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Bulb Recommendation for Traditional Track Lighting

I'm thinking a more traditional track lighting setup (ie, aluminum track, individual heads) might be a better solution than the LED strip due to the configuration of the ceiling in the space. Specifically, there is a beam that runs the length of the ceiling (serves as an engine hoist). To properly light the space. I fully anticipate the need for a track on either side of the beam.

Depending on your thoughts, perhaps I should more thoroughly explore your A19 bulb options for a solution. I have just about zero experience with track lighting, so would need to know how many heads, the interval on the track, etc etc. What strikes you as a sensible way to go?

Based on our review, we believe that your installation would be uniformly illuminated by 10 units of our BR30 lightbulbs. 

From what we have found on Home Depot’s website, there appear to be several 8-ft and greater track lengths that can be interlinked to accommodate any number of BR30 track light heads. These heads can be adjusted to any location on the tracks, which we believe should help illuminate specific prints and artwork that are on the walls of the space. 

We believe that utilizing five track lighting heads on each side of the ceiling support beam should provide evenly distributed light across the entire space, though you may find benefit in some fine-tuning. Hopefully, this type of installation allows you to illuminate just the portions of the walls that you would like. 

If you wind up preferring our A19 or A21 bulbs instead of the BR30 lights, please let us know and we will gladly provide you with a prepaid return label so that the unneeded items can be returned to us for a refund. 

I will check out Home Depot for the track pieces and see what I can configure. Just to clarify, the lighting in the two parallel tracks (ie using BR30s) will be used to illuminate the vehicle below only. I will have separate, conventional recessed lighting (two units) to light the wall where I have some artwork. So the entire focus of the track lighting is to properly illuminate the red car. 

The garage floor will be roughly 9' below where the bulb on the track will be. For uniform lighting do you recommend a particular interval on the track for the BR30?

As our BR30 lights have a beam angle of 120 degrees, we typically recommend placing them no further apart than the distance between the lights and the floor or illumination target. 

As the track lighting will be 9’ from the garage floor, we would recommend installing the lights upon the track no further than 9’ from each other. 

Focusing on the BR30s, I think I'm pretty well ready to move on this thing. 

-The ceiling is 9'3" and the range from the bulb to the target will be something less as of course it will be mounted in a head suspended from the track.  

-The distance between the two parallel tracks is 142". This dimension may shrink slightly based on where the darned ceiling joists are. 

-I've spaced the heads (each with a BR30 bulb) at 4' intervals on the track

I want both tracks to be dimmable in tandem, on a single circuit which I'm thinking should be pretty straightforward.

Please wade in with any thoughts on my plan of lighting the space with 10 heads (ie 5 on each track). Also, I would appreciate your insight on Kelvin. Is there a standard? Given the application (ie illuminating a red car) should I be looking at 4000? 5000? Finally, where can I find the R9 values for your BR 30 bulbs?

Based on the details provided, we might recommend the 5000K color temperature option of our Full Spectrum E26 BR30 LED Bulb

While 4000K is a common ‘neutral white’ color point for retail and office spaces, the 5000K option can be very beneficial for installations where color accuracy is important.

Which LED Light Color Temperature Should I Choose?

Difference Between 5000K and 6500K Bulbs

Though the 4000K BR30 photometric report is currently available, we do not yet have test data for the 5000K and 6500K BR30 options. 

Does Waveform recommend any one brand of these things over the other? Similarly, what specific dimmer do I want to buy that's most compatible with your Full Spectrum E26 BR30? I see many things out there referring to an R30-shaped bulb....are the BR30 and the R30 the same size?

In the track department, my understanding is I should be looking for the H spec track, which of course will necessitate I have H spec (Halo compatible) heads.  

Unfortunately, we do not have any specific track lighting brands or models that we would recommend, and we do sincerely apologize for any complexity this may add to your purchase planning. 

That being said, we are happy to confirm that our BR30 products are compatible with the dimming technologies used within most products on the market. 

Based on our understanding, the R30 and BR30 lightbulb are largely interchangeable with fixtures as they are the same size. Further, the BR30 has a narrower beam angle due to the more directed reflector within. 

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