the LED-Ready T8 Fixtures are designed for the voltage standards of North America and have not been tested for use with United Kingdom voltage standards. 

Given this, we would likely recommend purchasing an option that is locally sourced and capable of utilizing the local voltage. While we stand by each of our products, we would prefer to avoid recommending the purchase of any items that may not be fully usable in your region.

When an alternative T8 light fixture is purchased, we would recommend bypassing the ballast as illustrated within the product user manual for direct-wire connection. This is due to the fact that our T8 LED Tube Lights are unlikely to be compatible with the ballasts designed for flourescent fixtures in the United Kingdom. 

In which case, I'll get the T8 tubes from you and get the T8 batten fittings over here (and do the bypass). Just to double check, will the American T8 tubes actually fit the British T8 batten fittings?

Based on our previous conversations with customers using these lights internationally, We have not encountered instances where our 48” T8 LED Tube Lights have been incompatible with UK fixtures. 

That being said, we would strongly recommend reviewing the electrical specifications section within the product specification sheet and confirming compatibility with local hardware stores or electricians. 

Can I daisy chain the LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixture - Wrap Fixture with Prismatic Lens?

Can the LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixture - Wrap Fixture with Prismatic Lens, be wired from either end of the unit, or does it have to be wired from the center? I would like to daisy chain two 2 x 4 ft units end to end. I have a high 10 ft. ceiling in my studio that doesn't have a crawlspace above it so all wiring on the ceiling would have to run externally.

We can confirm that our LED Ready T8 Fixture with Prismatic Lens (PN4501) is not designed for daisy-chain connection to power, and we do sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your purchase planning. 

Can I surface mount the LED Shop Light Fixture?

Can I surface mount these fixtures on the bottom of the floor joists exposed in my basement?

As the LED Shop Light Fixtures are designed for hook and chain mounting rather than surface mounting, they may not be the ideal product for your installation. We do sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your purchase planning. 

For alternative options, we might recommend our recently launched LED Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed to be compatible with our T8 LED Tube Light products. 

As a further option, you may also be interested in our NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixtures. While these products utilize DC power cables for operation, they can be easily mounted to several types of surfaces using the included brackets and accessories. 

T8-style Fixtures with Flicker-free Lighting for Video Production Studio

I'm designing a video production studio and am trying to find T8-style fixtures with flicker-free bulbs to use as fill lights. Do you have customers that have used your products for video production before? Flicker is evil, of course, but there are other qualities of LED lights that can impact video recording. 

We are happy to confirm that several of our products, such as the film & photography line products, are designed with video and photo capture in mind. Our T8 LED Tube Light products are also flicker-free so long as they are paired with a compatible ballast or rewired for ballast bypass and also offer a high CRI of 95+ as well as full spectrum output. 

For your installation, we might specifically recommend our new line of LED-Ready T8 Fixtures. These fixtures do not contain the problematic ballasts that many retrofit fixtures utilize and are compatible with our NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tubes for Art & Studio without requiring rewiring. 

Ceiling Mount Light Recommendation for Workshop

I moved into a new workshop with 12-foot ceilings. Currently, it is lit by 8-foot fluorescent fixtures, which are not quite bright enough and have a horrible color rendering. I need help navigating your catalog to determine what the best solution is. I'd like to flush-mount new lights to the ceiling; do you have an option for this with direct wiring?

While we do not have any 8’ fluorescent tube lights that we could provide lighting options for, we do have several options which could be a great match for your new workshop. 

Our primary recommendation would be our newly launched line of LED Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed for line voltage and are compatible with our High-CRI T8 LED Tube Lights. For this installation type, we would likely recommend the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio in the 5000K or 6500K option. 

As a secondary recommendation, you may alternatively be interested in ceiling-mounting lengths of our LED Strip Lights within our line of aluminum channels. These products can be paired with in-wall power supplies and wall dimmers, and are available in a wide variety of color temperatures.  

For the Fixtures, do you recommend the prismatic lens or reflector if I want the most light hitting the work surfaces?

For an installation where the maximum lumen output is preferred, we would recommend the LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixture - Strip Fixture with Reflector. 

​While the prismatic lens is helpful for diffusing light, the lens also reduces overall light transmission by roughly 10%. As such, only 90% of the light being provided by the T8 lights can pass through the prismatic lens and onto the work surfaces. 

Do you have an idea of how much light (brightness) I can expect from each pair of the 2 T8 LED tubes? Specifically how they will compare to the pair of 8ft fluorescent lights that I have now? I'm wondering if I can replace these 8ft Paris with your 4ft pairs or if I need to double up and purchase twice as many 4ft pairs and rewire the ceiling, a step and expense I'd like to avoid if possible. 

