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International Customers

Waveform Lighting is based in the USA, but serves customers all around the world. We do not have any distributors or warehouses in other countries at this time, so all transactions and shipments are processed through and from our location in the USA. Below are several topics that are of particular interest to our international customers.

Voltage Compatibility

Whenever feasible, we design our products to be compatible with global input voltage levels. This means that, for example, the lighting product can be used in North America (AC 120V, 60 Hz) as well as Belgium (AC 230V, 50 Hz).

Please be advised that the following products WILL NOT work with input voltages higher than AC 120V:

Unless otherwise noted, all other products are designed to be compatible with a full range of voltages (AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz). LED strip lights and modules operate on DC 12 volts or DC 24 volts, and will require a power supply unit to convert AC line (mains) voltage to the appropriate DC voltage level. All of our power supply units are rated for global input voltages.

Lamp Bases

There are minor differences in the way the commonly seen medium Edison-screw lamps are specified in the USA and overseas. Countries that operate on AC 220/240V will typically use lamp bases with an "E27" designation, while those that operate on AC 110/120V will typically use an "E26" lamp base. Although they are generally interchangeable, we recommend checking that your fixture lamp base matches that of the light bulb base.

For more information, see our article comparing the difference between E26 and E27.

Waveform Lighting proudly offers the CENTRIC HOME and CENTRIC DAYLIGHT series A19 LED lamps in an E27 version.

International Distributors, Resellers & Retailers

Waveform Lighting is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer. We do not work with any distributors, resellers or retailers, both domestically and internationally. All products are sold directly from our USA offices only.

Shipping, Customs Taxes and Duties

We ship our products to virtually all countries and locations via DHL or UPS. We have found these two companies are able to offer the level of customer service that matches our standards, and have worked with them to negotiate the most affordable pricing possible for our customers.

We understand that shipping costs are higher than what you may be used to for domestic shipments in your country, or other services such as USPS, however, we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

All shipments will originate from our warehouse in the USA, and be sent directly to the specified address in your country. In most cases, shipments sent internationally will incur import duties, taxes and/or fees. These charges will be calculated at checkout and added to your order total. You will not be responsible for any additional import duties, taxes or fees during import.

For more information on shipping, duties and taxes, please see our shipping & delivery policy.


All listed pricing and transactions are processed in United States Dollars. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Orders are shipped once payment receipt has been confirmed and processed on our end.

If your company or institution requires additional paperwork such as a pro forma invoice prior to processing payment, please contact us to make arrangements for your order.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer a 30 day free returns policy for our customers, including those who are located overseas. Please let us know within 30 days of receiving the item if you would like to process a return or exchange. Once the item is received back at our returns department, we will issue a full refund on the product charges.

Please note that we are unable to cover return shipping charges for international customers.

For more information on our returns and exchanges policy, please see our returns & exchanges policy.

Warranty Service

All Waveform Lighting products have a minimum 3 year warranty. Our commitment to quality, reliability and performance extends to our international customers.

Should there be any issues such as lamp failures at any point during the warranty timeframe, please contact us and we will send a new replacement unit at our expense, including shipping costs.

For more information on our warranty policy, please see our warranty policy.

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