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Can the DMX decoder dim and change color for at least two zones of lights?

I want to build a top light for my studio - for product videos. I want it to be 4ft by 6 ft - am planning to cut the ribbons in 4 ft strips and lay them out in parallel strips. I will end up with two zones (4 strips each) that I will want to be able to dim separately and change the color temp of each zone independently. I plan on ordering (2) 3002.HY, to be cut into 4 ft strips and laid out into two zones, (2) 3093.120 power supplies, 1-pack of PN 3076 bi-color strip connectors, (1) 3082 Dimmer and Decoder. I am assuming the decoder can dim and change color for at least two zones of lights - correct? From your POV do I need anything else? What does WRGB mean?

Our DMX Decoder can indeed be utilized to control two individual sets of the Hybrid LED strip lights. Though the labeled names for each channel may not match, we would not imagine there to be any electrical limitations. 

The one note to keep in mind is that the Hybrid LEDs would need to share a common positive. As such, we would recommend placing the positive wires for both zones into the same positive connection point on the DMX decoder. 

As a final note, WRGB generally means white, red, green, and blue. Though that acronym is actually inaccurate, as the DMX decoder utilizes warm white, cool white, red, green, and blue as individual channels. ​

I’d like to control use the DMX controller to control the color temp and also the dimming of the lights, so I understand that to change color temperature by dimming either the tungsten or the daylight strand of LEDs. Is that correct? So, you’re not really changing the color temperature, instead, your adjusting the mix of the two light sources. Is this correct?

We can confirm that the Hybrid LED Strip Lights do not have LED chips that individually change the color output. 

Rather, the Hybrid LED Strip Lights have two sets of color temperature LED chips on each reel, which are individually adjusted via dimming to create a blend of output between the 3200K and 6500K color points. As such, the individual dimming of each channel can be easily adjusted with the DMX Decoder product. 

​We have attached an article link below regarding the traditional non-DMX decoder setup of the Hybrid LED Strip Lights, which I hope proves to be informative.

How to Connect Hybrid CCT Tunable LED Products

Do I just need one power supply (PN3091) to power all four strip lights that I have attached to 4 discreet channels in the controller? Seeing that the controller is rated for 5 channels I will not be using the 5th with this setup.

As a primary consideration, please note that though the DMX Decoder has 8 amps of output per channel, our PN3092 24V power supply only has a max output of 5 amps. In comparison, the two-channel Hybrid LED Strip Lights draw 1.9 amps per channel. If two Hybrid reels are connected to one DMX Decoder (totaling four channels), they could easily draw ~8 amps, thus exceeding the 5A available from our 24V power supply. 

As such, we would likely recommend utilizing a compatible third-party power supply for your installation. Based on my review of Amazon search results, there appear to be several 24V 10A DC Power Supplies available that appear to be compatible. 

​Further, please note that each Hybrid LED Strip Light has two channels, one for Tungsten output and another for Daylight output. As the DMX Decoder has five available channels, utilizing four reels comprising a total of eight channels is likely, not possible. As such, using two reels per DMX Decoder is recommended as an alternative. 

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