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Ceiling Mount Light Recommendation for Workshop

I moved into a new workshop with 12-foot ceilings. Currently, it is lit by 8-foot fluorescent fixtures, which are not quite bright enough and have a horrible color rendering. I need help navigating your catalog to determine what the best solution is. I'd like to flush-mount new lights to the ceiling; do you have an option for this with direct wiring?

While we do not have any 8’ fluorescent tube lights that we could provide lighting options for, we do have several options which could be a great match for your new workshop. 

Our primary recommendation would be our newly launched line of LED Ready T8 Fixtures, which are designed for line voltage and are compatible with our High-CRI T8 LED Tube Lights. For this installation type, we would likely recommend the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio in the 5000K or 6500K option

As a secondary recommendation, you may alternatively be interested in ceiling-mounting lengths of our LED Strip Lights within our line of aluminum channels. These products can be paired with in-wall power supplies and wall dimmers, and are available in a wide variety of color temperatures.  

For the Fixtures, do you recommend the prismatic lens or reflector if I want the most light hitting the work surfaces?

For an installation where the maximum lumen output is preferred, we would recommend the LED-Ready T8 Tube Light Fixture - Strip Fixture with Reflector

​While the prismatic lens is helpful for diffusing light, the lens also reduces overall light transmission by roughly 10%. As such, only 90% of the light being provided by the T8 lights can pass through the prismatic lens and onto the work surfaces. 

Do you have an idea of how much light (brightness) I can expect from each pair of the 2 T8 LED tubes? Specifically how they will compare to the pair of 8ft fluorescent lights that I have now? I'm wondering if I can replace these 8ft Paris with your 4ft pairs or if I need to double up and purchase twice as many 4ft pairs and rewire the ceiling, a step and expense I'd like to avoid if possible. 

Any reason you recommend the Northlux instead of the Flicker Free Centric tubes? Flicker Free seems like a very useful feature for the little bit of photography I do.

As the lumen output differs from product to product, we are unfortunately not aware of the specific output that your 8-foot T8 fixtures might provide. That being said, we can confirm that our T8 LED Tube Light products provide 1800 lumens per unit. As such, an installation using four-4 foot T8 LED Tube Lights would provide a combined 7200 lumens. 

As a final note, we can also confirm that the NorthLux and Centric T8 LED Tube Lights are identical products that are provided with unique landing pages for marketing purposes. As such, identical flicker-free output can be expected from both product lines. 

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