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Recommended LED Strip Lights with a brightness level equivalent to a Retail Showroom

I am interested in the LED strip lights to light an area 15m long by 6m wide and 2.8m ceilings to a brightness level equivalent to a retail showroom. The calculator says I will need approx 42,000 lumens however I want to confirm that the led strip lights will be suitable. The purpose of the room is mostly storage for area rugs; however, customers regularly request more photos, so colour-accurate lighting throughout the entire area would be ideal. If I was to run two lines of the led strip lights from one end to the other which would equal about 6 reels total, would this actually light the area to the required level? Other than the 6 reels what else would I need to install this? 

To confirm, I've also run the numbers on my end based on the dimensions provided (converted to approximately 50 x 20 ft = 1000 square feet).

​The 42,000 lumens would provide you with approximately 40 footcandles, which is a great brightness level for general color evaluation, especially for larger surface areas such as rugs

Each reel emits approximately 7500 lumens, so the 6 reels sounds like a great target (7500 lumens per reel x 6 reels = 45,000 lumens). Each 16.4 ft (5 meter) reel requires its own power supply, so you will also need to purchase 6 power supply units.

I've linked to some example layouts which show how the power supplies can be connected for a non-dimmable, and dimmable setup, respectively:

Going with the same target of approx 43,000 lumens and using the linear light fixtures I would need 24 fixtures however I am not sure of the difference between the Northlux 95 CRI and the D50 for color matching, is there a benefit of one over the other for my use case?

Both the NorthLux and D50 T5 linear lights are actually the same product listed on different product pages for marketing purposes (PN 4026.4F.50) - sorry for any confusion!

We will also be creating content for social media, photos and videos (will the lights flicker?).

Our next batch, expected to be available in Feb 2021, will be 100% flicker free and will be suitable for photography.

We would like to have the warehouse look like it is a bright naturally lit room, and are considering the 5000K colour temperature.

This sounds like a great choice! 5000K is generally a nice, neutral light color that approximates noon sunshine. (6500K would be closer to north-facing blue sky).

We will be running the fixtures down two rows the length of the warehouse approx 1.5m from the sidewalls, if we ran 12 along each side would this create the evenest lighting or is there a better method? 

The best way to achieve even lighting would be to space out the fixtures as evenly as possible. Of course, with wiring and aesthetics that may not always be realistic. If I recall correctly, you had mentioned that the width of the space is 6 meters, so running the fixtures 1.5 meters (or perhaps 2.0 meters) from the walls would indeed provide sufficiently distributed light.

How many lights can be daisy-chained together? how many fixtures can be grouped per power plug, and do you have international plugs available at all?

The maximum connection is 70 feet (21 meters). If using the 4-ft fixtures, this would work out to approximately 17 fixtures per daisy-chain link. Unfortunately, we do not provide any additional plug converters, but you may also want to consider locating a C8 plug wire locally, should you prefer avoiding the use of a plug adapter.

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