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Avian Lighting for Three Parrots

I'm looking at using these lights in a room that will be specifically for my 3 parrots. I just purchased an old farmhouse and am completely renovating the whole thing so I have the option of any lighting fixtures that I want. Right now I was going to add 4 recessed cans into the room, but I'm not sure what to do as far as running the lights all day. Usually, the birds get up around 7 am and go to be around 20:30. Is that too long for them to be in your daylight bulb? I use a full spectrum now, but I don't think it's the quality that yours are. I do have it on a timer to go on at 9:30 and off at 14:30, and the room just has regular bulbs for the rest of the hours of the day. The one thing I am interested in is being able to control the lights if I'm not home, either with an app or on a timer. Is this something that can be done with your bulbs? 

We are happy to confirm that many of our customers with avian lighting use these BR30 lights as constant daylight illumination for their feathered friends, and have not reported any ill effects or issues to us. Further, we are happy to offer a 3-year warranty policy on these items. If they encounter any malfunctions within that period, please let us know and we will gladly provide you with new warranty replacements.

​That being said, if you have any species-specific concerns, we would recommend contacting a local bird rescue non-profit, as those organizations typically have many resources and informed help available. 

If the BR30 lights are connected to a dimmer circuit, they may be compatible with systems such as Lutron Caseta. That being said, in our experience, we have found that the Caseta system best works with smart bulbs containing wifi chips for control, which our products, unfortunately, do not contain. A timer connected to the circuit could work well, though we do not have any specific models that we could recommend. 

Would you be able to tell me how many again lights would be sufficient for an 11x13 space (7’ ceilings)? I was originally planning for 4 cans in the room, but now I’m thinking of doing 6, having three of the BR30 avian bulbs and then 3 of the other bulbs so the birds don’t have simulated daylight too long. 

Based on the lumen estimation calculator and the dimensions you provided, my recommendation would be to have 10 or more lights to ensure adequate brightness.

​6 lamps would provide around 30 footcandles, which is less than the typical illumination level of office spaces and commercial spaces.

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