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Do I need a Junction Box in the Power Supply for LED Undercabinet Lighting?

Just want to make sure I get the power supply correct, when do I need the junction box vs not? Pairing it with the 16m 3000K LEDs, figure I need some of the small tool-less connectors as well, since they're in multiple sections, will be separating and reconnecting them. Assume I can pair all of this with an ELV/MLV Caseta dimmer for 120 bucks. Does that all sound correct? 

The junction box for the dimmable power supply is generally recommended for in-wall installations to protect the unit from inadvertent exposure and contact with debris and other in-wall wiring. We would recommend consulting with your local NEC inspector to determine what regulations, if any, exist in your area.

​The TRIAC dimmable power supply is compatible with forward-phase, ELV/reverse-phase and MLV dimmers. Most of the tested dimmers are forward-phase dimmers and the list of tested dimmers can be found below:

We do offer several solderless connectors such as PN 3070 and PN 3071 which you may find useful in connecting separate LED strip runs together. Please see below for a configuration diagram showing how these components can be used:


Installation Configuration for Kitchen Lighting

We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and need advice. On our current configuration, we have a 3 ft cabinet, then an opening for the microwave, and then a 2 ft cabinet corner followed by a sink and a 2 ft cabinet. I would like a direct wire, dimmable led configuration. We want a continuous bright setup along the countertop and backsplash. With the spaces with the microwave and sink what would be a good choice for us?

Based on the details provided, we might recommend our 3000K CENTRIC HOME™ LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential product for your kitchen installation.

If you would like to install this product utilizing the wall wiring, we would recommend a matching voltage TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip product. When installed within a junction box or wall cavity, this product can be paired with wall switches and dimmers for light control. For mounting the LED strip light product, you might also be interested in our Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip product.

Using the measurements provided, it appears that your installation would require about seven feet of LED strip light product. As such, one 16.4 ft (5 meters) reel of the CENTRIC HOME™ product should provide more than enough lighting for your installation.

However, please note that our LED strip light products are not designed to come into contact with water. If your installation runs across the sink backsplash, your installation might encounter enough moisture to cause product failure or create a safety hazard. That being said, many customers have connected similar lighting segments using hidden 16 AWG wiring behind the drywall, safely away from potential hazards.

We have included some links to our layout diagrams below, which we hope prove to be useful for your planning purposes. This link provides a configuration description and includes links to each of the connector accessories. As you can see, the individual segments can be pretty easily connected to a single power supply.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B:

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1C: 

Recommended LED Products for Under Cabinet Lighting

I plan to install under-cabinet lighting in our kitchen and need assistance selecting the proper products - 4 sections need lighting. The first section is 50 inches. It is separated from section 2 by a sink and window. The second section is 50 inches and connects at the right angle to a smaller 30-inch section. The fourth section is separated from the third section by a range hood. I assume I need one standard reel of 2700K LED strip lighting. How many power supplies/DC converters do I need? Do I need just one coupler? 

Based on the details provided, it appears that a total length of 130 inches of LED strip lights is required. As such, we believe that one 16.4 ft (5 meters) reel of the 2700K 12V LED strip lights product should be sufficient for your installation. 

​If the length of the fourth segment is known, we would be happy to check to ensure that the single reel contains a sufficient length for the four combined segments.

Further, we believe that your installation would only require a single DC Power Supply if it utilizes four segments of strip lights, connected by lengths of wiring.

Though many of our customers prefer to utilize the Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip products for discretely mounting their lighting products, the 3.3 ft length of the item may not provide convenient housing for the 50 and 30-inch lengths of lighting which you mentioned. As such, we might recommend a third-party mount that could be trimmed to more precise lengths.

If you would like to utilize wall-wiring with this installation, you might find interest in our 12V TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip products. This product has the benefit of being compatible with wall dimmers. Alternatively, our plug-in 12V DC Power Supply product is an easy solution for most installations.

If it proves to be useful, I have attached a layout map below which illustrates the 12V TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply installation method. This link also includes information regarding the various connectors recommended for the installation.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B:

I neglected to mention that the 4th section is 24 inches. I still don’t understand how the single power supply unit and its connections will be inconspicuous. I would like the lighting to be wired in, but not being an electrician, I don’t know where or how the power source would be mounted. Sections 1 and 2 are separated by a sink with a window. Sections 3 and 4 are separated by a range hood. I don’t understand how the long wire connections you propose can be installed without being visible. 

Based on the length provided, we believe that the single 16.4 ft reel would still provide ample product for the four segment installations.

Generally speaking, these TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip products are installed within the wall (such as installed behind the drywall in a junction box or cavity) and are directly connected to the housing wiring to power the lighting products.

If the sections are divided by range hoods and other barriers which might make a continuous connection difficult to inconspicuously install, we would then recommend utilizing a dedicated power supply for each section. For your installation, this might look like ordering four power supplies which would be installed to independently power the sections of strip lights. ​

Under Cabinet Lighting

Would you mind informing me when the undercabinet lighting will be available for purchase?