Any reason you recommend the Northlux instead of the Flicker Free Centric tubes? Flicker Free seems like a very useful feature for the little bit of photography I do.

As the lumen output differs from product to product, we are unfortunately not aware of the specific output that your 8-foot T8 fixtures might provide. That being said, we can confirm that our T8 LED Tube Light products provide 1800 lumens per unit. As such, an installation using four-4 foot T8 LED Tube Lights would provide a combined 7200 lumens. 

As a final note, we can also confirm that the NorthLux and Centric T8 LED Tube Lights are identical products that are provided with unique landing pages for marketing purposes. As such, identical flicker-free output can be expected from both product lines. 

95 CRI LED Lights for Art Studio

My wife ordered and received NorthLux 95 CRI T8 tubes. She thought we would just find a fixture. We are in new construction and therefore do not have existing old fluorescent fixtures and they cannot be bought. The tubes were recommended by lots of artists. Do you have a fixture for this type of LED that gives this “artist” light? We need 2 sets of 4 ft linked together with each set linked to the other. Need to know if they can be hard-wired and if are they wired from the end; and does it matter which end? 

We are happy to confirm that the T8 LED Tube Lights in our catalog are compatible with our newly-launched LED Ready T8 Fixtures. These new fixtures can be direct-wired to line voltage and do not require any rewiring or adjustment for functionality as some older fluorescent fixtures might. 

As an alternative, you may also be interested in our NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixtures. These products are integrated fixtures that do not require T8 lights or other for functionality and can be daisy-chained to a shared DC power source. That being said, please note that these fixtures are unfortunately not designed for line voltage. 

Can the LED Ready T8 Fixtures be daisy-chained? I am considering the two options you listed.

I would be placing lights on two beams running parallel and would like 8 feet on each beam which means linking two 4-foot fixtures. Can I jump over from one beam fixture to the other beam fixture and does the jump wiring have to be on a certain end? There are no diagrams indicating how this might be done.

Finally, do the T5 fixtures have similar artist LED light as the T8 fixture and what is the difference in getting one or the other?

Unfortunately, the LED Ready T8 Fixtures cannot be daisy-chained, as they only have one set of input wires and do not have output wires or receptacles. 

We can confirm that the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixtures are available, and are designed with art and studio installations in mind. 

This item is different from our T8 LED Tube Lights in that it is an integrated fixture that operates with a DC power plug. These fixtures can also be daisy-chained using the included C7 power cable, and provide full spectrum light output with a CRI of 95+. Comparatively, the LED Ready T8 Fixtures are designed for line voltage and ceiling installation, and require the T8 LED Lights for operation. 

The T5 fixture is being integrated and the DC power plug does not seem to fit with the hard-wired electrical my contractor has installed. Do you sell the 95 CRI T5 LED tubes without the fixture? If so I can look for a different fixture that I could put your lights in.

Our T5 Linear Light Fixtures are only designed for use with DC outlet power. We apologize! 

As a further clarification, the T5 Linear Light Fixtures are not sold separately from the fixture. 

Based on the details provided, it seems that the best option might be the aforementioned LED Ready T8 Fixtures as well as the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio. 

As another alternative, you may also be interested in using our LED Flex Strips which can be installed within Aluminum Channels and powered using direct wire as a TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply. 

Flicker-free and Low Dirty Electricity Light to Convert 4" T12 Fluorescent Fixture

Looking for low dirty electricity, low flicker, and soft white type of color temp option to convert an existing 4' mag. ballast fluorescent fixture w/ T12 bulbs. What would you recommend? 

When using our T8 LED products in a T12 fixture, we strongly recommend rewiring the fixture so that the ballast is bypassed. The instructions for the ballast bypass process are illustrated within the T8 LED Tube Light product specification sheet. 

​When the ballast has not been bypassed in lieu of a direct-wire connection, electrical hazards may occur which will damage the hardware and void the product warranty. 

​While we would typically recommend the 3000K color temperature for soft white output, we unfortunately do not have T8 LED Tube Lights available in that color point. As an alternative, you may be interested in our 4000K CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Lights. 

​These products are also compatible with our newly launched line of LED Ready T8 Fixtures, which would require no rewiring or ballast to bypass. As a further note, we can confirm that our products do not create ‘dirty electricity’ as defined by the FCC. 

