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Full Spectrum LED Light for Car Repair/Restoration

30 ft. X 40 ft. with 12 ft. ceiling. All white inside. Used for car repair/restoration. Need light to reach under car lift. Did I do the calculator right? 120,000 lumens? The full spectrum is nice. 

I have attached the store links below for the products which were discussed during the call. If you could provide further details about the space, we would be more than happy to provide some more specific product recommendations as well as product quantity suggestions.

The NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture was the primary product which was discussed. Although this item is currently back-ordered until February, this integrated fixture can be easily hung using the included chains and hooks. This product can also be daisy-chained together for easy installation.

In the event that you would prefer to use mounted ceiling fixtures which utilize tube lighting, we might recommend the CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light product.

For the installation which was described, we recommend the 5000K color temperature option. The light which would be emitted by 5000K light sources would be neutral, balanced, and very similar to natural daylight.

LED Tube Lights Fluorescent Replacement Installation

If I have Type A bulbs that are designed for use with a ballast system, will they still function correctly in a non-ballast environment? Can they be connected as if they are Type B, or will the lack of ballast create problems?

Is there an easy way to tell if the lamp is single-ended? Should I assume they are all double-ended unless otherwise marked?

We are certainly in agreement that removing the fluorescent ballast is an excellent idea, especially given the compatibility and potential safety concerns that you experienced.

By definition, UL Type A lamps will require a fluorescent ballast to operate, so once the fluorescent ballast have been removed, you will not be able to use the UL Type A lamps in those fixtures anymore.

That being said, some products, such as Waveform Lighting's T8 LED tubes, can be used in both ballast and non-ballast fixtures. In terms of the UL Type nomenclature, they are considered UL Type A+B.

If you've been able to confirm that your lamps are UL Type B (ballast-bypass), you will need to confirm with the manufacturer or product marking to see whether those lamps are designed for single-ended or double-ended installation. All single-ended installations will use non-shunted lampholders, while double-ended installations may be shunted or non-shunted.

Lighting for Small Artist Studio Space

I need directions to set up a painting area in the garage. I am looking at the NorthLux lighting CRI 95 or above, around 7000 Lumens and 4,000-6,000K. The area will be around 10 x 8; the ceiling and outside wall is white, and the rest is concrete. The ceiling hight is 7' with 5' deep as my space is under a bulkhead for furnace vents. I want lighting to extend to area approximately 7/8' deep. Could you present me one or two proposed diagrams showing light placement? What is the height of your linear fixture?

Since it sounds like your space currently does not have any existing fixtures, that gives us the maximum flexibility in terms of installation and lamp type options, which is great to hear.

I would recommend our T5 linear fixture at this point, given that it will provide you with all of the necessary housing and mounting accessories without needing to buy any separate components such as a track light tracks and heads for a track light system.

To achieve the 7000 lumen target, you will want one of the following (or a combination of the following):

Eight 2-ft fixtures ($248 total)Four 4-ft fixtures ($159 total)

Unfortunately we're not equipped with any interior design software, so I'm unable to create any layout diagrams showing light placement, but if you have a rough sketch of the space along with some input on where you think the lights can be placed and installed from a practical standpoint, we would be more than happy to offer some additional input.

Generally, you will want to space the lights out as much as possible in order to prevent any excess shadows or hotspots / dark areas. If you will be performing most of your work in one specific area, in addition to the fixtures, you may also want to consider installing a few A19 lamps for localized task lighting:

The height of the T5 linear fixture is approximately 1.4 inches.

Lighting up a garage with no windows

I am looking to light up a garage with no windows. It is horrendously hot here in the summer and I want to be able to work in my garage with the doors closed, with the air-conditioning on. Looking into high CRI lighting so that it is nicer in there with good quality light.

The summer heat issue is totally understandable and it sounds like high CRI lighting is definitely a great solution!

For starters, LED lights emit far less heat than fluorescent and incandescent lamps, so regardless of which LED product you ultimately install, you will certainly be helping to keep your garage cooler, and you'll also be able to double-dip on electricity savings as your air-conditioning unit will not need to work as hard.

For garage lighting installations, our 95 CRI LED shop lights have been some of the most popular. Below is an actual installation from one of our customers, courtesy of Mike Fitzpatrick from Liquid Audio.

The LED shop lights are designed to be hung using the included hanging chains, and plug into any electrical outlet, so these are a great option if you're looking for some highly focused light output without having to perform any wiring work. The daisy-chain capability of these lights may also be an added benefit.

Another option would be our 95 CRI T5 linear fixtures. These fixtures also plug into any electrical outlet and can be daisy chained, but are designed to be mounted directly using the included screw or magnet mounts. In terms of aesthetics and installation, these offer a more slim and compact footprint.

Below is an actual customer photo from one of our customers, courtesy of Jimmy Sig.

Finally, if you have existing fluorescent lamp fixtures, our 95 CRI T8 LED lamps may be the most straightforward and low-cost solution. These lamps can be used to directly replace the 4-ft fluorescent lamps currently in your fixture. You'll see approximately the same quantity of light (brightness) but you'll immediately notice the improvement in the quality of light!

This is a great option if you already have the fixtures, as you won't need to perform any extra installation or rewiring work (unless the fluorescent ballast is not compatible with our lamps), keeping both fixture and labor costs down. The added benefit is that if you already have fluorescent lamps in place, you'll have a rough idea of the light distribution and brightness so you won't need to worry as much about fixture placement and modifications.

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