Though we currently do not have plans to manufacture under-counter lighting products at this time, I am happy to confirm that several customers have utilized our LED light strips and aluminum channels in order to mount lengths of under-cabinet lighting.

Replacement T8 LED Tube Light Output Equivalent

I'm looking for replacement tubes for my kitchen light, which currently has 4x 2900 lumen 40W T12 fluorescent tubes. I'd like to purchase your 48" CENTRIC DAYLIGHT Tubes, however at 1800 Lumens and 320 light distribution angle, I am concerned they won't be bright enough. However, the spec sheet says they are comparable to a 40W bulb. Since there is only one light fixture, and I do not intend to add another, I need clarification on the bulb brightness before I can make this purchase.

We can confirm that our T8 LED tube light products offer an output of 1800 lumens per light. As such, it does appear that the output may be less than your current tube lights.

However, please note that we offer a 30-day return policy. If these items wind up not working well for your space, simply let us know and we would be happy to issue a prepaid return label so that they can be returned for a refund.

LED Strip, Power and Control for Under Cabinet Lighting

I wanted a tunable light under the cabinet. My preference would be if could dim the lights at the switch, but control the "color" of the light with an app. Is this possible? We have three individual cabinet areas: 1) 80" span with a 30" gap over the stop and then continues for another 18" (we would not need to light under the stove) 2) 52" span (nothing special here) 3) 74" counter span (nothing special here, either) What products do we need to accomplish this? 

Our FilmGrade Hybrid LED strip lights are designed for cinematography applications, but they could certainly be repurposed for an under-cabinet installation.

A very nice feature of the FilmGrade Hybrid LED strip lights is the ability to change the color temperature of the lights between 3200K (warm white) and 6500K (cool white). This will, however, require some additional third-party controllers to achieve, and would not be compatible with a wall-dimmer installation.

For under-cabinet installations, most of our customers utilize a single-color LED strip light installation using our CENTRIC HOME LED strip lights. While this product is fixed at a single color temperature, this product may be better suited for an under-cabinet installation as the color temperature options of 2700K or 3000K are better suited for residential installations. Additionally, it can be hard-wired to a wall switch, and also includes UL safety ratings for permanent residential installations.

Below is a link to an example installation diagram along with a parts list, which you may find helpful:

Based on the cabinet dimensions we have approximately 18' linear feet of cabinets in three unique areas that will need lighting. Do we need three reels and three power supplies or could we do two reels and three power supplies?

The LED strip reels can be cut into shorter lengths, so the two reels with three power supplies sound like a better option for you!

​The two reels will provide you with sufficient length to cover 32.8 ft, which is more than the 18 feet required for your cabinet dimensions.

​In fact, a single reel will provide you with 16.4 ft, so if you are OK with shortening the LED strip lights for some of your cabinets (the LED strip lights most likely do not need to go all the way from one end of the cabinet to the other), that might also save some of your cost as you would be able to use just a single reel instead of two.

Here is an example layout diagram that you may find helpful:

We're not sure if we need the 12V or 24V, and also do we need a junction box with the power supply?

I also want to confirm our dimmer switches will be compatible with this. Below are two different dimmer switches I'm planning to purchase:

Lutron MACL-153M-TP Maestro

Lutron MRF2-10D-120-TP Maestro 

Both the 12-volt and 24-volt versions will work OK for your installation, but generally, we recommend our 24-volt versions as they perform slightly more efficiently than their 12-volt counterparts. For additional details, you may find our article below helpful:

The junction box is an optional accessory for the power supply but can be useful for mounting the power supply safely and securely.

In terms of dimmer compatibility, our dimmable power supplies are designed to work with the majority of Lutron and Leviton dimmers. Below is a list of all dimmers we have tested for compatibility:

We do see both the MACL and MRF2 series dimmers on our tested list (I believe the letters and digits that follow are designators for non-electrical variations such as color, etc), so I do believe that either of those options should work well for your installation!

I don't believe we have any further guidance or recommendations, but you may want to review the following layout map for a visual preview of what you have in mind for the installation configuration:

LED Strips and Accessories for Under Cabinet Lighting

For under cabinet lights, I believe I have everything needed. Please check this and make sure I have everything needed and recommend any additional items or different items that would be better. The kitchen lights would have two zones, each turned on and off individually. Off of one power supply and one dimmer, there would be two parallel light loops each with its own on/off switch. 

PN 3003.27 (16 ft), PN 3092 , PN 3081 , PN 7094 , PN 3060 

We've reviewed the proposed purchase list and confirmed that the items are sufficient for your installation. During checkout, please be sure to select the correct 24-volt LED strip light option (PN 3004.27) to pair with the 24-volt power supply (PN 3092).

​In terms of the required components and parts, it appears that our installation diagram shown in the link below would be the closest representation of the proposed installation:

​The main difference, of course, is the single LED strip run as opposed to the two separate runs you have in your proposal.

