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UV LED Strip for Exposure Box to Make Cyanotype Prints

I am making a UV exposure box to make cyanotype prints. It requires 350-400nm of UV light output. The box is 2 feet long. I would like to know what I need to buy from you to make 4 or 5, 20-inch strips. Please let me know if I can use a power supply from an unused hard drive or if I need to buy a power supply specific to your LED strips. Please let me know how many connectors I would need to put this all together. 

Based on the details provided, we would recommend purchasing 5 or 6 units of the 16.4 ft (5 meters) reels of the 365nm realUV™ LED Strip Lights, depending on the total quantity of strip lights required.

As each 12V DC power supply is capable of powering one full reel, we would recommend utilizing one power supply per 16.4 ft of realUV LED strip lights in your installation. Further, please note that the LED strip lights have a maximum combined length of 16.4 feet. Unfortunately, it would be difficult for us to know whether the hard drive power supply mentioned would be compatible, without knowing more about the output.

We have provided two layout diagrams below, which provide more information regarding the connectors, accessories, and power supplies to use for each installation type. The first version utilizes the built-in daisy chain adapters, while the second diagram utilizes strip-to-strip connecters between each segment.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 7021_4B:

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 7021_4C:

I need the info on the width of this, about the 2 types of UV- LED offered and which connectors to order please.

We can confirm that in order to have 80-100 inches of product in order to create 4 or 5 20-inch lengths, or alternatively 6 or 8 2-foot lengths, a single 16.4 ft (196.8 inches) reel should be able to provide more than enough product. As such, this installation would likely only require a single power supply.

Regarding the product dimensions, we can also confirm that the realUV™ LED Strip Lights have a diameter of 10mm. The full dimensions can be found within the 'mechanical specifications' section of the product specification sheet.

In order to connect the realUV™ LED Strip Lights to a power supply, you can either utilize the preinstalled barrel-jack adapter on the product or utilize a barrel-jack adapter and LED Strip to Wire product. Further, to connect the individual segments of the LED strip lights, you can utilize the LED strip to strip.

We have attached a link to a blog post from our website below, which illustrates the differences between the 395nm and the 365nm output. That being said, based on the details provided we would recommend the 365nm version for your installation.

What is the Difference Between 365 nm and 395 nm UV LED Lights?:

For more information regarding the installation options, the previously provided 'Layout Diagrams' include configuration descriptions, as well as product links for each of the required and optional accessories that are used for connecting the strip light segments and power supplies.

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