LED Lights for Autobody Paint Shop

Need lights for an autobody paint shop. There are existing T8 fixtures in there that are well-placed, so probably would be best to find the most accurate drop-in tube for this application. Which product and color temperature is best for this?

Based on the details provided, we would likely recommend the 5000K or 6500K color temperatures of our NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio, which are designed for precise color accuracy. 

These T8 LED Tube Lights are also compatible with our new line of LED Ready T8 Fixtures, which do not contain the ballasts that are often incompatible with LED power requirements. 

Do you sell any fixtures suitable for residential or commercial light use?

Do you sell any fixtures suitable for residential or light commercial use (not troffer lights)? Or do we need to roll our own with the LED strips? Also, are your LED strips and/or your 4' LED tubes available for purchase in California? Are the restrictions just on the A19 bulbs, or is it on everything? 

While we unfortunately do not sell integrated residential fixtures at the moment. We apologize!

Further, we can confirm that our T8 LED Tube Lights and LED Strip Lights are eligible for shipping to California. The newest versions of our A19 lights have been updated to be compliant with the California energy requirements, as well. As such, please feel to place an order containing those items at any time. 

That being said, our new line of A21 bulbs, which feature doubled lumen output and slightly larger size, and currently not eligible for California shipping. 

My primary motivation in using your bulbs would be to keep my circadian rhythm in sync and ward off the seasonal affective disorder. I was wondering whether or not color temperature is a consideration in that context. I realize that 3000K is a more common residential color temperature, but I'm wondering if - for maximum "daylight" benefits - I should be looking at a 4000K or higher color temperature? Would the higher color temperatures, which more closely match daylight, be a better choice for my application?

Generally speaking, we find that the quality of the light tends to make more of an impact than the color temperature. That being said, installation areas requiring maximum visibility do benefit from the cooler color temperatures from 4000K-6500K. 

Based on the details provided, we might recommend trying the 4000K option and taking advantage of our 30-day return policy if they are not the right fit. Simply let us know, and we will gladly provide you with a prepaid return label for any unneeded items. 

Flicker Free Dimmable Replacement LED Bulbs

One of our clients recently remodeled one of their office spaces and is having problems with flicker. Do you offer a dimmable, flicker-free LED replacement lamp? Have any of your products been tested for compatibility with Douglas Lighting Controls? 

Based on the details provided, it appears that you might be referring to our T8 LED Tube Light products, which are unfortunately not compatible with dimming technology. 

While we might normally recommend our Full Spectrum E26 BR30 LED Bulbs for recessed office lighting as an alternative, these products are not flicker-free. We do sincerely apologize for any impact that the above may have on your purchase planning. 

We continue to explore flicker-free options for our client's office space. Your website states that you have flicker free replacement bulbs. Do you have any other flicker free lighting options? We would like to replace these fixtures with flicker free fixtures. 

Based on the details provided, it appears that the closest match in our catalog would be the LED-Ready T8 Fixtures, which are compatible with our T8 LED Tube Lights. 

I have a couple of questions regarding the Centric Series Flicker Free- Non-Dimmable Power Supply.

Can this power supply be used to drive any led fixture or does it need to be used with your Ultra High CRI White Led strip? Used in combination with the Centric Series Flicker Free Non-Dimmable Power Supply are the Waveform CENTRIC HOME LED Strip Lights flicker-free? If so, could you please supply me with the spec sheet that shows the flicker index and percentage?

We can confirm that the CENTRIC SERIES™ Flicker-Free Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip is compatible with the LED Strip Lights in our catalog of matching voltage.

We can also confirm that the CENTRIC SERIES™ Flicker-Free Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip will afford connected LED Strip Lights with flicker-free output. Our available photometric reports can be found on our Photometric Test Reports page, which we hope is helpful for your installation planning.

While some of the tests list the flicker rate, many of those tests were performed using the FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip, which uses similar technology as our CENTRIC SERIES™ Flicker-Free Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip. 

Can you recommend a light fixture for T8 LED Tube?

I am interested in your NorthLux T8 LED Tube for my Painting studio. Will you recommend a light fixture to purchase for This? 'My room is 16' x 27', Ceiling height is 13'. I am also interested in adding track lighting and using your bulbs. Any recommendations on where to buy the track lights? This is a new construction. 

While we do not have any specific third-party options to recommend, you may be interested in our LED Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed to be compatible with our T8 LED lamps. 

We would recommend contacting an electrician to confirm that these fixtures are compliant with local zoning laws regarding new construction. Many regions have specific rules for the fixtures in new construction, which an expert will likely be able to assist with.

