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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What Are LED Tube Lights?

LED tube lights are retrofit lamps that are designed to replace fluorescent lamps in a fluorescent fixture. In most cases, you can reap the benefits of LED lighting while keeping your existing fluorescent fixture in place. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to make the switch from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting.

Learn more about LED tube lights here .

+ What Kind of LED Tube Lights Does Waveform Lighting Offer?

Currently, Waveform Lighting provides LED tube lights in T8 4-ft lengths at 95 CRI, in 4000K, 5000K and 6500K. Each of our T8 lamps emits 1800 lumens, and features ReadyWire™ technology, a breakthrough in internal LED driver electronics that allow the same lamp to be simultaneously ballast compatible and direct-wire compatible. See below for details.

+ How Bright are LED Tube Lights?

Each of our LED tube lights emit 1800 lumens, which is approximately equivalent in light output to a 32W fluorescent lamp. Although a 32W T8 fluorescent lamp emits approximately 3000 lumens, because it emits light in all directions, much of it is "lost" in the fixture. As a result, for most lighting projects a one-to-one replacement of the fluorescent lamps works well.

+ Do LED Tube Lights Contain Mercury or Hazardous Materials?

One significant advantage of LED tube lights over fluorescent lamps is that they do not contain any hazardous materials like mercury. Even if there is an accidental breakage, you don't have to worry about any toxic gases or vapors.

+ What Does Ballast Compatible Mean?

Fluorescent lamps require a special electronic component called a ballast to operate. Virtually all fluorescent lamp fixtures have a fluorescent ballast mounted and pre-wired inside of the fixture.

Many LED tubes sold by other manufacturers are not compatible with fluorescent ballasts, but Waveform Lighting's ReadyWire™ technology will automatically detect the presence of a fluorescent ballast and drive the LED emitters inside the tube seamlessly and reliably alongside existing fluorescent ballasts.

This means that you can treat our LED tubes like a true drop-in replacement for your fluorescent lamp. Simply swap out the tubes and you'll be up and running in seconds.

+ What Does Direct Wire or Ballast Bypass Mean?

Direct-wire is a fixture configuration where the fluorescent ballast is either removed or bypassed completely, such that the LED tubes receive power directly from line voltage (e.g. 120V AC).

LED tube lights that are not ballast compatible must be used in a fixture that has been rewired for direct-wire or ballast bypass.

Our ReadyWire™ technology will automatically detect if no ballast is present, and switch to operate directly from line voltage. What's more, the embedded circuit design will also automatically detect if power is being provided from both ends of the tube, or just one end. That's right - our LED tubes are compatible with both shunted and non-shunted tombstones!

+ If Your Tubes are Compatible Either Way, Which is Better?

We recommend rewiring fluorescent fixtures if and only if you are qualified and comfortable with performing the necessary electrical work. Always observe safety precautions. If you are not comfortable with rewiring a fixture, we recommend that you keep the ballast and operate our LED tube lights with the ballast in place.

A direct-wire / ballast-bypass system will generally run slightly more efficiently, as it eliminates needing to operate an extra electronics component that no longer serves any purpose for LED tube lights. A fluorescent ballast itself also has a limited lifetime, and will eventually need replacing or removal at some point in the future.

+ What Kind of Fixtures are Compatible?

Our T8 LED tube lights will fit in any 4-ft T8 or T12 fluorescent fixture (G13 bi-pin base). They are electrically compatible with most T8 fluorescent ballasts (see list here) but not T12 fluorescent ballasts. If you would like to use our lamps in a fluorescent fixture configured for a T12 fluorescent lamp, you must use a direct-wire configuration.

+ Do You Have Any Other Length LED Tubes?

At this time, we only offer 4-ft length T8 LED tubes.

+ Are the LED Tubes Dimmable?

At this time, our LED tube lights are NOT dimmable.