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LED Background That Can Be Pure White and RGB Color-changing

I'm trying to build an 8'x8' LED background that can be both pure white and RGB color-changing.

Based on my review, the closest match in our catalog would appear to be the FilmGrade™ FiveSpect 5-in-1 LED Strip Lights, which can output RGB as well as Tungsten and Daylight color temperatures. This item is typically controlled using the FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output as well a third-party DMX Controller for automating and controlling the output of the lights using a computer system. 

I understand that an ultra-fast refreshing decoder is vital for filming applications. The one you are selling is great for this application. How many decoder units would I need for the setup above?

How many power supplies or how many watts would I need for the setup above?

What are the differences between your RGB strips and the much less expensive strips I can get from Amazon? See the link here.

A high CRI strip is worth the price in the white strips but I don't think high CRI matters much in the RGB strips in my application. Would you agree? Why is it not?

Generally speaking, we recommend using one dedicated DMX Dimmer and Decoder and one per supply per full reel of FilmGrade™ FiveSpect 5-in-1 LED Strip Lights (or other LED Strip Lights). As such, we estimate that your order would require 16 units of the DMX Dimmer and Decoder product, as well as 16 power supplies.

That being said, if you can locate a higher capacity power supply than our FilmGrade™ DC Power Supply for LED Strip, you may be able to connect more LED Strip Lights to each DMX Dimmer and Decoder. In the hopes that it proves to be helpful, I have attached a link to the product user guide below. 

Specification Sheet and User Manual

The primary difference between products such as the item shared and the items within our catalog are the quality of components, as well as the color consistency across the full reel. Our LED Strip Lights undergo strict testing to ensure that there is an extremely low variation across the full reel so that each segment is illuminated identically. 

​Our LED technologies also use higher quality materials than are found in most other LED products. Our products are manufactured using red phosphor, which is much more expensive than the yellow phosphor used in cheaper LED products. The red phosphor can provide a much higher CRI and color consistency, which we highly value in the production of our products. 

I read in the description of your decoder that it is capable of providing up to 40 Amps of power (8 Amps per channel). If so, I don't need another power supply as long as I buy one decoder per 16' strip of led lights. Right?

Yes, as long as you utilize just one LED strip reel (16.4 ft) per DMX decoder, you would be able to use a single power supply unit (sold separately: for each DMX decoder.

 Do I need to buy the 12v or 24v light strips?

Both 12 and 24 volts would be suitable, but for higher efficiency, we would recommend 24 volts. Please see below for some additional insights:

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