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Recommended LED Products for Under Cabinet Lighting

I plan to install under-cabinet lighting in our kitchen and need assistance selecting the proper products - 4 sections need lighting. The first section is 50 inches. It is separated from section 2 by a sink and window. The second section is 50 inches and connects at the right angle to a smaller 30-inch section. The fourth section is separated from the third section by a range hood. I assume I need one standard reel of 2700K LED strip lighting. How many power supplies/DC converters do I need? Do I need just one coupler? 

Based on the details provided, it appears that a total length of 130 inches of LED strip lights is required. As such, we believe that one 16.4 ft (5 meters) reel of the 2700K 12V LED strip lights product should be sufficient for your installation. 

​If the length of the fourth segment is known, we would be happy to check to ensure that the single reel contains a sufficient length for the four combined segments.

Further, we believe that your installation would only require a single DC Power Supply if it utilizes four segments of strip lights, connected by lengths of wiring.

Though many of our customers prefer to utilize the Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip products for discretely mounting their lighting products, the 3.3 ft length of the item may not provide convenient housing for the 50 and 30-inch lengths of lighting which you mentioned. As such, we might recommend a third-party mount that could be trimmed to more precise lengths.

If you would like to utilize wall-wiring with this installation, you might find interest in our 12V TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip products. This product has the benefit of being compatible with wall dimmers. Alternatively, our plug-in 12V DC Power Supply product is an easy solution for most installations.

If it proves to be useful, I have attached a layout map below which illustrates the 12V TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply installation method. This link also includes information regarding the various connectors recommended for the installation.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B:

I neglected to mention that the 4th section is 24 inches. I still don’t understand how the single power supply unit and its connections will be inconspicuous. I would like the lighting to be wired in, but not being an electrician, I don’t know where or how the power source would be mounted. Sections 1 and 2 are separated by a sink with a window. Sections 3 and 4 are separated by a range hood. I don’t understand how the long wire connections you propose can be installed without being visible. 

Based on the length provided, we believe that the single 16.4 ft reel would still provide ample product for the four segment installations.

Generally speaking, these TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip products are installed within the wall (such as installed behind the drywall in a junction box or cavity) and are directly connected to the housing wiring to power the lighting products.

If the sections are divided by range hoods and other barriers which might make a continuous connection difficult to inconspicuously install, we would then recommend utilizing a dedicated power supply for each section. For your installation, this might look like ordering four power supplies which would be installed to independently power the sections of strip lights. ​

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