If you were to use a third-party option, we would recommend checking to ensure that the fixtures contain ballasts that are compatible. And if they are not, those incompatible fixtures can be rewired for ballast bypass. 

For your track lighting system, we would recommend our 5000K or 6500K NorthLux™ 95 CRI BR30 LED Bulb for Artwork & Studio products, which are able to provide full-spectrum light with a high CRI of 95+. While we do not have any track lighting fixtures to recommend, there appear to be several options available from Home Depot. 

Are the NorthLux T8 5000k LED bulbs dimmable?

We can confirm that our T8 LED Tube Lights are not compatible with dimmers. We apologize!

Lighting Recommendation for Painting Studio

I’m interested in purchasing strip or bulb LED tube lights and fixtures from you— something that can light a 400 sq foot space w only a glass garage door as the source of daylight. I hope to find something in the 4500k range, with a high CRI. 

As a primary recommendation, you may be interested in our FilmGrade™ HYBRID LED Strip Lights, which can be calibrated to achieve any color temperature between 3200K and 6500K. 

For an easier installation that would require less wiring, you might be interested in our 4000K or 5000K options, such as the CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Lights, which are designed to be compatible with our LED-Ready T8 Fixtures. 

You might also be interested in our CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture, which is designed for easy installation using the included hook and chain. This integrated fixture has been very popular with artists who utilize garages or other areas as studio spaces, due to the easy installation. 

Are any or all of these lights dimmable?

The products that we shared are unfortunately not dimmable. If dimmable products are preferable, we might alternatively recommend the NorthLux™ 95 CRI BR30 LED Bulb for Artwork & Studio, or an installation that utilizes our LED Strip Lights. 

The LED Strip Lights can be mounted to ceiling or other surfaces by using the Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip, and powered using either in-wall power supplies or standard DC power. These products can also be controlled using the majority of standard in-wall dimmers, such as Lutron and others. 

If it proves to be helpful, we have attached a few LayoutMap links below which illustrate LED Strip Light installation options. Each diagram contains installation descriptions, as well as links to each of the recommended connecters and power supplies. 

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1A

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_2B

I’d like to know if you have a tube light structure that’s LED and also dimmable. Do the strips work in the first hanging fixture you sent?

Unfortunately, we do not have any fixtures which are flicker-free and dimmable at this time. We do sincerely apologize for any impact this may have on your purchasing plans. 

As a further note, the LED Shop Light fixtures shared in my initial reply are designed with pre-attached LED lighting products within. As such, no additional lighting products are required for operation. 

Are the LED shop light fixtures flicker free? Space is a total of 400 sq ft. Could the fixture be hung upside down so that it bounces off the ceiling as opposed to being hung as overhead lights?

We can confirm that the LED Shop Light Fixtures are indeed flicker-free.

While these fixtures could be installed in such a fashion that they shine directly upwards for indirect lighting, they are designed to be hung from the included hook and chain. 

Based on the dimensions provided, it appears that the space would be evenly illuminated for artwork creation with 31,451 lumens. This target could be reached with seven of the LED Shop Light fixtures, which each output 4,200 lumens. 

As an alternative, the target could also be reached using 18 units of the T8 LED Tube Light products, which are designed to be compatible with our LED Ready T8 Fixtures. 

Do you have overhead mountable fixtures/bulbs for art studio lighting?

I’m looking for overhead mountable fixtures/bulbs to light my 600-square-foot studio space. I’m looking for full spectrum, daylight, bulbs. What do you recommend? 

As a primary recommendation for art studio lighting, we would recommend our LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixtures and NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio. These products are available in the most common color temperatures for artwork spaces (5000K & 6500K) and offer full spectrum output. 

If you would prefer to utilize fixtures that would not require hardwiring, we might alternatively recommend the NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture, which can be easily installed from ceilings using the included chain and hook. 

For lighting installations where a mobile light source would be beneficial, you may also be interested in our NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixture, which can be attached to different mounting surfaces using the included clips and magnets while offering the same high-quality light output as the above products. 

T8 LED Light Fixture for Commercial Kitchen Application

For a new commercial kitchen application, can you recommend the proper/best fixture for your T8 4K tubes? 

We usually recommend the LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixtures for use with our T8 LED Tube Lights. Unlike other T8 fixtures which often contain ballasts that are incompatible with LED power requirements, these items are designed for plug-and-play operation. 

For any new construction, we recommend getting in touch with a local expert who would be able to inform you of any electrical compliance issues that might arise from using these products before installation, due to the variation in local and regional electrical codes. 

