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95 CRI LED Lights for Art Studio

My wife ordered and received NorthLux 95 CRI T8 tubes. She thought we would just find a fixture. We are in new construction and therefore do not have existing old fluorescent fixtures and they cannot be bought. The tubes were recommended by lots of artists. Do you have a fixture for this type of LED that gives this “artist” light? We need 2 sets of 4 ft linked together with each set linked to the other. Need to know if they can be hard-wired and if are they wired from the end; and does it matter which end? 

We are happy to confirm that the T8 LED Tube Lights in our catalog are compatible with our newly-launched LED Ready T8 Fixtures. These new fixtures can be direct-wired to line voltage and do not require any rewiring or adjustment for functionality as some older fluorescent fixtures might. 

As an alternative, you may also be interested in our NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixtures. These products are integrated fixtures that do not require T8 lights or other for functionality and can be daisy-chained to a shared DC power source. That being said, please note that these fixtures are unfortunately not designed for line voltage. 

Can the LED Ready T8 Fixtures be daisy-chained? I am considering the two options you listed.

I would be placing lights on two beams running parallel and would like 8 feet on each beam which means linking two 4-foot fixtures. Can I jump over from one beam fixture to the other beam fixture and does the jump wiring have to be on a certain end? There are no diagrams indicating how this might be done.

Finally, do the T5 fixtures have similar artist LED light as the T8 fixture and what is the difference in getting one or the other?

Unfortunately, the LED Ready T8 Fixtures cannot be daisy-chained, as they only have one set of input wires and do not have output wires or receptacles. 

We can confirm that the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixtures are available, and are designed with art and studio installations in mind. 

This item is different from our T8 LED Tube Lights in that it is an integrated fixture that operates with a DC power plug. These fixtures can also be daisy-chained using the included C7 power cable, and provide full spectrum light output with a CRI of 95+. Comparatively, the LED Ready T8 Fixtures are designed for line voltage and ceiling installation, and require the T8 LED Lights for operation. 

The T5 fixture is being integrated and the DC power plug does not seem to fit with the hard-wired electrical my contractor has installed. Do you sell the 95 CRI T5 LED tubes without the fixture? If so I can look for a different fixture that I could put your lights in.

Our T5 Linear Light Fixtures are only designed for use with DC outlet power. We apologize! 

As a further clarification, the T5 Linear Light Fixtures are not sold separately from the fixture. 

Based on the details provided, it seems that the best option might be the aforementioned LED Ready T8 Fixtures as well as the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio. 

As another alternative, you may also be interested in using our LED Flex Strips which can be installed within Aluminum Channels and powered using direct wire as a TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply

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