​With respect to the two parallel runs that are to be switched separately:

As long as the switch is installed somewhere between the LED strip run and the dimmer, that particular LED strip run can be switched on and off independently.Your proposal to use a single power supply and inline dimmer will not work with a standard residential wall switch and will require a low-voltage DC switch instead.You may require some wiring work on the DC connection side to connect the two separate runs of LED strip lights to the single power feed. The PN 7094 adapter, for example, only has space for one wire to enter each of the positive and negative terminals.

I plan on using a 110V AC wall switch as with a shallow box it tucks up underneath the cabinet, is hardly visible, and works very well. I don't see any switches like this on your website so if this switch won't work could you suggest a switch (with a mount if necessary) that will fit under the cabinet?

Would the power supply be harmed if the output is an open circuit?

As for the power supply, FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip 3092, can it mount in the cabinet above the microwave?

Can extra end caps and mounting brackets be purchased?

From an electricity perspective, I do not see any concerns and agree with you that the switch should be able to handle 24 volts and 5 amps. If there are electrical code compliance concerns, however, I would be sure to double-check as I know there tend to be some strict requirements in terms of product fit, even if it may be deemed safe from an electrical and fire safety perspective.

We, unfortunately, do not sell and switch products, but I would perhaps recommend searching for a third-party supplier for a dedicated DC switch. I do recall seeing a few "DC inline style" switches that could be used, for example, this product here (please check for max current limitations).

Next, if we have understood your question about the open circuit correctly, there will be no issues in terms of power supply damage or reliability. The open circuit would be electrically equivalent to powering the power supply without plugging it in anywhere (as is common with laptop chargers, etc).

Generally speaking, the power supply does require open airflow for sufficient cooling. However, if running the LED strips at 48 watts, the heat generated will be limited and should not be a concern for the suggested installation.

Yes. We do sell extra mounting brackets and end caps as separate items. Please see the product page below:

Fluorescent Replacement LEDs for Above-stove Lighting Installation

I would like to replace the fluorescent lights above my stove with LED lighting. Any suggestions? This vent is about 27 years old and the adjacent fluorescents turn on at the same time as the hood light.

Unfortunately, we do not have any products which would be suitable for an above-stove lighting installation.

​For an above-stove installation, you will want to keep in mind that the lighting fixtures must also be able to withstand high temperatures, grease splatters and smoke. Our products are not rated for such environments, and as such, we would recommend seeking out a specialized product and/or electrician to complete the lighting upgrade.

Dimmable LED Lights for Kitchen Cabinet Installation

I have an electrician coming after the first of the year to install uplighting above my kitchen cabinets. Any suggestions? Would like it hardwired. Dimmable too? 

Our LED strip lights have been a very popular option for under and above cabinet lighting installations. Please see below for the product link.

This installation can indeed be hard-wired and dimmable. Please see below for an installation diagram that shows the components and configuration needed:

LED Grow Lights for under-cabinet and herbs and sprout seeds

I remodeled my kitchen and want perfect under-cabinet LED low profile strips but I want to grow herbs and sprout seeds on my kitchen counter, so am looking for full spectrum as close to daylight bright lighting. Which accessories do I choose of yours to build the perfect lighting in (4) 24” lengths and one 18” length? I have a dedicated switch on the wall to control them.

Based on the details provided, we can recommend our 5000K CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ LED Strip Lights for Commercial & Retail products. The 5000K light which is emitted by this product will be very similar to that of natural, bright daylight. 

To connect the individual LED strip light segments, we recommend the Solderless Connector for Single Color LED Strip products.

When this product is paired with the 12V TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip, it can be adjusted and controlled using a wall dimmer product.

Here is a LayoutMap which illustrates this configuration, which might prove to be useful.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B:

We also offer the Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip products which can be used for easily mounting the LED strip lights. However, the lengths currently available may be too long for the LED strip light lengths that were described. As far as we can tell, one 16.4 ft reel of the LED strip lights, as well as one unit of the dimmable power supply, should be sufficient for your installation.

LED strip lights for under-cabinet lighting: 12V or 24V?

We are installing LED strip lights for an under-cabinet application. There are two 8-sections that are approximately 10 feet apart, for a total of 16 ft. Should we use a 12V or 24V setup?

Both 12V and 24V LED strips should work fine, as long as the corresponding power supply voltage is selected.

For your setup, however, 24V may be preferable as it will reduce the risk of voltage drop (lower brightness at the far end of the LED strip). Since you do have a 10-ft span between the 8-ft LED strip segments, the 24V might be a better option.

To further reduce the risk for voltage drop, we would recommend using sufficient wire gauge for the 10-ft wire span. For example, see our 16 AWG wire (PN 7098) available here.

The only significant downside of the 24V versions would be the longer intervals between cut lines. The 12V versions can be cut every 1 inch, while the 24V versions can be cut every 2 inches.

For further reference, we recommend referencing the following:

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