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Compatible Power Supply for Lutron Caseta dimmer

I purchased some high-quality LED light strips (60 ft in total) and I am looking for a power supply that would work with a Lutron Caseta dimmer. Your 24V PSU is rated 96W/4A but it states it can only work for 16 ft light strips. My LED strip requires 96W at full power. Would your PSU work for this?

Our TRIAC dimmable power supply is indeed compatible with the Lutron Caseta dimming system, and can safely operate LED strip loads up to 96 watts. If the load exceeds 96 watts, the system will automatically shut off to protect itself from being over-driven.

We generally recommend leaving a 10-20% headroom above the LED strip power rating as an extra safety margin. The reason we recommend this safety margin is due to the variability of actual power draw performance of LED strip products. Your LED strip light product with a 96 watt rating, for example, is likely specified at 96 watts +/- 10%, which would suggest that the actual power draw can be anywhere between 86 and 106 watts.

One workaround would be to reduce the total length of LED strip connected, to ensure that the LED strip power draw remains well below the 96 watt level. This would, of course, require that you can accept a shorter run length than you currently have planned for.

Do you have a model above 96W? I wanted to stick to Class 2 rating but that's hard to do that with my setup.

Unfortunately we do not have any thing that is simultaneously dimmable and higher power than 96 watts.

One alternative would be to split your LED strip run, and use two of the 96 watt dimmable power supplies connected to the same Lutron dimmer. Please see below for a connection diagram showing how this would look:

I ordered a Magnitude driver but, I want to test it because I saw reviews saying they flicker.

Now, you Centric series are rated flicker free. What about the regular Triac driver? Does it have flickering issues? 

The TRIAC dimmable power supply is also flicker free and you should not see any of the issues you are seeing with the Magnitude products.

I purchased a 60 ft strip like this one: Super Length 20 meters Constant Current DC24V 120leds/m SMD2835 LED Strip Light ( It is a high quality LED strip that uses integrated ICs to convert constant voltage to constant current (if my understanding is correct). Do you know if you LED drivers have PWM output or constant output?

Our TRIAC dimmable power supply units use high-frequency PWM (> 20,000 Hz) to achieve what is effectively flicker-free light output. (Typical flicker issues occur at or 2x line frequency, in the 50-60 Hz or 100-120 Hz range).

If the supplier of the LED strip lights you have in mind are certain that PWM is incompatible, that would unfortunately suggest that our TRIAC dimmable power supply would not be a suitable product pairing.

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