Ceiling Mount Lights Bird Room Lighting

We are in the process of building a new 18'X23' interior bird room for our sanctuary, and I am looking for ceiling mount lighting that is appropriate for our parrot flock. After researching your site, I am looking to purchase four (4) LED Ready T8 tube fixtures, and eight (8) Centric Daylight 6500k flicker-free bulbs - and I want to be sure what I am purchasing is compatible with my needs. 

Based on our Lumen Estimation Calculator, we have received a recommendation of 14,336 lumens for the 18’ x 23’ space, which can be accomplished with eight units of our 6500K CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Lights. As each T8 LED Tube Light provides 1800 lumens, it would appear that the item quantities listed in your email can provide sufficient illumination to your bird room. 

Full Spectrum 2x4 Office Lighting for Drop Ceiling

I need to speak to someone about full spectrum lighting for an office to fit in a 2x4 ceiling grid.

While we do not currently have any direct 2X4 recessed office light product matches in our catalog, you might alternatively be interested in our LED Ready T8 Fixtures and CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Lights for your installation. Our T8 LED Tube Lights offer a high CRI of 95+ and are available in the 4000K color temperature options most commonly recommended for office lighting. 

Which light fixture is better for an art studio?

I'm about to place an order for your T8 Fixtures. Which fixture is better for an art studio? Wrap Fixture with Prismatic Lens or Strip Fixture with Reflector?

The Strip Fixture with Reflector might be a good option for your art studio, as the reflectors on the product can assist with distributing the light output. The Wrap Fixture with Prismatic Lens was created to be a more aesthetically pleasing fixture design, though it does not necessarily add any benefit to the light output over the Strip Fixture with Reflector. 

Custom Strip for Fluorescent Fixtures Replacement

I was wondering if it is feasible to create a custom strip array for a ceiling to replace fluorescent fixtures.

While we are unable to accommodate custom product fabrication at this time, we would be more than happy to tell you more about our currently available catalog of products.

For example, you might alternatively be interested in our FilmGrade™ FiveSpect 5-in-1 LED Strip Lights or LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixtures, the latter of which are designed to utilize our LED T8 Tube Lights. 

Health LED Lighting Fixtures

What products do you have so I can evaluate their application in my remodeling? I have an electrician who can follow up to address specs/tech matters.

Our Full Spectrum E26 BR30 LED Bulbs are a great option for recessed lighting, though they are not flicker-free as our A19 and A21 LED bulbs are. 

While we do not sell integrated recessed light fixtures, you might alternatively be interested in our ceiling-mounted LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixtures, which are designed to be compatible with our flicker-free CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Lights. 

T8 LED Tube Compatible Fixtures

I’ve been debating buying a shop hood/ballast locally and putting your lights in them, but when I look at the light ballasts that are confirmed to work and it just lists the ballast’s technical number. What I need is a brand name for the hood so that when I go to Costco/Lowe’s/etc I know which ones to buy.

If you hope to find a compatible fixture for our T8 lights, you might be interested in our LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixtures. 

These products are designed without ballasts so that the T8 LED lights are fully compatible without requiring a ballast bypass or the confirmation of compatible ballast models within the fixtures. 

Would the LED Ready T8 Tube Light Fixtures work with other T8 tube lights or only yours? They are pretty expensive since they don’t include lights, that's why I was looking for shop hoods/ballasts that were from somewhere else to combine with your lights. Do you know any brands that would work the T8 LED Tube lights? 

Also, can you tell me a bit about the prismatic lens on that Tube Light fixture-it is giving me institutional vibes but having diffused/scattered bright light would be nice?

We're happy to confirm that our T8 LED Fixtures are compatible with third-party T8 lamps, so long as they are single-ended direct wire lamps. 

This is because not all third-party T8 lamps offer 3-in-1 compatibility. That said, we, unfortunately, do not have any third-party options that we could recommend at this time. 

We can also confirm that the diffusor cover can prevent hot spots by evenly dispersing the light output. These diffusers can be helpful for installations where even output is required.

Do you have wall-mount bracket suggestions for Shop Light Fixture?

Do you have any suggestions for wall-mount brackets (types, vendors, installation approaches, etc.) to use with your shop lights? 

As the LED Shop Light fixtures were designed for ceiling hanging via hook and chain, we, unfortunately, do not have any third-party mounting accessories or advice that we could recommend. We apologize!

The LED Shop Light Fixture might not be the best fit for flush mounting, as it does not contain mounting brackets or easily accessible installation points. 

