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What is the brightness of Centric Daylight Strip Lighting at a 3-feet distance?

Can you please tell me what the brightness would be in Lumens at a distance of 3 feet from your PN 3004.50? I need to have 1000 lumens at that distance from the source

Based on our review of the details provided, as well as our IES report data, we can confirm that the 3-foot illuminance value would be approximately 572 lux. As such, we would recommend utilizing two rows of products to reach the 1000 lux target. 

​We have attached a PDF containing the PN 3004.50 IES data below, in the hopes that it proves to be helpful for your installation planning. 

I want to buy the following to try the lighting out as proof of concept and want to be sure I am buying the proper items

1 each 16-foot strip 3004-50

1 each power supply, would that be the 3071?

1 each package jumpers, 3071

Our plan to start will be to outfit a single 8-foot bench so we are cutting it in half and will double the side of the strip by side….

Also, I see you have the 3060 surface mount extrusion but it looks to only fit one LED strip in width. We need two strips to sit side by side…

Do you have an aluminum extrusion that would fit TWO of the LED strips and also comes in longer lengths?

We can confirm that the 24V 5000K CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ LED Strip Lights (PN3002.50, though please let me know if this is incorrectly listed as 3004.50) are compatible with the 24V FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip (PN3092).

We can also confirm that the LED Strip to Strip Connectors (PN3071) can be used to connect segments of the Centric LED Strip Lights. 

If it proves to be helpful for your installation planning, we have also provided a link to a LayoutMap below for a segmented LED strip light installation. This link contains configuration details as well as links to each of the optional connector accessories. 

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_2B

As a final note, we do not have channels that can accommodate two parallel strip lights at this time, nor do we have longer channels available, and we do apologize for any impact this might have on your installation planning. 

When do you use the Film Grade power supply and when do you use the 3071 Power supply?

For reference, the PN3071 product in our catalog is the LED Strip to Strip connector, which is used to connect segmented LED strip lights. In case it proves to be helpful, we have attached a link to our full list of power supply products below. 

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