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LED Strip Lights and Accessories Needed for Garage Lighting

I have a 20x20 garage and am looking to get some of your products. I added them to the shopping cart but I know I am missing a couple of things. Items I have included so far:

1. Triac Dimmable Power Supply

2. Absolute Series LED Flex Strip - 99 CRI - 16ft

3. Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip (FLAT)

My goal is to have 4 sections of light mounted to the ceiling of our garage to give good 360-degree lighting. The goal right now would be to have 4 x 4ft sections of lights creating a square. The ends wouldn't be touching unless that really complicates the setup.

The goal is to get a dimmer switch and have this next to the other light switch on the wall currently.

What other items would you suggest I get to make this happen? I also haven't soldered before but have no problem learning that. I just don't know how to properly run power to this new switch on the wall to support this type of lighting.

Based on my review of your email, we would likely recommend adding the Female DC Barrel Jack Plug AdapterLED Strip to Strip Connectors, and a pack of 16 AWG wiring for connection to the TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply. 

Beyond the three above products, we believe that all required components are included in your cart. As a side note, it might be helpful to know that the ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strips have a maximum combined length of 16.4 ft (5 meters). 

Connections that are greater than 16.4 ft will encounter voltage drop and reduced output. As such, we recommend utilizing one deviated power supply per full reel of the ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strips. 

As a final note, we have attached a link to the list of wall dimmers that have been tested and found as compatible with our LED Strip Lights and TRIAC Dimmable Power Supplies. 

This might be the first electrical job I try myself. Do you have recommendations for how to online somewhere or an article? Or, do you recommend I get an electrician?

We have attached several resources from our website below, which we hope prove to be helpful for your installation planning process. 

As a notable distinction for the LayoutMap below, it might be helpful to know that the ABSOLUTE SERIES LED Strip Lights utilize a barrel jack adapter for power connection. When using this product with the TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply, we recommend using the Female DC Barrel Jack Plug Adapter for easier future adjustment. 

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B

LED Strip Lights - Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

Getting Started with LED Strip Lighting For Your Home

How to Connect An LED Strip to a Power Supply 

All of that said, we can certainly understand any hesitations that may arise from wiring power supplies to ground voltage for the first time. If you are apprehensive about the installation process, we would recommend reaching out to a local electrician for assistance. 

Is it possible to have longer-distance wiring connecting the 4 sections of an LED? My plan was similar to a map but the distance between each section was going to be longer.

For the aluminum case that they go in, do you recommend any space at the ends of the strip or the strip can go tight up against the ends of the casing?

While the segments can certainly be connected over long distances using 16 AWG Wire, it might be helpful to know that great expanses may introduce voltage drop. Voltage drop typically reduces the maximum light output and may cause performance issues.

In the hopes that it proves to be helpful for your installation planning process, we have attached a link to our Voltage Drop Calculator tool below. 

Voltage Drop Calculator

Regarding the aluminum channels, please feel free to install the LED Strip Lights that the LED Strip Lights are aligned to the end of the channels. ​

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