That said, you might also be interested in our LED-Ready T8 LED Fixtures, which are designed for both direct wiring and flush-mounting to ceilings, and are compatible with our T8 LED Tube Lights. 

Is the NorthLux 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture Dimmable?

Is this fixture dimmable? Can it be hard-wired, rather than plug? Can they be flush mounted to the ceiling, like at a junction box? 

We can confirm that as the LED Shop Light fixture is intended for DC-plug power and wall hanging via the included hook and chain, it, unfortunately, is not compatible with flush mounting and hard-wiring. 

Additionally, this product is not dimmable, and we do apologize for any impact this might have on your purchasing process. 

That said, you might also be interested in our new LED-Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed for both direct wiring and flush-mounting to ceilings. Further, these lights are designed to be compatible with our High CRI T8 LED Tube Lights.

As an additional benefit, the T8 LED Tube Lights can be easily replaced in the event of a malfunction, whereas the LED Strip Lights are affixed to the Shop Light Fixtures. 

Do you have fixtures that would use your LED Strip Lights?

I am remodeling a dental office. I am looking for options for general lighting in the treatment areas. The rooms have drywall ceilings that are 7 feet 8 in. I would like to have a 1' x 4'' LED panel that has CRI of 95 and 5000K temp. Your LED options seem to meet that requirement, but I'm having trouble finding a fixture that would work. It would need to be surface mounted in this situation. Do you know of a fixture that might work that uses your LEDs?

As we currently do not have LED panel products available in our catalog, you might alternatively be interested in our T8 LED tube lights which feature the same LED technology. 

You may also consider our LED-Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed to be ballast-free and LED-ready for office installations. 

8-ft T12 Fluorescent Replacement for Shop/Studio Lighting

I'm very interested in replacing the lighting in my shop/studio. I have 8' T12 fluorescent lighting that I replaced with LED, and they're hurting my eyes more than fluorescents do. I was told that 2700k and the high 90s or above CRI rating possible was best. I don't see an 8' replacement on your site, just 4ft. Is that correct? I'm feeling overwhelmed and confused with this project. Could you recommend lighting options for my shop with something as close to daylight as you have? Am I better off having rows of screw-in type bulbs everywhere or do you carry strip or tube lighting that you would recommend? 

First of all, I suspect that the eye strain you are experiencing may be the result of hidden flicker in the new LED lamps, rather than a color specification issue. Here is a video that explains how you would be able to detect this using an iPhone:

Since your fixtures are only able to accommodate 8 ft lamps, we, unfortunately, would not be able to utilize them with any of our lamps. Without having to replace the fixtures entirely, however, you may be able to use our NorthLux T5 linear fixtures as a retrofit solution (

​The T5 linear fixtures are available in 2-ft and 4-ft lengths and can be mounted inside existing fluorescent fixtures using the included magnet mounts. These could very well "replace" the 8 ft lamps without actually needing to use the same lamp sockets, and this could also allow you to repurpose your existing fixtures as housings for the new lamps.

​These are flicker-free, and have 95 CRI and 5000K / 6500K light output, ensuring excellent color accuracy that matches natural daylight.

I was actually just looking at those calculating how many it would require to at least match the lumen levels I have now. Great CRI rating, though I was looking more in the 3-400k (max) bulbs as anything higher than that is just too blue for me. I have an eye condition and no longer wear the proper contacts. 

It's a 3800 sq ft area so unfortunately it's going to require a number of lights to illuminate properly. 

Determining the total brightness needed is indeed a bit tricky, as sufficient brightness is very important for studio work, but having too much brightness could lead to potentially unpleasant glare effects as you've experienced. We offer a lumen calculator on our website here, which may be of interest:

Based on the 3800 square feet input, the calculator suggests approximately 150,000 lumens for your space if you are looking to reach a sufficient illumination level for studio work (80 footcandles). This would require approximately 85 of our 4-ft T5 lights to illuminate the entire space with sufficient brightness.

Of course, based on your personal preference, 80 footcandles may be too bright and intense. We could definitely cut this down to half, to 40 footcandles using 43 of the 4-ft T5 lamps, which is the generally recommended brightness level for a standard commercial or office space installation. 

What's the difference between the T-5 and T-8? Is that just a matter of what fixture you have? 

In addition, I also meant to ask if the daylight tube bulbs work differently than the non-daylight ones. I'm expecting to have to replace all the sockets as I have a variety of lights that would complicate things to match. I think it would be best to just replace them all and start off with matching sockets. Can I assume these plug into power directly as others do? Or do they need some sort of ballast?

