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LED Strip Lighting for (4) 7ft Shelves

I have (4) 7ft shelves. The customer is wanting Filmgrade 5 in 1 LED strip lights. I see they come in 16ft lengths Im assuming I can cut these? He also wants a FilmGrade flicker-free led dimmer. Do I need a dimmer for each run? Can the FilmGrade DC power supply for the LED strip power all (4) shelves? He also wants (2) PN3075 and (2) PN3077 is that all I would need as far as connections go? 

For starters, we are happy to confirm that the FiveSpect LED Strip Lights can indeed be segmented, as it has designated cut points every 2 inches (50mm)

Secondly, it might be helpful to know that the FiveSpect is designed to be paired with a controller such as the FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output (or other third-party decoder product) rather than the FilmGrade Dimmer to dim and control the output of the individual color channels, as can be seen in the below illustration. Alternatively, when utilizing a power supply and single-channel dimmer, the individual colors would not be independently adjustable. 

We can also confirm that PN3075 and PN3077 are the right accessories for connecting the individual LED light strip segments together, though we would also recommend utilizing the Female DC Barrel Jack to Pigtail Wire Cable (PN7092) for the connection to the power supply. 

​We have also attached a link to the user guide for the DMX Dimmer and Decoder below, in the hopes that it proves to be useful for your installation planning. 

Specification Sheet and User Manual:

If we purchase (1) DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output and (1) Power supply 3092H will this be everything we need for four separate runs of strip lights?

For your installation, we might additionally recommend utilizing a third-party controller for the purpose of controlling the DMX Dimmer & Decoder. Though the DMX Dimmer and Decoder have on-device button controls, many customers prefer to utilize a supplemental third-party product for remote control, automation, or computer control. 

As one 16.4 ft (5 meters) reel of the 12V FiveSpect LED Strip Lights has a minimum recommended power supply capacity of 5.0A/60W, two reels would require a minimum of 10.0A/120W. As the minimum power draw of two reels would easily exceed the 120W output of the 12V power supply depending on the number of active channels, we recommend using a higher capacity power supply than our FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip

​It might also be helpful for your calculations to know that the 24V FiveSpect has a different minimum recommended power supply capacity of 2.5A/60W per reel, and the 24V DC power supply has 5A/96W available output. 

Can I use cat5 or cat6 to go from PN3075 to DMX dimmer/decoder?

We can confirm that PN3075 is designed to connect the FiveSpect to the individual channel connection points (as noted in the below photograph), where the ethernet ports are designed for DMX512 RJ45 signal input rather than channel output. 

Generally speaking, the RJ45 signal input is a communications protocol utilized for networked control of stage lighting through connected cat5 or cat6 ethernet cables. In short, the DMX Dimmer and Decoder uses these ethernet ports to receive commands, rather than to control the output sent to the LED strip lights.

If I put the DMX dimmer/decoder and the power supply above the drop tile can I use a piece of cat5 to splice onto the end of the PN3075 and terminate the other end of the cat5 into the DMX dimmer/decoder?

Based on my review of the details provided, it does seem possible that the ethernet cable could be spliced to bridge the expanse between PN3075 and the DMX dimmer and decoder product.

The only consideration we can imagine would be ensuring that the wiring of the cat5 ethernet cord is of a sufficient gauge. We would assume that the ethernet product packaging or listing page would list the gauge of wiring utilized within the cable. For reference, we generally recommend 16 AWG wiring for LED strip light installations, for the purposes of limiting voltage drop. 

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