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Avian Full Spectrum Light with UV-A & UV-B

What would be the most optimal setup regarding my situation and needs? I have a background as a lighting designer and have experience in LED fixtures and concepts with implementing UVA and UVB but using HO Fluorescents to create the output or affective properties. At that rate, it’s a product that requires special care and consideration. 

With that said, based on the current market availability, would you say your line of lamps holds its own at the top for full spectrum and benefit in health, and intended purpose in Avian Supplemental Lighting?

Within the visible spectrum, I can confirm that our LED products can offer a high-end CRI output of 95-100. This CRI number defines how similar the spectral output is to full daylight.

That being said, please note that these products do not have ultraviolet output. If UV-A and UV-B output is necessary for your application, we might recommend utilizing a third-party option that offers UV-A/B output as the primary light or utilizes a UV-A/B product in tandem with our high CRI products.

For the A19 form factor, we would recommend the Avian Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb for Birds product, which offers a CRI of 95.

As an alternative, we might also recommend the 6500K ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip, which offers a CRI of 99, making it virtually indistinguishable from daylight. A customer that I recently corresponded with chose this product for their own avian installation, thanks in part to the high CRI output.

I have also attached links below for two layout guides, which illustrate how the absolute series LED light strips can be configured. This page includes links to the optional and required accessories, as well as additional instructions.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_3E

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3002_3C

For LED Strip, I don't need 16’ of it and saw you have it per foot. I don't remember off hand how many watts/ft they were, but I'm sure 4’ is all I need. If we take that and couple it with what? what would your suggestion be in lamps for producing the UVA & B that we need? Are you familiar with the %’s that are safe and targeted for, in my case, exotic birds (large)? 

Though many of our other LED strip lights are available in 3.2 ft increments, the absolute series 99 CRI LED strip lights are currently only available in 16.4 ft reels. We apologize!

To power a 4 ft length of the LED strip light, we would recommend a single 12V FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip. As the strip lights contain pre-applied barrel jack adapters, no additional connecter accessories would be required.

Further, as our expertise is limited to our own products we currently do not have any UV-B product that we could recommend and are not aware of the safe UV-B exposure levels that avian species might require.

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