The primary difference between the T8 lamps and the T5 fixtures is that the T8 lamps require a fixture to house them (typically traditional T8 fluorescent fixtures), while the T5 fixtures are an integrated LED fixture that does not require installation inside a fixture.

​Generally speaking, we would recommend the T8 lamps for customers who have an existing 4-ft T8 fluorescent fixture. You mentioned that you have 8-ft fixtures, which are unfortunately not compatible. As such, we would recommend foregoing the T8 lamps unless you had plans to reinstall new T8 fluorescent fixtures.

​The T5 fixtures, on the other hand, do not require a separate fixture and can be installed in virtually any location. A fluorescent ballast is not required, and the product can plug into any wall outlet or extension cord.

​Our daylight/non-daylight designations relate to color temperature and do not have any bearing on the installation configuration.

Sounds like T8's may fit the bill. I'm a fabricator, so if need be I can retrofit the 8ft fixtures or fabricate new ones with new sockets. Though purchasing T8 fixtures sounds best. I think we may still have some in storage actually. 

Sounds like a plan! As long as the sockets are spaced at the correct spacing to accommodate the 4-ft T8 tube lights, there shouldn't be any issues there. From a liability perspective, we do need to mention that the company's official recommendation is to only use fixtures designed specifically for 4-ft tube lights, but from an electrical standpoint there should not be any issues operating the 4-ft T8 lamps.

The "CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light" can be used with both shunted and non-shunted sockets. Please see below for the installation manual showing the various permissible wiring configurations:

What's the highest wattage available? Is 1,800 lumens the brightest 4ft T8 you carry? My 8-footers are 110w @ 8,800k per bulb, with 4 in each bank. 

The only as well as the highest wattage available is 18 watts at 1800 lumens each.

For the sake of confusion would you mind forwarding me links to the T5 and T8s you're referring to? 

Please see below:

Do the T8s need a reflector-type hood to be more efficient because the light radiates out? Or do they already focus downward? 

The light is emitted at a 320-degree angle. A reflector is not necessary but may help in producing a bit more "useful" brightness.

High CRI LED Light for Paint Booth Lighting

I am looking to replace some lighting in a paint booth for spraying finishes on wood products. Looking for high CRI and possibly 5000k or 6500k for the ability to see colors well. What would recommend? These are 4' t12 fluorescent bulbs now but I'm willing to change or build any sort of panel needed to replace them.

Though our T8 LED tube light products are likely incompatible with the ballast and power output of the T12 fixtures, we are happy to confirm that our NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio product is available in both 5000K and 6500K, and could to be a great option for your paint booth if you were to utilize T8 fixtures.

As such, you may be also interested to know that we have LED-Ready T8 tube light fixtures, which are designed to be compatible with our T8 LED tube lights without needing to consider potential ballast compatibility issues. 

Additionally, you may also be interested in the ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip product, which has a CRI of 99, making it virtually indistinguishable from daylight, and is available in both the D50 and D65 ISO standards.

The LED strip lights can be installed within wall-mounted channels and can be powered either through a DC power source or paired with a wall dimmer and in-wall TRIAC dimmable power supply.

I am actually interested in the absolute series and I was curious about the spread of light as far as putting out an even dispersion of light. If I put 4 strips 4' long evenly spaced in a fixture that had 4, 4' fluorescent tubes would be a similar spread of light and possibly brighter overall? Also, would I need one power supply per 16' of the absolute series strips?

To confirm whether the output would be sufficient, we would recommend comparing the lumen output of each of the preexisting T8 tube lights with the below information. As the Absolute Series LED Strip Lights have a lumen output of 375 lumens per foot, that would mean that each 4-foot section would output 1500 lumens. 

​If you were to compare the 1500 lumens with the existing T8 light output (which should be listed on the outside of the tube light), then we would then have a better idea of the comparative output. Additionally, we can confirm that we generally recommend utilizing one dedicated power supply per 16.4-foot reel of the LED Strip Light products.

Vapor Proof Casing for Filming Activities

I'm looking to outfit the work areas of our ship (the EV NAUTILUS) to better accommodate filming activities that occur over the year. I was considering the Centric Daylight bulbs (~48) but can you recommend a ballast-free vapor-proof housing to accompany it? At least IP65 is a deal. 

Our CENTRIC DAYLIGHT T8 LED lamps sound like a great fit for filming purposes!

​While we completely understand the need for a vapor-proof fixture that is pre-configured without a fluorescent ballast, unfortunately, we are unaware of any specific manufacturers or suppliers who may have such a product.

