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LED Flex Strips and Accessories for Under Cabinet Lighting

I am interested in Waveform LED Flex Strips for under-cabinet lighting in our kitchen and have a few questions. 

Can the strip-to-strip and strip-to-wireless solderless connectors only be used with Centric Home or Daylight LED Strips, or can they be used with FilmGrade White & Hybrid Strips?

The strip-to-strip connectors are available in two versions: those meant for single-color, and those meant for 5-color LED strip lights. As such, the Centric Home, Centric Daylight, and FilmGrade products utilize single-color connectors, whereas the FiveSpect utilizes the latter option.

If we wanted FilmGrade White or Hybrid Color Tunable, or perhaps even RGB Color Changing so that we can change the color temperature or color, can these strips also be cut and connected in series (including 16 AWG Wire for longer sections between strips) and connected to a single Power Supply and dimmer? Is the TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply and in-line FilmGrade Flicker-Free LED Dimmers the only options here? 

We can confirm that the LED strip lights can be segmented and connected together by the 16 AWG wiring to a single power supply. I can also confirm that third-party dimmable power supplies are likely compatible with our LED strip lights. Please feel free to utilize such a product in your installation.

For the Centric Home or Daylight with an appropriate 3rd part wall dimmer, then I believe my parts list is as follows:

Part 3003.27; or Part 3004.40 (1), PN 3096 (1), Part 3070 (4), Part 3071 (2), Part 7098 (1)

We can further confirm that the parts list provided is compatible! I have attached a link to our LayoutMap below, which illustrates a similar installation that I hope proves to be useful.

LayoutMaps™ - LED Strip Light Layout 3001-1B:

Can you tell me if any of the following would be an acceptable alternate parts list to that in Item 3 above? Part 3001.32 (1), Part 3002. HY, or Part 3021.

Will the TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply (PN 3094.096) allow the use of a 3rd Party Wall Dimmer? Or is PN 3092 + DC Adapter PN 7094 + an in-line dimmer required?

We believe that the 3200K FilmGrade White (Part 3001.32) would be a great alternative, as it would allow for the preferred color temperature while also being compatible with the other items in your parts list. The FilmGrade Hybrid and Color Space RGB products are different, in that they would require different connectors and potentially additional controllers for adjusting the light output.

Our products are designed for use with modern phase dimmers, though they are not designed for use with older dimmers such as rheostat dimmers.

Unfortunately, our various strip-to-wire and strip-to-strip products are not compatible with the Hybrid and Color Space products, as the solder pads are located in slightly different places than the other products they are designed to be compatible with.

For the Power Supply, if we are using a modern phase wall dimmer, can we use the Film Grade DC Part 3092 and connect directly to the female DC Jack on the Film Grade strip?

Is it required (or preferable) to use the Centric Series Dimmable Power Supply (24V) TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply (Part 3096) with 1 Part 7095 Male DC Barrel Jack Adapter?

We're happy to confirm that the 3200K FilmGrade product is single-color, and can be used with the PN3070 & PN3071 connectors.

The answer to the second question really depends on your preference. For installations that are not permanent, the DC power supply is a great option. 

However, the DC power supply cannot easily be connected to a wall dimmer. If a wall dimmer is preferred, we recommend the TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply paired with the PN7095 adapter.

I believe this is my required parts list For the 3200K Film Grade White:

Part 3001.32 (1), PN 3096 (1), PN 7095 (1), PN 3070 (4), PN 3071 (3), PN 7098 (1)

Regarding your list, I noticed that the power supply and LED strip lights are of different voltages. I would recommend selecting the matching 12V or 24V voltage products for your installation, depending on the preferred voltage.

The (slightly) updated parts list would be:

PN 3002.32 (1), PN 3104 (1), PN 7095 (1), PN 3070 (4), PN 3071 (3), PN 7098 (1)

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