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F40T12 48" Fluorescent Replacement for Bathroom Lighting

I need to get a replacement for the F40T12 48" natural light fluorescent in the bathroom. My wife liked the LED lights I purchased from you in the past. 

While we only sell T8 LED tube light products, we're happy to confirm that our T8 lamps can be used in your existing T12 fixture with the T12 fluorescent ballast removed or bypassed.

You may refer to the installation guide below. 

ballast-bypass installation method described within the product guide.

Recommended Color Temperature for Bathroom Lighting

I'm retrofitting 4 light fixtures that I bought but couldn't get in the color temperature that I needed for my project. I've looked through all of your information which is great! but I'm still not sure exactly what temperature and/or combination of pieces I need to finish my home project. I'm working on my bathroom which will be almost completely white. My current lights are 3000 or 3500K. Way too yellow. I need something white. But I'm afraid to go too blue. 

Regarding the color temperature, we generally recommend the 4000K option for spaces such as powder rooms and bathrooms.

Here is another blog post from our website regarding color temperature selection, which might be helpful for your planning purposes.

Which LED Light Color Temperature Should I Choose?:

Centric Daylight A19 LED Bulbs for Bathroom Lighting

Are your Centric Daylight bulbs appropriate for a bathroom? I want to make sure that the humidity won't damage them. 

We're happy to confirm that the CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulbs are suitable for damp environments, such as bathrooms.

However, please be advised that the product is not insulated against direct contact with moisture greater than humidity.

Which power dimmer switch should I order to work with your 220v power supply?

I am writing from Europe and planning to your LED stripes and dimmable power supplies for my new large bathroom project for barrisol ceiling (smth like this - As long as voltage here is 220v I am looking for proper dimmer switch (lutron for ex.) When I go to Lutron webpage every switch states it is meant for 120v. Can you please advise which switch should I order with your system to work with 220v? 

We currently do not have any specific compatibility test data for non-USA models of dimmers that can be used with our TRIAC dimmable power supply.​The dimmable power supply is designed to be compatible with phase dimmers in general, however, so you should find that most dimmer models available locally (including at 220 volts) should work with our product, without any issues.

T8 LED Tube Light for Bathroom Installation

Our apartment has weird florescent fixtures in the bathroom. For replacements, we were told to order Sunlite T8 High Performance Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base Straight Tube Light Bulb, 25W/3500K which is horrible. I am considering ordering CENTRIC DAYLIGHT Full Spectrum Flicker-Free T8 LED Tube Light in 5000K. The fixture is for a 48 inch bulb. Will these work in a bathroom? Also, two of the fixtures are for 24 inch bulbs. Do you have the T8 in 24 inches?

Our CENTRIC DAYLIGHT lamps sound like a nice alternative for what you are looking for.​Our lamps are 48" in length and should therefore be a great fit for your bathroom fixture. The lamps are rated for damp location use and there should similarly not be any issues in terms of the installation location.​We do offer the lamp in a 4000K color temperature option as well, which may be a more optimal color temperature for a bathroom location for residential installations.

We unfortunately do not have any 24" bulbs at this time. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

What temperature range does Centric Home LED Strip Lights operate in a sauna?

I am considering using Centric Home LED light strips in a sauna. The sauna will operate at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. What temperature range will these strip lights operate in?

Unfortunately, our LED strips are not rated for use in a sauna. Due to the high heat and humidity, our LED strips would likely exhibit severe reliability problems.​Generally, the maximum recommended ambient temperature for our LED strip light products is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Full Spectrum Strip Lights for Bathroom Installation

I am in the middle of a master bathroom renovation. Are the 4000k Centric Daylight strips full-spectrum? If not, is there any custom strip that can be made or can you recommend any other product or manufacturer for my application?

We can confirm that the 4000K CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ LED Strip Lights for Commercial & Retail product feature an ultra high 95 CRI, offering a full spectrum of light output which is extremely similar to that of natural daylight.

In case it proves to be useful for your installation planning, further information regarding CRI and full spectrum can be found at the links below.

Full Spectrum Lighting:


Do you have waterproof and high ambient operating environment capacity LED products used in the sauna?

I need waterproof and high ambient operating environment capacity to be used in the sauna.

Unfortunately we do not have any LED products that can withstand the thermal and moisture requirements for a sauna application.

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