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UV LED Strip Light for Heavily Reactive Painting

I'm trying to put together a concept for a frame. I want to attempt to light a heavily reactive painting (to UV light) with the frame it will reside in. I was thinking of lining the j-side edge of the frame with LED strip lighting (black light and color changing/with remote?, but I’m unsure if the light will be strong enough. The paintings are roughly 15x20 inches, and some are double size- while a few are smaller. I was considering making a test frame- but if I remember with other LED strip lights- there’s a whole mess of wires and converters of power, it’s like a circus. Is there a really compact way to do what I want? 

By referencing the irradiance pattern for the realUV™ LED Strip Lights, I can confirm that the product should effectively illuminate the contents of a 15x20 inch frame. I have pasted the link for the irradiance pattern sheet below, for your review. 

​As you can tell, the further the subject is from the light strips, the UV irradiance becomes gradually dispersed and less condensed, rendering the ultraviolet effect increasingly less effective.

Irradiance Pattern:

For installation, we might recommend using the realUV™ LED Strip Lights embedded within the frame, as suggested. As our DC power supplies are roughly the size of a laptop power brick, you will likely be able to locate matching power supplies with a smaller footprint for in-frame installation.

In case it proves to be helpful for your construction plans, I have provided a layout diagram below which illustrates the various connectors and accessories required for use of the product. These third-party power supplies may also be able to offer remote control, which our power supplies do not.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 7021_4C:

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 7021_4B:

In the world of the “layouts”, was the difference only that there were two sections in one, and four sections in a other using a separate connector to daisy chain the two sections?

Ihe effectiveness dissipation map(in calling it), if the lights are embedded in my frame, and the painting. Wing lit up is directly in front of the leds in the frame, won’t that mean the painting will be fully illuminated, and the viewer can see this from any distance that their natural vision permits?

Is there an LED infrared light? and have you personally had any experience with forcing the human eye to see things that might not normally be visibly seen?

We can confirm that the primary difference being illustrated in the layouts provided is the connection style being used between the individual LED strip light segments. 

​For example, for installations where larger reels are segmented, the individual segments would not include the pre-attached barrel jack power plug and would thereby benefit from using the LED strip-to-strip connectors.

Based on the dimensions provided, we believe that the irradiance pattern of the UV LED sir lights would allow for sufficient effect. That said, we might recommend testing a few installation angles and options prior to installation in order to ensure that the ideal effect is being provided.

We can also confirm that the Infrared 850 nm IR LED Strip Light is currently available. That said, please note that we have not performed any tests of the item within a gallery or display setting.

If this test works out, will I need to put a warning label with my frames to anyone who would purchase or even just be viewing at length? 

Though the product emits far less ultraviolet light than can be found in natural daylight, there is still a potential of risk and harm with the UV-A products.

There are some safety tips that we recommend. For starters, we advise against looking directly at the UV product, as UV light is invisible and does not induce the same natural reaction to squint or look away in the same way we would if we were to look directly into a white flashlight. 

​Just because it doesn’t appear bright, doesn’t mean that it’s not emitting lots of UV light. Further, be sure to keep the UV lights away from children or anyone who is not aware that the product emits UV light.

Given the low but present risk, you may find benefit in adding a disclaimer to your installation.

If I can find a slimmer option of the power supply, I’d always like to try that. Is something like this unusable for the lighting system I described? (is it not powerful enough, or “maintaining consistently stream of energy”?

24V Power Adapter for DC Power Supply Adapter 

Based on our review of the amazon product link, it appears that the power supply is only able to output 1 amp, and appears to be designed for products that draw anywhere from 0.2A-1A.

Compared to the FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip within your order which is able to output 120 W power output at 10 amps for the 12V version, it unfortunately does not appear that the Amazon product would be able to provide sufficient output for the LED strip lights in your order.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause to your installation planning. In case it proves to be helpful, I have attached the product specification sheets for the items in your order, which list the power requirements within.

realUV™ LED Strip Lights Specification Sheet

Infrared 850 nm IR LED Strip Light Specification Sheet

I wonder if there is a way to safely make the lights more intense. 

As the infrared and 365nm ultraviolet products in your order emit output beyond the visible wavelength, the limited visibility of the output tracks with our expectation. 

Based on my review of the power supply within your order, we can confirm that it should be able to provide more than enough power for the three LED strip light segments. If an increased fluorescent effect is desired we might recommend replacing the 395nm with another 365nm LED strip light segment, as the 365nm product is able to offer a greater fluorescent effect than the 395nm version.

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