We do know that many of our customers who are looking for standard indoor lighting fixtures can find compatible fixtures by searching for "LED ready" fixtures - the "LED ready" marketing term typically suggests that the fixtures are pre-wired without a ballast inside.

We're not sure about the commercial availability of "LED-ready vapor proof fixtures," however, that would be my suggestion for where to start.

Alternatively, if you do have any existing fluorescent vapor-proof fixtures, from an electrical standpoint there should not be any issues removing or bypassing the ballast to ensure they are compatible with our lamps.

Fluorescent Fixture with Independently Controlled Bulbs

I am trying to source a fixture with multiple ballasts or a "smart" circuit to control each bulb in a T8 fixture independently. Ideally, at least 3 bulbs- 2 different wavelength blacklight bulbs and daylight. Do you know if any fixtures allow for individual control of fluorescent tubes? 

Unfortunately, we do not have any specific product recommendations which offer the functionality described.

However, if you do find such a product we would be very interested to hear about your experience using it.

Light Fixtures for Wall Wash Lighting in Dropped Ceiling

I am designing lighting for artwork in my remodel. I have to use a dropped ceiling so I need lights that can be installed in the ceiling. I can only find light bulbs. Do you sell light fixtures to be installed in ceilings to light up artwork?

Unfortunately, we do not currently sell light fixtures which can be installed directly into ceilings.

However, we do sell T8 LED tube lights, such as the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio product, which are designed to be installed within ceiling light fixtures.

Need assistance selecting LED lights for painting and sculpture studio

We are interested in utilizing your LED lighting products and are searching for assistance in the selection of proper lighting for a painting and sculpture studio.

We had anticipated that we would utilize LED tube lighting flush with the ceiling primarily for our working lighting. What would you recommend?

We offer numerous full-spectrum, daylight-calibrated LED lights that would be an excellent fit for your painting and sculpture studio.

If you are seeking an LED tube lighting solution, our NorthLux™ T8 LED tube lights would be your best bet. These lamps work in existing 4-ft fluorescent fixtures with compatible or bypassed ballasts. If you prefer not to worry about fixture compatibility, or you need to purchase new fixtures for a new studio construction project, these LED tube lights can also be used in our LED-ready T8 fixtures.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider our NorthLux™ LED shop lights and T5 linear fixture options. These alternatives offer the same 95 CRI, daylight-calibrated light quality, but depending on the aesthetics and wiring requirements, may also be viable options.

What is the difference between a T8 fixture and a ballast?

In your search for T8 LED tube lights, you may come across a variety of terms that sound familiar, but you aren't quite sure you fully understand. With all of the concerns with respect to compatibility, you'll definitely want be sure you know what lighting manufacturers mean when they use terms like T8 fixture and T8 ballast.

What is a T8 fixture?

The term T8 fixture typically refers to the structure which houses T8 lamps (either fluorescent or LED). For most commercial and residential installations, T8 fixtures are mounted on or in the ceiling, with a plastic cover for aesthetics and improved light distribution.

Some industrial locations may have T8 fixtures which are hung or otherwise exposed, without a plastic cover.

Nonetheless, the term "T8 fixture" will almost always refer to the metallic housing for the lamps. Specifically, the term "T8" indicates that the fixture is designed for T8 lamps, which are a specific lamp size (1 inch diameter).

Below is a photo of a T8 fixture in a warehouse, shown with the T8 lamps removed.

What is a T8 ballast?

A T8 ballast is an electronic device that is mounted inside of the T8 fixture. It is not the same as the fixture itself, and is a component within the fixture's wiring system. Generally, it can only be accessed and identified upon removing the fixture cover.

T8 ballasts are necessary for the safe and reliable operation of T8 fluorescent lamps. They may, or may not be necessary for T8 LED lamps. Some LED lamps are designed to be backwards compatible with fluorescent T8 ballasts, while others are not at all compatible with T8 fluorescent ballasts, and the ballast must be removed.

For ballast-compatible LED T8 lamps, you will likely need to check for compatibility of the fluorescent T8 ballast with the T8 LED lamp.

Below is a photo showing the same T8 fixture as above, with the reflector cover removed. Upon removal, the T8 ballast can be seen, allowing for further rewiring work or inspection of the ballast manufacturer and model number.

Bottom Line: T8 Fixture vs Ballast

As shown in the photos above, you will see that T8 fixtures and ballasts refer to different concepts. T8 fixtures will almost always contain T8 ballasts, and they can only be identified upon removal of the fixture cover.

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